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Chapter 1: Meetings

-Wave Country-

~1 Day after the Battle of the Bridge~

Naruto walked alone through the streets of Tazuna's town. Though conscious, Sasuke was still bedridden due to the injuries he suffered during the fight with Haku. Unfortunately, Sakura had decided to add to Naruto's already guilty conscious by blaming him for the Uchiha's condition. After several minutes of watching the boy get berated, Kakashi decided to ask her what she would have done in that particular situation. After sputtering for a bit, a shamed Sakura walked off to another part of Tazuna's house. The damage had been done though and Naruto walked out, saying that he was going to walk around the village.

To add insult to injury he had people cheerfully waving to him throughout the day. He was essentially a hero in Wave…yet he knew that his best friend had nearly been killed because of him. It was a sobering thought. Hell, he felt like shit that both Zabuza and Haku had been killed and those two had been trying to kill all of them. If Sasuke had been killed as well…

The blond shook his head at the thought. He didn't even want to think about it.

"Hey, there's one of them now." Naruto vaguely heard another person say from his right. It wasn't the first time someone had pointed him out…he was easy enough to see after all. "Hey, kid!" It was the first time one of them had decided to call out to him though. He followed the voice to a man behind a stand. The man gestured him towards the stand, "Hey hero, you hungry?"

Naruto's stomach decided to answer for both of them, quite loudly in fact. Naruto held his stomach with both hand, his cheeks red.

The man behind the stand was old, easily as old as the Hokage. Aside form the major age difference, the man actually kinda looked like Iruka, right down to the horizontal scar across his nose. "How about a bowl on the house?"

He couldn't say no to that. "What do you have?" the boy asked as he sat down next to another of the stand's patrons.

"Ramen, best in all the Nations."

Naruto smirked, "I don't know, I think the best ramen belongs to Ichiraku stand back in my village."

The old man smirked right back, "Just sit back kid, and watch the master at work. I'll make you forget about the other guy." The chef turned his back to his patrons and went back to cooking. "So I was telling the young lady next to you about what you folks did for us."

Naruto turned and took a look at the young lady next to him, for the first time. She couldn't have been more than a few years older than him. She was taller than he was, probably by about a foot. She had long red hair that fell halfway down her back. She wore a simple black blouse with a plaid red and black skirt, which greatly contrasted her pale skin tone. She looked back at him with dark blue eyes. Her most notable feature was a small diamond on her forehead. "That he was. Takeshi-san explained that you and your team were responsible for saving this country. That is quite an accomplishment, especially for one quite so young."

Naruto blushed at the girl's praise. "Thanks, sis'. I'm a ninja though…it's what I do."

The girl frowned. "Oh…so ninjas regularly save village's from tyrannical rulers?"

The boy looked away at the girl's comment. "Well…I…mean…" That was rather ignorant of him. He KNEW for a fact that saving countries wasn't what ninja normally did. Still, it sounded a lot cooler than saying that he was a highly trained mercenary. He tried to find a way to answer…but found himself unable to. After a while, he heard a giggling sound next to him. He turned back to stare at her, blush still on his cheeks.

The girl had her right hand covering her mouth, "I apologize, it was impolite of me to laugh at you." She gazed at him with sapphire eyes. "Honestly, I think I prefer your answer to the truth really."

"You do?"

The girl nodded, "You have an air of chivalry about you that I thought was long gone from this world." The smile she gave him, once again, made his cheeks heat up.

'She's pretty', he silently thought. "So, are you not from around here?"

The girl shook her head, "I am not. Oh dear, please excuse me but I do not believe we have been properly introduced."

Naruto flashed her his patented grin, "Name's Uzumaki Naruto."

The girl dropped the chopsticks she had been holding and just stared at the boy before her. Her blue eyes wide with shock. "Uzumaki?"

Naruto, not sensing her shock, nodded. "Yup, the future Hokage of Konoha." For several moments, the girl just stared at him with a scrutinizing stare. It was beginning to unnerve the boy. "And…you are?"

The boy's question seemed to knock her out of her daze. She blinked a few times before lightly clearing her throat. "Please excuse my rudeness. My name is Mito."


Simultaneously, five different figures suddenly shuddered in pure, unadulterated fear. (1)


The sounds of laughter could be heard coming out of Takeshi's ramen stand. Naruto had greatly enjoyed the bowl of beef ramen that Takeshi had made for him and had quickly ordered a second bowl. While they were eating Naruto had been regaling Mito with tales of the pranks he pulled during his academy years. She listened to all of them with a cute little giggle that she tried to hide behind one hand. Then he told her about the time he painted graffiti on the Hokage's Monument. She had let go of whatever reservations she held and began laughing full force.

