Okay so if you are reading my story kicking and cuddling I apologize for not updating it for so long but I'm working on the next chapter I will try and have it up by tommarow night. But here is a little story foryou,again sorry, I'll do better.


It was a sunny day, warm, blue sky, little puffy clouds floating about, and birds singing, in a nice little house in a quiet street, in a medium house was a woman and her...attentive, boyfriend. Ahh, the young brunetsmelled the cookies she had in the oven, they were her mothers recipie. but a slam of a door abliterated her happy memories, the few she had, of her time with her mother, she jumped when a man only a year older than her walked in and glared at her

"j-jack, I didn't think you would be home s-so early, I'm making you cookies! T-they were m-my m-mothers re-"


"I-I'm s-so s-sorry! I d-ddidn't mean to annoy you!"

"then shut up and get in the bed room!"

"yes, of coarse" she began to walkYao the bed room but he grabbed hold of her waist length hair by the back of her head"yes what?!"

"YES DOCTOR! IM SORRY DOCTOR!" she squirmed in his hold, as she squicked her answer to him.

He slapped her hard enough for her the fall to the ground, her cheek and eye already starting to bruise.

" I apologize, doctor" she squealed in pain and fright.

Yes, the great haruhi fujioka, ex host,feared lawer,and well known business woman, was brought to her knees, by some sasistic ass dentist. Here's is the story of how this came to be...and how it came crashing back down.

Well, my life WAS great...then a super nova of pain just had to come back...