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Alone in the Darkness

Chapter One

A Stranger

Prologue: A Grim Reality

The EMP missiles used by the aliens to suppress our production of electricity were extraordinarily powerful. The pulse generated did not just fry control circuits, the surge overloaded the wiring of the armatures of the electrical generators and turned them into molten slag and melted the transmission lines for miles around. Essentially, if the world wanted electricity, it would have to replace each generator one at a time.

The euphoria resulting from the victory over the Lorwardians lasted only a few days. The inconvenience of the power blackout was considered temporary at first just like any other. After that concern grew as it became known that the aliens had destroyed all power generation and that it would not be restored anytime soon. Those countries with nuclear powered ships in their navies attempted to integrate them into their national power grids with mixed results. People began to realize the problem was not just local or even national: it was global in scope.

People started to panic as they realized they could not access their money because banks, ABMs, credit and debit cards could not function without electricity. Grocery stores and warehouses were looted. In most places there still were non-perishable goods in the 'pipeline' for almost a week after which food stuffs were depleted since packaging plants had no electricity to continue production. Foodstuffs requiring refrigeration spoiled within a couple of days.

With the water treatment plants inoperative the lack of clean water began affecting people within the week: the first ones most likely to die from severe dehydration tended to be the very young and the elderly. People became susceptible to deadly gastro-intestinal ailments within days of the water plants shutting down. Without sewage treatment, improperly disposed human waste bred other diseases as well as polluting those natural waterways that were used for water collection.

Oil production stopped around the world, refineries became inoperative, pipelines shut down, and natural gas for heating homes stopped flowing. Nuclear reactors went into immediate shutdown once the cooling pumps went offline.

Without elevators, heat, or water, living in high-rise buildings became just short of pointless. The suburbs were akin to deserts for even if some supplies could be trucked in to a local mall, one often had miles to travel to get to one.

Of course the social structures practically fell apart overnight. Emergency services were almost ineffective even in the early days, at first mostly to a lack of communications and supplies then later to staff abandoning their posts to be with their families. Gangs ran rampant in many an urban area.

As it became evident that living in urban areas was no longer a viable option people migrated to the countryside. Unfortunately, the average city dweller was almost always unskilled, ill equipped, and too soft and out of shape to live off the land and unlike the Americas, Europe did not have that much rangeland to forage in. Well over a billion starved in the Americas and Eurasia with the conditions in India and China being especially nightmarish during the summer and autumn following the alien attack. Many third world countries weren't as bad off since their technology level was not as intense; however, they still lost out on whatever imports they had been dependent on. Countries whose economies were more agrarian based fared better.

When winter settled in the northern hemisphere, those that had not starved froze if they had not migrated south. These migrations caused uncounted conflicts as the inhabitants of the southern regions resented the invasions from the north.

Health care had devolved to a mid-nineteenth century level or worse. Modern medications could not be replenished since the production facilities were inoperative and modern equipment was not available. Surgery was only considered in extreme circumstances since anaesthetic was not available. Without antibiotics, an injury often became infected which could lead to death. Treatable diseases ran rampant without medication and difficult to resist when suffering from poor nutrition and living in less than sanitary conditions.

The effects of extreme environmental events were exacerbated by the lack of emergency services and the poor survival skills of the populations. Heat waves, cold snaps, floods, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes and forest fires had become deadlier.

A year after the Lorwardian attack the earth's population had shrunk to a little over a billion, with technology on the average settling at a mid-nineteenth century level with a few locations lucky enough to have maintained a modern level of technology. Politically, the world had dropped to a Dark Age mentality resulting in a collection of minor kingdoms and republics run by self-styled kings and presidents-for-life; with the odd city state thrown in for flavour.

Six years later:

It was a dark, rainy night, a night that became just another horror in her short, sporadic memory. The heavy downpour from a violent thunderstorm had quickly drenched Shego's travel-worn catsuit, matting her hip-length raven tresses and restricting the terrified woman's visibility, the strobe-like effect of the multitude of lightning flashes hindering it further; yet still she manages to run through streets that had not seen maintenance in over half a decade, skipping lithely over cracks and the odd grasping, crawling tendril of Drakkenweed. Despite her athletic build, the lack of food over the past week was taking its toll, her heart pounding and breathing ragged, all the while panic and confusion roiling in her mind as she expected the worst if caught.