"And you say you were at the bottom of your class?" Mito asked with a sense of mirth in her voice. "I daresay Konoha's standards have improved quite a bit."

Naruto, ignoring the embarrassment of being the class dobe, just cocked an eyebrow at the girl's second statement, "Have you been to Konoha before?"

Mito nodded, "A long time ago." Mito turned back to Naruto, "So, from village prankster to savior of a whole country. I must imagine your parents will be quite proud of you."

The blond frowned at the statement. "I don't have parents."

The girl frowned at the way Naruto said that. "You never knew them?"

The boy shook his head. "And I doubt they'd be all that proud anyway. I screwed up on the mission."

"Oh?" The boy just nodded at the girl's question. Mito turned away from him and took another long sip of her green tea. After placing it down she turned to the boy, "Are you finished?", she asked, pulling her a small purse out of her blouse.

"Ummm…" he had only a little bit of broth left in his bowl. "Almost." His eyes widened when she placed a large amount of money down on the table. Enough to cover both tabs.

"Follow me, Naru-kun." With that, she walked away from the ramen stand.

Naruto slowly followed the girl with his eyes, more than a little surprised that she had actually paid for his meal.

"Hey kid." Naruto's head snapped towards Takeshi. The old man rest one hand on the bar, and leaned down to look into the kids eyes, "Piece of advice, don't let that one get away."

The blond blushed at the comment. He figured he had two choices before him: he could either go back to Tazuna's house and sit around doing nothing or he could follow the cute girl. In a move that would later make a certain Toad Sage proud, the blonde decided to listen to Takeshi's advice and follow the girl…after quickly finishing his broth.

He reached her quickly enough. Mito walked in a grace that he normally attributed to the wives of feudal lords that sometimes visited the Konoha. Her body was perfectly perpendicular to the ground and she seemed to glide across the ground. (2)

"Tell me about the battle, why do you think you did something wrong?"

The blond looked down and opened his mouth to speak, "W-"

"Please don't slouch." Naruto's black immediately straightened. He looked at her with a perplexed gaze. "Well?"

Naruto relayed what happened during the battle on the bridge. How he announced his presence. How he walked into the obvious trap. And how he couldn't do anything while he was in said obvious trap.

Throughout his whole explanation, Mito hadn't so much as look back at him. She simply kept looking forward, "You understand what you did wrong, that is good. It is an excellent lesson to learn and it is lucky that you did not lose a comrade to learn it." Naruto nodded, seeing the sense in her words. He certainly wouldn't do something so stupid again. "You simply need to improve yourself in the event that you find yourself in a similar situation again." Again, Naruto nodded.

Naruto followed Mito into a large inn. Though it seemed that the building was, at one point, a nice establishment…it seemed that Wave Country's hard times had hit the inn as badly as the rest of the country. Mito lead Naruto to one of the rooms on the second floor of the inn. Mito gestured for Naruto to sit down at the little table, while she went to the little kitchen.

While waiting for the girl to come back, Naruto looked around the room. Like the rest of the hotel, it looked like it could have been a luxurious place at one point. Gato's influence was most likely the cause of it's decline.

After a few moments, Mito placed a cup of tea in front of Naruto and a second one in front of the an empty chair. She then sat down at the table as well. "There's an old saying, hindsight is twenty-twenty." Mito began. "Tell me, now that you are out of danger, can you think of anything you could have done differently while you were in that trap?"

The blond frowned, "I honestly don't know."

Mito took a quick sip of her tea, "In your position, I would have erected some type of barrier to protect my ally and myself from the senbon needles."

Naruto's eyes widened, "You're a ninja?"

"Not quite." The red head took another sip of her tea. "However, I am proficient in various shinobi arts though and I'm a mastered of Fuin jutsu."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow. He vaguely remembered Iruka going over something called Fuin jutsu during his time at the Academy, but he didn't remember quite what they were. "What's Fuin jutsu?"

Mito, surprised for the first time since learning Naruto's name, nearly chocked on her tea. "You do not know Fuin jutsu", her eyes narrowed, and Naruto actually looked away from her. Mito stood from her seat and went to grab a few items from a nearby table. She placed a piece of paper and a pen on the table and sat down again. She then pulled a kunai from…seemingly nowhere. "I'm going to show you how to seal this kunai into this paper." She began by using the pen to draw strange symbols on the piece of paper. After she had finished, she placed the kunai on the paper and concentrated some chakra through it.

