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Weakened instincts lead to bad decisions from the head of the Cullen clan. Only when the only person that truly matters to him is threatened does he regain the strength to take back that which was his all along and do we learn the true identity of Carlisle Cullen. Non-Canon, AU, OOC. Dark in places.

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Chapter 1 Back to the Real Me

Carlisle POV

This was it. The absolute fucking last straw. No more playing calm and collected. No more nice and reserved. No more instinct-banishing, human-loving, beast-controlling, animal-drinking bullshit. I was fucking done.

Done. As in, I am going to do whatever was necessary to take what was mine and keep her. I would not stand aside any longer. End of story. First, though, to get rid of the sniveling brats that I have put with for too many damn years.

What happened tonight had undone every fucking thing that had ever kept me grounded to my over-indulged, and quite frankly over-imaginative sense of morality. It was only meant to be an experiment, and I had let it go too far. Way too far...

I should have never let the situation get this out of control. She had been happy though, and with my instincts weakened, that was all that was necessary for me. Not anymore...

First, though, to get rid of the ridiculous vampires that I have put with for too many damn years. I may have changed them, but it hadn't been for this life I gave them. No, each vampire I sired had been for a purpose. One that not even they knew.

All of my children, except the ex-wife, had significant powers. Some more than others. It was either terrible or brilliant that the animal blood had hidden those powers all these years.

Edward, the rotten bastard, thought his power was so strong. Admittedly it was useful, but his power was maxed even with the animal blood. Anyone with a little knowledge on how it worked would be able to out-maneuver his mind-reading abilities. It was a surface gift and nothing more.

Alice had joined my family, and had never once seen that what little power she had was weakened to almost carnival trick strength because of our diet. Even on human blood she still only sees decisions that can be changed at any moment. Her gift is unavoidably flawed. Hell, I bypassed it everyday without even a conscious thought of doing so.

Well I would not get rid of all of my children. There were a few of my family members that I was quite sure would follow me even on my current path. They will have a chance to choose. I do hope they will choose to stay with me.

We will just have to see what happens. The ex-wife, who still loves her pretend life with me, will have to go. Thank God... I have no time for false, sugar-coated, let's play nice games anymore.

Esme won't like it but, I am beyond giving a shit. She's known this was coming for over 18 years. Now that it's time, she will either suck it the fuck up and leave, dignity intact. Else, I will throw her sweet-mothering ass out by force.

It's all an act anyways, well maybe not with the golden duo, but they won't have a leg to stand on in about... Well, very fucking soon. The troops are filing in. I guess that would mean it's just about time for our last family meeting.

I leaned back and began gathering my thoughts. I should hunt. I am weakened currently, and that is just not a good idea. If this comes to a fight, then I need to be the real me. Not the man I have been pretending to be since near the end of my time in Volterra.

Good times, but now I'm getting off track...

Screw this; they could wait for me to hunt before I turned this house upside down.

"I'm going hunting. Family meeting upon my return." I called out as I left my office.

I heard the golden duo groan in frustration, but they would just have to wait. I was the leader of this Coven, and it's time they learned this. Preferably the hard way. I was sick of pandering to their every whim.

I heard offers to join me as I headed downstairs and out the doors, but told them all no. They had all hunted this evening already anyway. They had had to.

I managed, quite proudly, I might add to keep my shit calm. Even though I was anything but. Most of them didn't even seem to notice, they never did. That couldn't be said for all my children, but they left it alone.

I caught the look on my dear ex-wife's face as I went through the door. She looked absolutely petrified I stopped just long enough to give her a look that told her, in no uncertain terms, to keep that shit to herself.

Esme's reaction garnered a confused look from one of my favorites. I grinned at him and left without any further delays. I had high hopes for him still.

I started running with all my diluted speed toward Seattle. It was time to become myself again. Time to take back my place among this world's elite. Mainly, it was well past time to claim what has always been mine.

Last but not least, today would be the day, I would separate the weak from the strong. I will find out who shall stand with me in my renewed existence, and who shall fall into eternal obscurity.

With one last quick stop to check on the person in this world that mattered to me above all others, and finding her relatively calm. Especially, considering all she had been through this evening.

Knowing she was fine for the moment, I threw myself into my run. Watching as the world flashed by in a distinct green haze until the city lights of Seattle rose before me like a homing beacon. This would be my final, new start that I would embrace for the rest of eternity.

I stopped for a moment in awe that the time for my eternal reclamation had finally arrived.

I couldn't help but bask in the significance of the steps I was about to embark on. The importance of bringing out the real me, the vampire I had caged so many years ago. Now I was going to set him free, and the world would be mine once again, and by extension hers.

With that thought in mind, I slunk into the city and went on my first true hunt in nearly 300 years...

Disposal of bodies had always been a nuisance to me, but these four asses didn't deserve any type of respect. They had clearly been intending to rape the young lady I had saved tonight. I felt sloshy from drinking so much human blood.

Considering my diet until now, I was surprised I'd managed to drink so much. I made it look like the four men had fought and killed each other. Making sure I destroyed the hearts of the two men that I left with blood in their system. They would not change.

There was enough blood on the ground to go around, but not a speck on me. I was glad to know I hadn't lost my touch. They all had knives so a couple stab wounds later I was finished with my disposal and clean-up.

I turned, leaving them there. It would look to be a simple gang meet gone wrong.

I took my time. I could feel the blood slowly run it's course through-out my body. I nearly staggered; the effect of the blood was that foreign to me. It had been so long...

I kept a slow pace as I moved through the city, knowing I needed to give myself more time to adjust to my renewed strength and power. Fuck... I forgot how great criminal blood was, they always had a heavy dose of fear. Whether it be from fear of being caught or something else, it was damn potent.

As if that would not have been enough, the bastards were always on a constant adrenaline high. That was a combination that made the blood so much better when drinking from humans. That was why those who hunted the innocent often played with their food first to get them to this amped-out state.

Fucking hell, I leaned against a wall once I reached a slightly better part of Seattle and ran my hands roughly over my face. I felt a little drunk to be honest, though it was to be expected. However, it was making me take more time than I wanted to. I needed to get back to the house and get started. There were things to do, and people to banish.

I spent a few minutes centering myself. There was no way I could go back there to deal with all the shit that was coming when I felt like a fucking newborn.

Finally, after about half an hour, I was starting to feel like myself again. I could feel the blood freeing me from my self-imposed chains. My power flared like a super-nova through my consciousness, and the pull that had before been almost non-existent demanded I head back.

I pushed off the wall and started making my way out of the city. I made the decision as I walked to make a long over-due phone call. I was lucky that Jasper always kept strategically important numbers up-to-date in my cell phone.

I dialed the unused number and was greeted cheerfully after only two rings.

"Carlisle, how have you be..." I interrupted. I didn't have time to chat right now.

"Later, I called to tell you to have my wing prepared for my arrival." I heard what sounded like clapping in the background before I was answered.

"Of course, any specific needs?" The tone was serious this time.

"Yes, one. Prepare the tower... for a human." I heard an intake of surprised breath, before the answering "Of course..." came across the line.

I didn't waste time staying on the phone for goodbyes, I knew my orders would be followed. I had reached the edge of the city.

I clicked the cell phone shut, and ran full out toward the house...

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