Turning left, at what she thought was the next street corner, Shego collides with the hinge of a dumpster and tears open her outfit, exposing her heaving chest to the cold rain and leaving a nasty gash along her ribs; ignoring the pain as her only thought was to run. Suddenly she spots an obstacle in her way. A wall, the old worn bricks darkened by years of air pollution and covered by the clinging vine-like growths of more Drakkenweed, formed the closure of a dead end alley. A sickening wave of realization washes over her body, an inexplicable feeling that constantly haunts the back of her mind finally bursts forth into something recognizable. It was a fear, a fear of being…

"…Trapped!" The terrified woman had nowhere to run; resigned to her fate Shego turns to face her pursuer.

An angry store clerk wearing a white, bloodied butcher's apron with a meat cleaver in his jittering hands stumbles into view at the opening of the alley, his legs unsteady and chest heaving uncontrollably from the exertion of chasing the fleet woman.

"Gimme the goddamn money back, bitch!" he wheezes with difficulty from the end of the alley. The thin young man, barely taller than his prey, was himself soaked to the skin, his lanky hair plastered to his anger contorted face.

She was so afraid; Shego didn't even hope for salvation, believing she didn't deserve it.

"I didn't steal anything, I swear, for God's sake!" Shego screamed frantically as she hunched in one corner, shaking like a leaf. Expecting to get hurt, green eyes locked on the man swinging the cleaver, a bloodstained cleaver at that.

"You can tell those lies to the cops, but don't bother telling them to me! You're just another worthless migrant! Because of people like you, I take losses every day, I should kill you, I should kill you all!" yelled the man as he raised his weapon to hit the frightened woman.

"Please, don't kill me!"

A tall man steps into the alley from the street, his face in shadow from the cowboy hat pulled low keeping the rain out of his face, the rest of his body protected by an oilskin riding duster; the tapping of his cowboy boots against the concrete walk catches the maddened clerk's attention.

Stopping beyond the reach of the rain-soaked butcher's apprentice and his cleaver the stranger eyes the weapon then directs his gaze to the drenched woman huddled in the corner of the alley as he addresses the armed man, "Y'alls got an issue needs tendin' to here mister?"

"Back off cowboy and keep movin'; I'm just dealin' with this thievin' bitch what just stole food from my store!" he replied angrily, waving his weapon in the terrified woman's direction.

"I did not! And just before you said it was money!" Shego countered.

"Shut up, you…you…green, slut, mutantthing!" the store clerk bellowed, "You're gonna pay for everything, everything, you hear me?! You'll pay with your worthless life if necessary!"

Raising the brim of his hat the stranger watches the increasingly agitated man more closely, "Jest cause ah talks fine and wearin' these fancy duds don't mean I'm necessarily a part o' that cultured corner o' society. Now, ma momma always dun taught me to be polite to a lady, and mister, y'ain't been all that polite, 'specially wavin' that cutter in her face likes that."

Unable to retreat further, Shego could only cower in the corner, attempting to control her shaking, "P-please….I didn't….I didn't steal anything."

"Oh really?!" the store clerk answered sarcastically, "If mommy and daddy, whatever they were, didn't tell you that it's a sin to lie, somebody has to do it." Raising his hand to strike the quivering woman the armed man feels a strong grip on his wrist, stopping the swing before it even gets started.

Although he was smiling politely, the stranger's voice was firm, "Glad ta see ya knows that fibbin's bad; would'a conjured yer ma and pa dun told ya at some point that hurtin' someone's worse, never minds that murderin's a lot more sinnin' than that." Narrowing his eyes he asks, "How much does she owe ya?"

The clerk, his eyes shifting around to anywhere other than at the stranger, answers after a while, "Well, 12 bucks."

"That's bullshit! I never stole anything from that store!" Still on her knees she turns her face to her apparent saviour and implores, "Please, you have to believe me!"

"Ah believes ya" he answered then growls at the butcher, "Y'all was gonna kill her over twelve bucks; thas down-raht lower'n a gopher hole ya yella-bellied sidewinder!" Quickly snatching the cleaver he flings it up onto a fire escape landing, the bottom ladder retracted well out of reach of the short clerk then releases his grip, "Y'all can come back fer it later, now git afore I lose ma manners."