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the kunai disappear. "Woah, that's cool." Mito, for her part, seemed quite pleased at the boy's reaction. "So Fuin Jutsu let's you seal items away?"

"To use another saying, 'that is merely the tip of the iceberg.'" She pulled out another piece of paper and placed it in front of Naruto. "It's difficult to learn, but the rewards are only limited by your own imagination. Would you like to learn?"

Naruto was a bit surprised that she was actually willing to teach him. However, he nodded.


Naruto learned that Fuin jutsu was like a different language entirely. It was essentially, writing out what you wanted to happen on paper. It also had, much to Naruto's dismay, several thousand different characters… Mito promised that she'd teach Naruto as much as she could during what little time they had together. By the end of the night, Naruto walked back to Tazuna's house, mentally going over through some of the characters that Mito had taught him.

The blond eventually returned to Tazuna's home a few hours after nightfall. So lost in thought, the blond walked through the house without even noticing that both Kakashi and Tazuna had been sitting up waiting for him.

The older man just watched as the boy walked right passed them. "Well, he doesn't seem that upset, at all."

"No kidding", Kakashi said with a frown hidden behind his mask. He had originally wanted to give the boy some time to get over his Sakura's words before talking to him about the battle. Naruto had spent so much time out that Kakashi had been seconds from going out to look for him. What he didn't expect was for the boy to come waltzing in, looking on like he was on cloud nine. "If I didn't know better I'd swear he just got laid."

"Hah…" Tazuna laughed.


Kakashi was once offered the position as Naruto's foster father, which he immediately declined. It wasn't that he didn't want to look after the boy, quite the opposite actually. It was simply that Kakashi didn't want Naruto to end up like him. Case and point: Kakashi could barely even remember the eight years following Naruto's birth…and Minato's demise. It was honestly a long blur of drinking, sex and high-profiled missions. He vaguely remembered something about saving some chick from Snow Country…but everything else came in a haze.

However, much to Kakashi's disappointment, Naruto nearly ended up becoming like him after all. Naruto nearly lost a friend and teammate as a result of his own mistakes. Luckily, the blond seemed to understand the magnitude of his actions. Kakashi had WANTED to go speak with the blond, maybe have one of those sensei-student bonding moments, but didn't get to him before Sakura did. He had wanted to give the boy a few hours to calm down before talking to him.

The following day, Naruto left the Tazuna's house bright and early, saying that he was going out to the village. Kakashi left around the same time with Tazuna who still had to go work on the bridge. The two adults returned to the house before dusk and Naruto still hadn't arrived. After about half an hour the jounin was about to go out looking for him when the boy inexplicably arrived…again wearing a shit-eating grin. That night Sakura actually came up to him and apologized for what she said the day before. The boy's reaction was, essentially, 'yea-sure-whatever', much to the surprise of the members of team 7.

The day after, Kakashi created a Kage Bunshin to follow the blond throughout the village. A couple hours later found Kakashi lounging around the side of the nearly finished bridge, reading his book, when the memory of the kage bunshin suddenly entered his mind's eye. Kakashi's book actually fell out of his hand as he scanned through the clone's memories. Naruto had went to go see a GIRL…a girl that looked about three years OLDER than he was…and he went to go see her at her APARTMENT. Summary: Naruto went to go visit an older girl at her apartment. Considering the boy's mood over the last few days, it was likely that he had been seeing her since Sakura's outburst. There was only one logical conclusion that Kakashi could come to: some pretty young thing, and YEA she WAS pretty, had decided to thank the younger boy, for helping free her country, by introducing him to the world of casual sex. That, in Kakashi's opinion, was freaking awesome. It was also a common plot point in several stories of Jiraiya's (in)famous book series.

