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Chapter 2 Reality Check Part 2

Carlisle POV

Fucking hell...

I was shaking like a newborn. With this in consideration, once I had reached the familiar woods surrounding Forks, I slowed to a walk before stopping all together. I was still about ten miles out so I didn't have to worry about the spoiled brat reading my mind.

I also wasn't making concrete decisions which meant Alice would draw a blank as well. Though, I wondered briefly if the Major could feel me from this distance. I wouldn't doubt that he could, he was powerful bastard, a true asset, and a good son to me.

I sat myself down upon a fallen log and leaned back against the trunk of another tree. I needed to get full control of my power, my gift, before I attempted to lead a coven meeting. Otherwise the world might just be less a few vampires. Damn annoying ones, but still almost-vampires.

I wouldn't mind killing them except I had promised Eleazer that if it ever came down to this situation that I would send my cast-offs to him. He would keep them in line and help them become more productive individuals. He wanted to keep hope alive for the few remaining true-vegetarian vampires that still existed.

I wouldn't deny him that even if I no longer had a use for those selfish fucking creatures. Really, all of our kind were selfish. It was our nature and I had no problem with the baser instincts of my race.

The problem with their selfishness was that it was human in nature. They had no idea what being a vampire meant. They played human and believed their own bullshit.

Most of the blame for that was mine. I created them, well, a couple of them. I told them we could live as humans, and then proceeded to teach them how.

So maybe they were creatures of my own creation, but I couldn't help but despise that they had fallen so easily to my persuasion. I wanted stronger creatures to carry my name. Not child-like vampires that were all to good at playing human.

The crux was that I just didn't care. Maybe I'd burn in hell for it, but it was what it was...

My experiment was over and those that couldn't fall in to the true reality of the situation would be pushed to the side. It was quite common for covens to split because of a difference in lifestyle choices.

This situation would just be another example of that being true. Though, I doubt they would see it that way. I suppose I will just have to persuade them. Whatever it takes.

Persuasion. That was my gift and it was powerful.

I was old. I had immense physical and mental strength and I was gifted. My gift in my vegetarian state was nothing more than imploring them all with suggestions. My coven had felt compelled to follow these suggestion to please me.

They wanted to fit what they felt was my expectations of them. Their mistake. So I was an ass what of it. They shouldn't be so fucking naive.

I had often compelled Edward to forget an errant thought I had mistakenly let slip about my true place in this world. Alice had often felt it was best to never mention visions regarding my darkest thoughts simply because I had asked her not to. A passing fancy, as if, and Esme...

Esme had felt it best to not mention the true status of our relationship for the past 18 years. I had told her to keep her mouth shut. When she would falter, when she was too close to outing the truth; I would have a talk with her.

I always ended up convincing Esme of her desire to keep things as they were. To keep the truth I wanted to stay hidden from the coven, quiet, once again. They all were persuaded, compelled, whatever you want to call it. They were doing my bidding.

It was my right to demand it of her and she complied. Esme might have done so even if she hadn't been compelled to. She did like her pseudo-happy, make-believe life. I doubt she would give it up without at least a small battle even now.

Perhaps, she'd be happy with my planned custody arrangement. I smirked at the thought.

Rose and Emmett were no trouble because they were simply happy to be. It helped that they were far less vegetarian than they allowed anyone to openly know about. Really didn't anyone question how much time they spent in South Africa? They certainly weren't hunting snakes.

I loved them for that. They were vampires and they knew it, and while they tried to live as they thought I wanted... Well they were just a bit too in touch with their inner beasts to ever be so constrained.

Finally, my darling boy Jasper. Let's not quibble he is a man, but to me he is my son just as Rose and Emmett are my children.

Jasper, well he has simply been manipulated for the last seventy years. Not by me, I would never stoop so low. The psychic had her claws so deep into that boy he couldn't even pick his own shoes.

I had let it continue because I had been weak. Diluted in my potency, but no more. That situation would be one of the first of many that would be corrected. It was time for him to slip up, gain some strength, and kick the little psycho to the curb.

I would gratefully help him find himself again, if he let me. I did not want to lose my strongest son. One of only three that I would gladly give my name too and name them my heirs. Though, I'm fairly certain that by the end of the night, Jasper would be a Whitlock once again.

I once again had the power to set right my wrongs.

The last three hundred years had been a lie. Tonight that would change. I was not diluted any longer. Weak was not a word that could describe me anymore.

Now was the time to reclaim my rightful place in this world. With the human blood coursing through my veins; I could feel the power that had so long been contained radiating out of me in ripples. Powerful ripples that reminded me more of shock waves than anything else.

Anything I commanded would be done without question. Anyone I directed this power at wouldn't have a choice. My gift was too strong to be ignored. I would use it as I had long ago; to clear the way for what I wanted.

My power could not be avoided. It is my fucking birth-right. It is who I am. To everyone except her my power was indisputable. It had never worked on her before. I wondered idly if it would now.

I took a deep breath in as I felt the waves begin to subside. I was thankful for that, it would be no good for anyone if I didn't have a handle on myself when I walked back into that house. I stood and stretched out.

I loved the feeling of my power finally snapping back into my body; settling back into my very bones.

I was just beginning to consider heading back to the house, where I was sure there would be a fight to end all fights, before the night was out when I heard them.

They had been heading toward the house but changed directions suddenly. They presumably had sensed my presence because their change of direction had them headed straight toward me.

Not twenty seconds later, two vampires were stopped in front of me holding each other's hands.

The male stood about 6'2". He had a stocky build, and short-ish dark blonde hair.

The woman was about a foot shorter than her male counter-part. She had an hourglass figure that leaned towards excessively busty. Her hair was platinum blonde, straight, and fell just past her shoulders.

The most defining feature they both shared, however, was that they were both covered in scars. More than their fair share in my estimation.

I felt pride for the fact that they didn't bother to try to hide those scars. They are very much in their element being exactly who they are.

Excitement was practically oozing from the pair of them. I suppose I'm not surprised that they would show up now. Jasper would need his coven, and Peter had always been a knowledgeable bastard.

"Peter..." I nodded

"Charlotte darling, lovely as ever." I smiled reaching forward to shake Peter's hand before pulling Char' into a hug. I truly liked these two. They were what they were, no pretenses.

"No compliment for me old man?" Peter grinned cockily at me.

"Hell NO... I wouldn't even put up with your annoying ass if it wasn't for your lovely mate." I ribbed him good-naturedly.

"I'm wounded Doc, really..." Peter attempted to look offended, but he was lousy at it. I raised an eyebrow at him as he threw an arm around my shoulder.

"So it's finally time then?" Peter didn't look the least disconcerted by my red eyes, which meant his gift had already kicked in.

I think he was only asking to reassure himself his 'Yoda thing' wasn't malfunctioning. I shook my head in affirmation.

"I'm glad you're both here, Jasper's going to need you both." I sighed and stepped out from under Peter's arm. I wasn't much for man hugs.

"Damn straight," Peter responded. "He's been playing the emo ass quite long enough I think."

"Quite." I ran a hand threw my hair. "You really do have perfect timing."

Peter smirked maliciously. "We couldn't let you start this shindig without us Doc."

He grabbed Charlotte's hand and started walking toward the house. Seemingly at random he started chuckling and turned his head so I could see his evil grin.

"This is going to be one hell of a party!" Well he had that right, and truthfully, I couldn't wait to tear that whole damn place down and set it ablaze.

"Fucking right..." I answered sending him an evil smirk of my own, before I followed after him.

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