With a show of righteous indignation the clerk backs away as he glares at Shego, "Just you stay outta my store. Don't you dare come around again, you green bitch, the next time I'll come out with something louder than just a meat cleaver, understand?!"

"Ah'm sure y'all won't see her 'round yer 'stablishmint ag'in, raht?" the young man asked as he looked at the girl.

Words failed her; Shego did not know what to say or do except nod in acknowledgement.

"An' ah durn well reckin I ain't gonna fancy sendin' any business yer way."

"Whatever." the store clerk huffs, turning around to tramp slowly back up the street.

"I…I don't know what to say…I…owe you….my life…." Shego stutters as fear and the cold begin taking their toll.

"Come on," the man answered, "I'll take you to a place where you can warm up and get some rest."

"Okay…let's just get out of here…please." she said shakily.

As he helped her stand the torn front of her form fitting jumpsuit slid off her shoulder exposing her torso and the rather nasty gash to her side, "Damn, you're bleeding some fierce; did he hurt you?"

Looking down Shego gasped, "Oh my god! No, he never touched me I just remember banging into something hard when I turned into the alley."

Taking off his duster he wraps it around the injured woman and procuring a hunting knife from his belt he cuts away the torn portion of her outfit, "Since your clothes are pretty well done for, take this piece I cut off, bunch it up and hold it against the wound with your arm and I'll take you home to patch you up." Scooping her up in his arms he proceeds down the street; noticing the thunderstorm had passed he looks up to see the stars coming out.

For a long while neither the man nor the exhausted woman said a word, the only noise being the dripping of water, the tapping of the young man's boots on the pavement and the distant rumble of locomotive engines across town. Over the next several minutes the injured victim, her head comfortably nestled onto her saviour's shoulder slides in and out of consciousness despite the sharp pain in her side and the overall ache in her body. Finally, Shego asks quietly,

"Sir….why did you do that?"

"I couldn't just stand there and let that man murder you."

"Uh…well, I…I didn't expect anyone…"

"…It's no big, I'm just glad I was there to help." the young man interrupted with a smile.

"Oh, believe me…not everybody. But why didn't you just leave me there? I-I mean…you've done so much for me…and the coat," Shego suddenly

stiffens, exclaiming, "Oh my god, I'm bleeding all over your coat!"

"Hey, it's all good…look, we're here," he said after stopping in front of a small, tidy house. Standing her up to lean against himself he unlocks the door and leads her to the kitchen, sitting her down at the table. Leaving the kitchen for a moment he returns with towels, a green bath robe and a paramedic's kit. "Okay, try to keep pressure on your wound but I want you to take off those wet clothes and just throw them on the floor by the table then put on the robe," with that the young man did an about turn and covered his eyes.

Puzzled yet mildly amused at her benefactors apparent sense of chivalry Shego quickly compares the cold, clammy green and black catsuit she is wearing to the dry, fluffy, soft and warm looking robe and changes with enthusiasm after which she sits down, "Okay…."

The tall man turns around quickly, "Right, let's have a look…"

"…Wait a minute!" exclaimed the patient.

"Huh, wait, what, what…did I do something wrong?"

"You're not talking like a cowboy anymore."

"Oh, heh…that was just for the benefit of numb-nuts out there…you know, to throw him off if he tried to raise a stink. Here, chew on a few of these pain-killers, it'll dull the hurting somewhat so I can start stitching you up and hopefully prevent a bad scar."

Donning a pair of round wire-rim glasses he begins working, automatically assessing her physique, wondering and pondering at what he sees, "Very well defined muscle tone…deltoids, biceps, triceps, lats, oblique's, abs, quads…it all screams high calibre athlete…and the way she ran, if she hadn't made that wrong turn she would'a left that doofus suckin' air on his knees,"...he smiled a sad smile, "Kinda reminds me of someone special a lifetime ago,"…returning his attention to his patient he ruminates some more, "Those look like faint scars from two bullet and five knife wounds that I can see at this point…is she law enforcement, military…or criminal…callus' on her knuckles and the edge of her hands…she's accustomed to fighting"

"Could you lift your breast a little higher for me, please and thank you?" As she cooperates the medic suddenly finds his eyes mere inches from the most perfect breast he had ever seen. Blushing furiously he attempts to avert his eyes however with little success. In an attempt to avoid blood from marring the nice bath robe Shego had moved it well away from the wound thus revealing more of her anatomy than anticipated; the result being the flustered man's attempt at being discrete with regards to her breast failed miserably as his lowered vision unexpectedly rested upon the woman's most intimate of intimate areas.