Still…Kakashi's clone had decided to keep watching the blond through a conveniently open window to make sure every thing was on the up and up. Kakashi presumed that the girl was from one of the better off families in Wave. He based the presumption on the girl's clothing. Though he didn't normally pay much attention to fashion, the outfits she wore were clearly not the same as the people from Wave. They seemed like they may have come from a more modern village, like perhaps one on Konoha's level. Perhaps she had them imported? It was either that or she was a traveler, she was staying at an inn. 'Could she be an enemy kunoichi?' Unlikely, she didn't seem to actively be trying to seduce the blond. Through his vantage point, the only thing the clone saw them doing was…drawing? Writing? Curious. Either way, it seemed 'innocent' enough so Kakashi-clone didn't feel like starting a confrontation. Perhaps the girl's family owned the inn. Either way, he decided to leave Naruto be…at least until the boy was ready to talk about it himself. There was the bro code to consider after all. After thinking about it though, he decided that he'd need to teach the boy, BOTH boys actually, jutsus to…'be safe'. Girls were generally taught those jutsus before graduating from the Academy…thinking about it Kakashi realized that there was a horrible 'double standard' in there somewhere, however he didn't care enough at the moment to consider it further. He needed to consider Naruto's actions…

~Four days after the Battle of the Bridge~

"Hey Naruto!"

Surprised, for he didn't think anyone was downstairs, Naruto turned towards the sound of the voice to see Kakashi coming towards him. "Oh, hey Kaka-sensei. I thought you already left with Tazuna?"

"He's waiting outside." Kakashi stopped right in front of Naruto and grasped the boy by his shoulder. Naruto glanced at the hand momentarily before turning back to Kakashi. The jounin actually had TEARS in his visible eye.


Kakashi pulled Naruto into a hug…a MANLY hug. "I just want to tell you that I'm so proud of you." Once again, Kakashi realized there was a horrible double standard in his own actions…for if it were Sakura who was entertaining some random boy, he probably would have broken the boy's legs by now. When they separated, Naruto looked at Kakshi with wide-eyes. "I just wanted to tell you that and-" Kakashi held out his hand to give Naruto something, which the boy accepted. "-be safe." With that, Kakashi left.

Naruto just stared at the man's back in confusion. After Kakashi exited the house, Naruto looked down the thing in his hand. "Candy?" Naruto opened the wrapper and pulled out a white circle. He wiggled it around in his hand, "Feels like rubber." He held it close to his nose and took a quick whiff of it and quickly pulled it away a second later. "Ill…" Naruto opened a nearby trashcan a dumped it inside, before walking away. "I hate kiwi-flavored candy."

~Five days after the Battle of the Bridge~

Naruto wasn't having a good day. Tazuna had gotten drunk the night before, an action that continued on to the early morning. Unfortunately the old drunk had started dancing and ended up spilling beer all over everyone around him. Naruto's orange jacket still reeked of alcohol when he woke up. The man had been celebrating the fact that the bridge would finally be finished the following day…which unfortunately meant that the mission would be coming to an end soon. According to Tazuna he just had a few last 'artistic' touches do put on the bridge…whatever that meant.

And Kakashi, much to everyone else's displeasure, wanted to leave the very moment the bridge was finished, instead of waiting for the following morning. He was upset because he had actually grown fond of the old drunk, as well as Inari and Tsunami. Not to mention walking around a village where everyone actually praised him instead of wishing death on him. And when his mind turned to the young lady whom he spent the last few days with, it felt like his chest was in a vice grip. That morning he barely paid attention to the trip to her apartment and before he knew it he was knocking on her door.

"Come in", came Mito's voice behind the door. Naruto let himself into the room Mito had been staying in. He found the girl in question sitting on the floor in a lotus position. Naruto's eyes immediately locked onto the ball of water that was currently floating in front of Mito's chest. "Hello Naru-kun. There is-" Mito stopped and immediately turned her head to the boy in question. Her eyes narrowed in on him and he immediately paled at the look. Though not nearly as overbearing as the aura of killer intent that Zabuza exuded, he still found it difficult to move. "Have you been drinking?"

Naruto's eyes widened, "No! Tazuna was drinking and spilled beer all over me. I couldn't get it out."

The redheaded teen continued staring at Naruto for a few moments before the ki dissipated entirely, allowing the blond to let out a breath that he didn't know he had been holding. "The man responsible for overseeing the construction of the bridge…was drinking last night?" The boy nodded. Mito turned away from him. "Forgive me for my anger and accusation, however I simply do not have a high opinion of alcohol…or those who partake in it. There is another seal on the table, please have a look at it."

Naruto turned to the table to find a rolled out scroll waiting for him. He had finally gotten sealing weapons, and other items, into scrolls the day before. "The old man was celebrating. He said he'd be finishing the bridge pretty soon", the blond said as he sat down at the table. Mito actually flinched at the boy's words. He spent a few minutes glancing over the different characters of the new seal before he decided to ask, "That's pretty cool, what are you doing?"

