Ellen walks into Patty's office. "Howard Erickson called. He wants to meet with me; without his attorney," she tells Patty.

"That's unethical. If the judge finds out you'll be thrown off the case. You and Erickson can't meet alone," Patty says shaking her head.

"Right, that's why I want you to go for me."

"Me?" Patty asks and she sits back in her chair, crossing her arms and looking up at Ellen reluctantly.

"You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you? Sitting across from Erickson, finding out what he's up to." Ellen sits down, trying to find the words to convince Patty. "Come on, Patty. It could be fun for you. And I would love to get your take on him."

"I'm sure you would," says Patty smugly. She grins as she swivels side to side in her chair, staring for a moment at Ellen before picking up her pen and going back to work.

"So you won't do this for me, Patty?"

"No reason to," Patty says without looking up from the papers on her desk.

"I can think of one," Ellen responds with a mischievous smile.

"Oh?" Patty asks, still not bothering to look up, "What's that?"

Ellen stands and makes her way toward Patty, who looks up over the frame of her glasses at Ellen as she rounds the corner of the desk. Patty sits back and crosses her arms again, turning the chair in the direction of her young associate. Ellen leans over, and Patty holds her breath as Ellen places her hands on the arms of the chair. She leans in closer; enough to feel it when Patty finally starts to breath again. She slowly removes Patty's glasses and tosses them onto the desk, never looking away or moving from her position over Patty. She brings her hand back up, tracing her fingertips along the edges of Patty's lips before replacing her fingers with a gentle kiss. Patty uncrosses her arms and, just as she reaches out to touch Ellen, Ellen stands up. "No, you're right-," Ellen says walking back to her seat, "-no reason."

Ellen sits down and Patty turns the chair back again, looking at Ellen while tapping her fingertips on the desk. Ellen just smiles gratifyingly at Patty's expression. Patty leans over the desk, pressing the button on the intercom. Her assistant comes on the line, "yes, Ms Hewes?"

"Set up a meeting with Howard Erickson," Patty says, sitting back and looking at Ellen out of the corner of her eye.

"What should I tell Erickson's people is the nature of the meeting, Ms Hewes?" her assistant asks.

Patty grins at Ellen. "Just tell them I have my reasons."

-by Mary/Seduced with bourbon