The young man takes a deep cleansing breath to steady himself and refocus on his task, "Whoa dude, maximum composure…as in total lack of…for such an apparently timid girl she sure ain't bashful…and she acts as if this is old hat…the pain killers aren't that strong, she should be reacting to each stitch…wish you could still get butterfly stitches these days…she hasn't uttered a peep or flinched one bit…maybe she was a combat type of some sort at one time…a mercenary perhaps, there are plenty of those around now."

Shego's initial trepidations wane as her rescuer's ministrations are executed with practised ease. As he prepared his instruments she had looked at him closely and admired what she saw, "He's tall, I like tall, he's gotta be over six foot, broad shoulders, narrow hips…and strong, those muscles are for real, he carried me all the way here and I'm not light…sandy hair, not too long and just a little wavy on top…I like the wavy…rather boyish face, fair skin despite the tan…blue eyes and that smile…he's beautiful…not that I'd have any chance…I'm just a worthless migrant and a mutant no less…and here he is taking me in and patching up my hurt."

It suddenly dawns on Shego the entire situation at the moment is something familiar to her, something that must have occurred often enough in her life it had imprinted itself. She could not place any particular time and place however this was something; this felt familiar and it was the closest thing to a memory of her past as she had ever had. Was it the medical attention, the young man…or both?

The medic finished his work by applying a clear spray-on bandage, "Can's almost empty, I hope I can requisition some more somewhere…There, this will help with the healing and allow you to wash up. Is there anyplace else you hurt?"

"You're done already? I hardly felt a thing, you're really good. Umm, my head hurts a bit right now but sometimes it hurts so bad it makes me cry and I can't see and my ears ring very painfully. And other times my skin will feel on fire and my hands will feel like they want to explode and sometimes it all happens together."

Examining her head the young man marvels at how silky his patient's hair is despite still being damp and is practically entranced by what appears to be a verdant sheen to her raven mane. It is not long before he discovers a fairly large and nasty scar that did not appear to have healed well, "It looks like you took a bad thump to the head; do you remember anything about that?"

Shego shook her head, "No, I mean I felt the scar there but I don't know how I got it."

The sandy-haired man pondered his patient's condition some more, "Amnesia? Perhaps...the physical evidence to her body suggests a violent lifestyle yet her current demeanour seems too meek…unless she's playing me…Well, I don't think I'm gonna let you go far tonight."

"You're not planning to invite me in… I…mean… are you?" Even if she did her best to hide it, the man did notice a shade of a hope in her voice.

"Why not, you seem to be a nice girl and after what happened tonight you could use a place to crash for the night."

"B-but…don't you think that I might rob you? I-I mean…I won't but…that store clerk…y-you know…"

"…You said that you didn't steal anything. Come on, I couldn't stand thinking about you sleeping out in the cold and wet. Now that you're fixed up you can stay at least long enough to warm up, eat something…you know…whatever."

"Well….I shouldn't…we really don't know each other…it would be…I mean I don't want to take advantage considering all you've done for me already."

"I'm inviting you to stay; it's not like you're imposing."

"I-I shouldn't, I really appreciate what you did for me but the answer is no."

Placing his hands on his hips he rolls his eyes then fixing a no-nonsense gaze on her he responds with a slight note of exasperation, "Oh, come on. I can't just let you leave. I'm not asking for anything, just stay for the night, take a bath and get some rest. You were practically hypothermic when I found you and judging by the complaints from your gut I'm sure you could use some food. I have food to share and clothes you can have to replace your ruined outfit. In any case you'll be safe and you won't catch pneumonia."

"I shouldn't…well…okay, one night. In the morning I'll leave and you won't see me again…" Shego responds timidly and with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Fine, if you really want to, I can't stop you. You're free to go if that's your decision." the man answered with disappointment.

"O-okay, just one night. Thank you."

"Spankin'. Now just sit there, I'll give the bathroom a quick cleaning and bring you some dry clothes, that is, if you don't mind wearing men's clothing," the man said pleasantly, "While you're washing up, I'll make us something to eat."