"It's an elemental chakra control exercise. Do you know what your elemental affinity is Naru-kun?"


Mito frowned. It wasn't the first time that she suspected there had been a serious gap in Naruto's education. "Everybody has at least one innate elemental affinity. Your affinity allows you to use high level ninjutsu of that particular element, as well as helping you learn ninjutsu of that particular element."

Naruto nodded. "Kinda like Sasuke and his fire jutsu?"

Mito frowned, but nodded, "Quite likely. Though in the case of low-level techniques, it is not actually necessary to have that particular affinity, having it does make those easier to learn." She stood up and walked towards the table, still with the orb of water around her chest. "This was a common exercise within my country. You use elemental chakra to levitate a sphere of your element, in my case water. It is a good meditation exercise." The orb of water floated over to just above her right hand and she held it out to Naruto.

Amused by it, Naruto reached out and poked at the orb of water.

Mito moved her hand over the seal on the table and activated it. Naruto watched wide-eyed as the water in his hand was sucked up into the seal. "This particular seal is multipurpose. The most common use is to carry drinking water with you. However, with a little cunning and preparation, one can also use this seal to block elemental ninjutsu."

In Naruto's mind's eye, Sasuke was launching one of his fire technique at him, and he just casually flipped open a scroll that sucked all fire inside of it. The thought made Naruto grin.

"Do you know when you will be leaving?"

Naruto frowned, "Kaka-sensei wants to leave later today."

Again, Mito frowned, "Then take it home with you." Naruto's eyes widened when she said that. "I doubt you will be able to memorize it one a single day. Since today will probably be our last day together for a while, I thought that we could wander around the village."

Naruto immediately grinned, "That sounds good." Mito walked across the room and put on a pair of black shoes.

Naruto nodded and rolled up the scroll and placed it in his right pocket. "Where are we going?"

"Just around the village." They both exited the room and walked out of the inn. "So tell me about Konoha?" Sadly, Naruto didn't know too much information, which Mito found relevant. He knew about places that he commonly visited, but nothing all to significant. However, Naruto swore, that when he mentioned the Old Hokage, he heard her say 'Hiru-chan was always such a good boy'.


Both Naruto and Mito turned towards the sound of the voice, to find Sakura and Sasuke staring back at them. The blond waved at them, "Hey guys, what's up?"

Sakura looked between Naruto and the girl he had been walking with. "Who's your…friend?"

"Oh yea…" Naruto gestured towards the girl. "This is my friend Mito." He then turned towards the girl in question. "And these are my teammates, Sakura and Sasuke-teme!"

Sakura frowned but greeted the girl with a small wave, "Mito-san." Sasuke merely grunted.

The girl lightly bowed her head to the pinkette, "Sakura-san." She then turned towards Naruto's male teammate. Her disposition took a notable turn. She just stared coolly at the boy for a few moments before saying, "Uchiha-san."

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow. He figured the dobe must have talked about all of them before…how else could she have learned his surname.

"So what are you guys up to?"

"Tsunami-san asked Sasuke-kun and I to run some errands for her. What are you…two doing?"

Naruto flashed her his trademark foxy grin, "Since this will probably be our last day here, we decided to walk around the village instead of hanging out in Mito's room all day!"

Sakura's eyes widened. Sasuke, for his part, was overcome by a strange and unfamiliar emotion. He was just…so very proud of Naruto right now. He felt like he should be giving the boy a thumbs up for something. Maybe a pat on the back? After thinking it over, he finally settled for clearly praising the other boy for his accomplishment, "Hn…"

"So anyway, we should get going."

Sakura was a bit surprised, "Sure…"

With that, Naruto and Mito walked away.

The pinkette turned to the Uchiha with a slight scowl on her face. "I don't like her, I don't think she's right for Naruto." Sasuke just turned to stare a her for a moment. "What?"

After a moment the boy just shook his head, "Don't be a stereotype." With that, he walked off, leaving Sakura alone with her confusion. (3)

Some ways down the road, Mito turned to her companion, "Tell me about the graduation exam you had to take, Naru-kun."

Again, Naruto frowned. For a moment he thought about embellishing the truth, to outright lying to her. However, instincts compelled him NOT to do either. In the end, he listened to his instincts and told her the truth. Though since the Hokage had labeled the Mizuki incident classified, he left explained 'that he graduated after learning a powerful technique and defeating one of his former senseis'. Which really wasn't far from the truth.

