It had been a five days since the school shooting and school had been cancelled for an entire week to let the students and teachers cope with the tragedy that took place in the hallways of the high school. Lucas spent his week off of school helping his emotional mother plan his Uncle Keith's funeral. Brooke spent her time off alongside Lucas helping him through the grief process while Peyton spent the time on bed rest. Nathan and Haley spent their time together going on dates and getting to know one another outside of their tutoring sessions. Nathan and Brooke had an unspoken break-up. Neither actually broke up with one another but they knew it was over.

"Hey Luke!" Brooke walked into the tiny kitchen of Lucas' home with two cups of coffee in her hands. "How did you sleep last night?"

Lucas was hunched over a pile of paperwork at his dining room table. His mother was too emotional to come out of her room so the house was a mess.

Brooke sat the coffee in front of Lucas, "You can have both if you'd like!" She turned and began to do the dishes that were beginning to pile up in the sink.

"Brooke, you don't have to do that." Lucas managed to pick up his head, "I'll wash them out later."

"Let me help you, Luke!" Brooke turned away from the sink full of dishes, "I want to help. I like to help!"

Lucas smiled sadly at the brunette with soap subs on her petite hands, "Thank you."

"It's really no problem at all Luke!" Brooke smiled and turned back to washing the dishes.

The door to Karen's bedroom opened slowly. Karen emerged out of the dark room with her hair unbrushed and her robe barely hanging onto her thin body. She walked silently into the kitchen and grabbed the coffee from the table before walking back into the bedroom. This had gone on everyday Brooke came. Karen would remain silent and only come out to eat which was rare.

"She still not talking?" Brooke finished the last dish and dried off her hands.

Lucas released a heavy sigh from his lips, "She keeps blocking me out! She won't let me in."

Brooke opened her arms wide to Lucas and hugged him tightly, "She is just dealing with this in her own way. When she is ready to let you in she will." She kissed the top of Lucas' forehead, "You have your suit picked out for this afternoon?"

Keith's wake was the previous evening and now it was time for Keith's funeral. Karen had dropped out of planning the event so Brooke stepped up and helped her friend plan the sad event.

Lucas nodded slowly, "I'm going with the one you picked out for me. The black one." He frowned at the word "black." It all seemed so depressing and he didn't know how he was going to get through it all.

"Okay good! I'll be back in about an hour to pick you and Karen up." Brooke brushed her nose against his and left the house.

They'd agree to wait on having a relationship because Brooke was going through a break up with Nathan and Lucas was grieving the loss of his Uncle Keith. They wanted to make sure that in the end their feelings would still be the same or even stronger.

"Hey!" Brooke had ran home to curl her hair and do her make-up but her dress was in Peyton's closet so now she was at Peyton's home.

Peyton was lying in bed with her crutches lying at the foot of her bed. She had her drawing pad in her lap but she wasn't drawing she was just staring at the blanket page.

"Oh hey Brooke." Peyton closed the drawing pad and threw it off of the bed. "Your dress is still hanging up there." She nodded toward the black dress bag handing from the door knob of her closet.

Brooke smiled and skipped over to her black dress. "You're still coming right?" She got undress and slipped on her black dress.

"I don't know." Peyton was staring at the gaze pad wrapped around her leg. "It might be too much on my leg."

Brooke pouted and turned to her wounded friend, "Sawyer! Lucas and Karen need you there!" Brooke could see how badly the school shooting was effecting Peyton. Brooke had been afraid to sleep in the dark but that only lasted for several days.

Peyton pulled her attention away from her wound, "Okay I'll go." She climbed out of bed and pulled her crutches from the bed to help her stand.

"Okay well what are going to wear?" Brooke slipped her feet into a pair of black pumps she found in Peyton's oversized closet.

"I'm wearing this." Peyton looked down at her outfit. She had on a green hoodie with a grey V-neck and matching grey pants.

Brooke laughed in disbelief as she took in Peyton's casual outfit, "Yeah right! Get changed Peyton."

"What's wrong with what I have on?" Peyton slid on her white and black Converses. "I don't want to wear a dress and showcase my bloody leg. The bloody leg I got the day Keith was killed!"

Brooke winced at the word blood and shook her head, "Okay you can wear that. I'll see you there!" She blew her friend a double kiss before running out of the door and driving back to Lucas and Karen's home.

Karen was sitting on the couch fully dressed when Brooke walked into the kitchen. Lucas was sitting at the kitchen table with his hand covering over his left cheek.

"Hey Luke!" Brooke smiled widely but when she searched Lucas' cold eyes her smiled disappeared. "What's wrong?"

Lucas slowly moved his hand away from his red left cheek. A bright red scratch was going down his cheek.

"What happened?" Brooke gasped as she raced over to him.

He shushed her as he glanced back at his mother who was sitting frozen on the couch. Karen slapped her son after Lucas insisted on her letting herself go since Keith's death. He hadn't meant it in a harsh way but he was tired of Brooke having to do the dishes and bring them food because Karen would refuse to get out of bed.

"She got upset!" Lucas dropped his head down into his shaking hands. "I can't go to the funeral with a big cut on my face." He said into his hands. "People will start asking questions or assume I got it during the shooting."

Brooke held up her index finger and dug through her studded black purse. She pulled out antibacterial for his cut, "This may sting a little." Lucas flinched as she smoothed the gel over his red cut. "Now for the magic!" Brooke pulled concealer from her make-up bag and covered his cut with perfection. "There all done!" Brooke handed him her compact mirror.

Lucas hesitated to look at the mirror but once he did he was impressed, "Oh wow Brooke! Thank you." He wrapped his arms around her. Brooke rested in his arms until Karen interrupted them.

"I'm ready when you are!" Karen's facial expression was numb.