"You're…you're so kind….I…I don't know what to say."

"Hey, it's no big. Knowing you won't spend the night outside is more than good enough for me."

"But why? Why are you doing all this?"

"You know, you keep asking difficult questions…well…I-I'm just following the good example of someone special I knew when I was in school," stammered the host, "Now stay there, I'll be right back."

Returning a few minutes later he gives her a bundle of clothes, "Here, I don't have any lady's things so I hope you don't mind boxers and a t-shirt…and socks, jeans…I hope you don't mind black, and you'll probably have to roll them up, and here's a shirt. The bathroom is on the second floor, go straight down the hall from the top of the stairs, third door on the right. Take your time, it'll take a while to make dinner."

"I…I don't know how to thank you."

"Hey, it's all good…just enjoy your stay here. What's mine is yours."

"But…I…I shouldn't...just filling the bath will be too much work for you; I mean do you even have enough water to fill it never mind heating it up? And food isn't that easy to get…I don't want to leave you short…cleaning the sheets after will be just more work for you…I'm not worth all that."

"Hey, it's cool, maybe you don't know where you are but we're in Lowerton, you know, part of the Tri-City area; we still have power and running water and the food sitch is better here than in many parts of the country thanks to Team Possible." Turning her around the young man shoos her up the stairs, "So go already, pour yourself a bath and I'll go make dinner for us."

Upon entering the bathroom Shego immediately locks the door then dropping the towels and clothing she lets the bathrobe slip to the floor. As soon as she had done so, she realizes the man might try to watch her somehow; covering her self up again she peeks out into the hall. Pangs of guilt hit her when she concludes her suspicions are unwarranted, hearing the clatter of pots and pans from downstairs, "He could do anything to me, but he took me in to his own home, gave me new clothes, invited me to stay for the night, and I still assume he's an animal…what's wrong with me?" Locking the door again she pours a hot bath and eases into it. "This is so-o-o nice…how long has it been …and the promise of a meal…could I ask for anything else? Washing her hair was her first priority then as she let her self soak another feeling of familiarity came over her. "That's twice in the space of an hour." Shego allows a small smile to grace her visage; for the first time in a long time she actually feels safe.

About an hour later there came a knocking at the door and the young man's voice, "Is everything alright? I haven't heard anything for some time, so I thought I'd better check."

"Yeah, I'm so sorry, I lost track of time…I'll be out soon… sorry…" she replies, slightly flustered and embarrassed that she was wasting all his water.

"Hey, it's cool; it's just that dinner's ready; it'll get cold if you don't hurry up."

"Oh, I…I will, of course I will, I'm sorry it took so long, I just haven't taken a bath in ages."

"That's alright; I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

Hearing the young man walk down the stairs a sheepish Shego admonishes herself, "I should be ashamed, I'm a guest here, and I shouldn't abuse that."

Having forgotten how slippery a wet tile floor could be Shego almost falls to the floor as she gets out of the tub too quickly; catching her self before hitting her head on the toilet. Picking up the clothes that been given her she dresses as fast as she can. Her feet luxuriate in the feel of warm, dry wool socks and although without a belt she finds the jeans settle nicely on her hips; a snug fitting white t-shirt and a green flannel shirt completed the outfit. Deeming that brushing out her hair would take too much time the freshly scrubbed guest towel-dries her hair and arranges it in loose pony tail. Proceeding downstairs she delights in the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen wherein Shego is greeted cheerfully by her host.

"Dinner's ready, come and get it." The young man calls as he turns to greet his guest. His heart seemed to stop as he gets his first good look at his seemingly demure guest, "Damn she cleans up nice…she looks taller than she seemed at first, maybe five-six or seven…her hair is so raven black and that green sheen seems to move around on its own…is it cosmetic or natural…there are traces of black nail polish…her skin is pale, where'd that doofus get the green from." Blue eyes open wide as he notices her lips are as moss, "Oh wow and her nipple was the same colour!" He is stunned a moment later as she raises her countenance to stare at the food on the table, her green eyes wide open in wonder, "Whoa. Eyes. Green. Beautilicous!"

"Oh my god! Is that all really for me?" exclaims a famished Shego when she sees the table full of food.