Mito just stared at him for several moments. She knew that Naruto was holding something back…but decided not to ask him about it. "Your graduation was irregular, though I don't think that is a bad thing. My country's graduation exam was very different."

Naruto, not catching the past-tense, asked, "What country is that?"

"Uzushio, one that is long dead."

"I'm sorry."

The girl shook her head, "Do not be, I have had plenty of time to grieve." Naruto actually looked down, not quite sure what to say. Mito continued as if Naruto didn't interrupt, "Our shinobi hopefuls were taken into a secluded island, armed with only a kunai and our personal skills. The hopefuls were forced to wear thin clothing, which provided little protection against the elements. The objective was survival for a solid week." Spying Takeshi's ramen stand, and knowing Naruto love of ramen, she decided to lead the boy in that direction.

Naruto cocked an eyebrow. "So you didn't need to learn certain jutsus or take a written exam?"

"Techniques were taught, prior to the exam of course. However, if one of our genin didn't master a technique, like say the Bunshin no Jutsu for example, they simply had to take the exam without it."

Takeshi waved at both Naruto and Mito, cheerfully. When they sat down he gave Naruto an odd look. It was like the man was giving him a thumbs up with his eyes. He didn't even know how that was even possible. "What can I do for you two kids?"

"I would like a bowl of shrimp ramen, please."

"Pork for me old man." Takeshi nodded and turned to go make their order. Naruto turned to look at the girl again, again feeling a pang of sadness in his chest. "So, any advice on what other Fuin jutsu I should learn?"

"In your place, I would simply continue learning the basics as best as I could. However, please thread carefully Naruto-kun. I very much doubt many people in your village will approve of someone with your condition learning Fuin jutsu."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly. 'Did she mean…' Naruto looked at the girl in front of him with a questioning look. She gazed at him for another moment before placing her hand on her stomach and circling around where no doubt her navel was. Naruto's look then turned towards one of horror.

Mito's gaze softened. "I was thinking, Naruto-kun, that I would come visit you in your village."

The fact that she wasn't automatically rejecting him calmed Naruto down somewhat. He actually smiled again, "Really? When?"

Mito's gaze turned away from Naruto. "I am not entirely sure. You see I was hoping to find a member of my family, however she is being quite a difficult person to find."

"Maybe I can help?"

Mito shook her head, "It is something I must do myself. However, if I cannot find her, perhaps I will come to Konoha in the near future. I cannot be certain."

"Great, I'd like to introduce you to all my friends in Konoha like Iruka, and the Hokage and maybe we can hang out with my teammates again."

The girl nodded, "That sounds nice, perhaps we will see each other again in a few months. I would very much like to see the Hiru-chan again."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "Hiru-chan? You know somebody in Konoha?"

"I do", Mito gave him a grin that seemed better suited to his face and her own. "and I do believe that he will be quite surprised to see me."


A few hours later Naruto and his teammates became the first people to cross The Great Naruto Bridge. The following morning Mito crossed the bridge herself…but not before glancing down at the sign that named the bridge. She smiled at the gesture.


Omake: Prejudices

Sasuke just happened to be walking down the road, when the redheaded girl that Naruto had been hanging out with stopped in his path. "Hn..." the boy grunted.

The girl sighed, "Forgive me, but I do not believe our first meeting illustrated my dislike for your clan well enough, so..." the girl produced a bat out of nowhere and smashed the Uchiha across the head...sending the boy tumbling to the floor. "I would like you to know", she brought the bat down on his right leg, "While you may be", she brought it down again on his hand, "A nice young man", she smashed his hip, "Dealings with one of your elders have left me preduced." She hit him three more times, illiciting a scream from the boy for each hit. "Shame...though my actions were born out of unfair prejudices, I believe I may have increased my popularity." She turned to leave but not before tossing the bat over her shoulder and striking the prone Uchiha. "Odd."

(1) Can you guess who the five people are?

(2) I might be being excessive, but from every picture of Mito I've seen…she just seems like the type who would take one of the classes where the girls balance a book on their heads and try to walk without dropping it. Also, yay for me knowing what that's actually called.

(3) I've seen it happen a few times in fiction, mostly television. Guy likes girl, girl ignores guy, guy finds new girl, first girl throws himself at guy. I've even seen it in fanfiction before.

A/N: The reason Mito is so young will be explained in the next chapter. Will likely be out in a few days.