Brooke smiled at Lucas' mother as if she had no idea what had taken place between Lucas and Karen before she got there.

"You look nice Karen!" Brooke examined the woman's loose fitted black dress and old sheer, black tights. "Great shoes." She lied as she took in Karen's pointy toed kitten heels.

"Thanks Brooke!" Karen smiled for the first time since losing her fiancé, Keith. "I've been meaning to thank you for helping us out around here while we all process through losing Keith."

Brooke shook her head slowly, "Oh nonsense! I love helping you guys out." She grabbed Karen's hand, "It's my pleasure."

Karen's eyes fell upon Brooke's touch to her cold hand. It felt nice to be treated with such care and love.

Lucas stepped between the women, breaking their hold. "We're ready to go mom." He grabbed Brooke's hand and walked out of the house.

During the funeral's church service Karen cried upon Lucas' shoulder and Lucas squeezed Brooke's hand whenever he felt he was about to break down and cry. Afterwards they rode in Keith's motorcade to the grave yard where Peyton finally showed up in her hoodie and with her crutches in hand.

"Thank you for coming Peyton!" Lucas gave Peyton a gentle squeeze as he hugged her.

Peyton kept her eyes down on her Converses. She felt guilty about Keith's death after learning Keith went into the school and was shot after helping get her out to the paramedics. She avoided Lucas' phone calls in fear that he'd hold her responsible.

"Of course!" Peyton mumbled to him before limping back to her father's side.

Lucas frowned as he watched Peyton walked away from him, "That was weird!" He thought to himself but was snapped out of his thoughts as his mother grabbed hold of his arm. He wrapped his arm around his mother and pulled her into his side. With his free hand he held onto Brooke's hand.

Nathan arrived at the Keith's grave hand in hand with Haley. Haley had tears streaming down her red cheeks but Nathan stood at her side solid as a rock.

Nathan and Brooke locked eyes as Haley and Nathan took their place beside to Brooke. They hadn't spoken since they were being held hostage in the tutor center the day Keith was killed.

"Hey Brooke." Nathan nodded once toward his ex-girlfriend.

"Hey." Brooke turned her attention to the ceremony taking place in front of her.

Everyone watched in silence as Lucas threw the first pile of dirt onto Keith's casket and as Karen wept as she placed a single lily on his casket. After the service was over everyone headed back to Lucas' and Karen's home. Brooke helped Karen put together a late lunch for everyone while Lucas showed is appreciation for everyone who showed up to say goodbye to his Uncle Keith.

"Hey man!" Lucas' friend, Skillz, gave Lucas a solid pat on the shoulder, "I'm gonna head out. Get some rest before going over to Jimmy's funeral tomorrow."

Lucas looked down at his friend with disgust, "Don't say that name in my house. Don't disrespect my mother that way!"

"Jimmy was our friend, Luke!" Mouth was standing by Skillz's side. "We owe him this."

Lucas laughed in disbelief, "I don't owe him anything! He killed my Uncle Keith or did you forget?"

"Man, we didn't forget but did you forget all those nights we spent on the court with Jimmy?" Skillz waved his hand in a dismissive way as he walked away from his old friend. "I'll see you later dude."

Mouth turned to follow Skillz but looked over his shoulder at Lucas, "I'm disappointed in you, Luke!"

"I could say the same thing about you, Mouth!" Lucas raised his voice to a shout. "Get out!"

Brooke and Karen turned around from serving the food and drinks to their guest. Lucas walked into his room and slammed his door shut. The loud sound made everyone in the house flinch.

"I got it!" Brooke stopped Karen from angrily entering Lucas' bedroom. She knocked once before opening the door. "Luke?"

Lucas was lying face down on his bed. He rolled over onto his side when he heard Brooke's sweet voice. "Hey Brooke." He began to pick at a loose thread on his sheets.

"What was that all about?" Brooke took a seat next to Lucas on his bed.

Lucas gave his shoulders a stiff shrug, "They wanted to go say goodbye to Jimmy."

"What's wrong with that?" Brooke gently caressed Lucas' cheek, "You got a chance to say goodbye to your Uncle Keith. Don't you think they deserve a chance to say goodbye to their old friend?"

"He killed my Keith! And he held all of your hostage!" Lucas said through grated teeth.

Brooke let out a soft sigh, "He was troubled, Lucas. He was not in his right mind! That boy had been beaten and bullied until he couldn't take it anymore."

Lucas was silent as he thought about Brooke's words.

"You two grew up together and he was one of your greatest friends! He made a tragic mistake but you can't blame it all on him!" Brooke moved a picked up Lucas' face by his chin, "It's okay to say goodbye to Jimmy!"

Although Jimmy held Brooke hostage in the tutor center she'd forgiven him. It wasn't worth sleepless nights and angry punches to the wall. She had to forgive him for her sanity and because she knew Jimmy had been hurt.

"Thank you, Brooke!" Lucas pulled her down onto his chest. "You're pretty special, you know that?"

Brooke smiled widely and brushed her hair from her shoulder, "I know!" She laughed. "But so are you." She gave his nose a gentle poke.

Lucas smiled and brushed his lips against Brooke's before gently kissing her. "I want to be with you Brooke Davis!"

"I thought you wanted to wait?" Brooke said breathless.

He gave his head a stubborn shake, "I changed my mind. I want you, now!"

"Well then okay boyfriend!" Brooke kissed Lucas repeatedly onto his thin pink lips.

Lucas pulled away from the kiss and stared down at Brooke.

"What?" Brooke pouted because he stopped their tender kisses.

Lucas laughed softly and gave his head a shake, "It just feels amazing to hear you call me boyfriend!"

"Boyfriend! Boyfriend!" Brooke whispered against his lips, "Boyfriend!"