"Yes, of course, everything is for you…well actually there's a little bit there for me too."

Shego was too shy to just start eating right away, but the young man notices how greedily she was looking at the food.

"Don't be shy, dig in. I know you're hungry."

Starved, Shego eats voraciously, seemingly unable to stop. Somewhat amused the smiling humanitarian begins shifting extra portions in his guest's direction, sliding away empty plates into the sink. Several minutes later, when she had eaten everything in reach and practically licked the plates clean, she leaned back in the kitchen chair with an expression of pure bliss on her face. She felt so good….

"Did you eat your fill?" the man asked as he put the dishes into the sink.

"Oh yeah," she answered feeling a little self-conscious, feeling she should not have eaten so much. "It was delicious….thank you again."

"Hey, it's no big. I'm just glad you enjoyed the meal."

Picking up an old black hockey jersey he hands it the puzzled woman, "You must be tired. Sorry I don't have any lady's pyjamas to offer but you should find this comfy enough. The bedroom is just down the same hallway, but it's the second door on the left."

"I...don't know what to say….please tell me, why do you do all this? What's your angle? I'm just a migrant mutant, a worthless low-life." she said, green eyes beginning to glisten with tears.

"I just couldn't leave you alone. You can stay here as long as you want."

"But how….how am I supposed to repay the favour?"

"It's all free. You don't have to pay anything."

"Wait; hold on," Shego said shakily, "If there's something that I've learned while living out there is that there's no such a thing as a free lunch. Come on, tell me what you want. I don't have any money… and I'm, well, I'm not… a freeloader, if you're even thinking of that."

"Okay, you got me."

Shego's blood immediately ran cold and she began trembling, "Don't you dare…don't you dare touch me!" she hissed quietly.

"All I'm asking is for your friendship." he said.

"Are you deaf? I told you, I'm not like that!" she answered anxiously, her defiance not quite coming through, clasping her hands, in the meantime, as though they hurt.

The young man's hands began frantically waving in front of himself as blue eyes widen in panic, his face blushing fiercely with sudden understanding, "No...oh wow no…not that kind of friendship…I-I-I-I'm just lonely," sheepishly rubbing the back of his head he continues, "I-I just don't have anybody to talk with. Don't be afraid, it's not like I'm a perv or anything. Stay here as long as you want, treat yourself the way you deserve."

Her eyebrows attempt to migrate to her scalp, "Well…nobody…I mean, I never felt like I deserved anything before…at least not that I can remember." Shego said, all the while massaging her hands.

With concern in his eyes the sandy-haired man notices the woman appearing to be in pain, "What's wrong, you seem to be hurting. Is it your hands?"

"Whenever I get stressed it seems my hands start to hurt, like they want to explode; sometimes it's not so bad and other times, like when I feel really angry it gets really bad."

Reaching into his medic's kit on a nearby chair the young man retrieves a small jar and hands over a couple of pills that appear different than the ones he gave her earlier, "Take these before going to bed, they should help."

"I don't want to take all your medicine."

The young medic poured some tea for the two of them, "It's no big, I can get more. So, what's your name?"

"What's your name?" replied Shego cautiously.

"Come on, I asked you first."

"Actually, I don't remember." she said sadly.

"Really? Not at all?"

"I know I must have a name but for some reason I can't remember past maybe three or four days ago, maybe a week, I think; sometimes I seem to forget how I got somewhere or what happened to the last few hours that just went by. Anyway, I took a name from a really old magazine I found. So, for now, I'm going by Katie Sheridan, that is, until I forget again and I have to pick a new one. At that point I'll have forgotten who you were and what you did for me."

"Katie Sheridan? Are you for real?" smiled the young man, "That's the name of Felicia's quiet but beautiful best friend on Agony County. Not that I really watched the show back then, you know, I just tuned in sometimes to stay current." Looking at Shego more closely he adds, "Actually, ya know, you kinda look like her…only prettier."

The sudden silence was deafening, the young man could feel his whole body flush with embarrassment, his face hot. He could see his guest glance away demurely, her pale face itself taking on a pale green blush. "That was my outside voice, wasn't it," he ventures with a whisper.

Shego nods silently.

He rubs the back of his neck nervously, "Well, this is awkwierd."

After a few more moments of silence Shego clears her throat lightly, "So, what's your name then?"