Hey sup! Dios here, if you are reading this message then you're starting to read my new story, Dream Girl, yes it's a Kingdom Hearts romantic comedy story. Yes I'm a guy writing a romantic comedy story. Yes it's mainly a Roxas and Namine pairing there will be side pairings. Yes there will be a Segador in this story.

Seg: ...

What! You are in this story, and you barely talk so it still fits your profile. Also I will include some of the FF7 and FF8 characters you see in Kingdom hearts. Hope you like it. Also this is told through a Roxas point of view, considering I can't do a girl's point of view worth s*&t. Hopw you enjoy, and don't spam me with flames and stuff. One more thing...KINGDOM HEARTS! Seg do the disclaimer!

Seg: ...

Fine all do it.

I do not own Kingdom hearts, FF7, FF8, and it's respective characters. I only own Segador.

"Hey who are you?" The flaxen haired girl didn't answer. She just kept her back to him. "Hey can you here me?" He put his hand on her shoulder to turn her and he saw...

"AHH!" Roxas yelled falling off his bed and tumbling to the ground. There was a loud beeping noise and he knew he slept past his alarm. He sighed then he heard what sounded like a person arguing with himself. Then he smiled to himself at what was going on.

"What? I didn't mean to push him out of his bed! I swear I didn't! He just fell out." a familiar voice complained followed by the sound of smack hitting the back of a head. "OW! Was the smack to the head unnecessary?" Roxas laughed at what was going. He stood up and saw his older "brothers" arguing. Axel, a tall skinny 17 year old with fiery red hair sticking everywhere was getting starred down by Segador, a lithe 18 year old with white hair styled like small waves.

"Oh. H-Hey Roxas good mornin." the red head stammered eyeing the 18 year old cautiously.

" Morning Axel, and you to Seg!" Roxas said cheerfully. The white haired teen nodded a response then spoke in a heavy wheezy voice.

"School. Hurry. Late. Change. Eat. now." he said. Then walked off to the kitchen.

"What does he mean I'll be late?" Roxas asked Axel.

"Dude. It's 7:45 we have school in like 30 minutes." Axel said pointing to a clock. Sure enough it said 7:45.

"Yeah well I won't be late. We have 30 minutes." Roxas retorted then walked off to take a shower.

"Not when YOU take a shower. Either way we're leaving soon so hurry up." Axel replied before hurrying off into the kitchen. But Roxas didn't hear him. He was too into thought on who that girl was. ' I saw her in a dream, so she I shouldn't worry about it.' Roxas thought then turned on the hot water.

After Roxas got out of the shower he dressed in his usual clothes. (A/N: His twilight town clothes.) And went to the kitchen to eat with his "brothers". When Roxas got their he saw Axel was wearing a yellow checkered desert scarf wrapped around his neck, a red sleeveless hoodie, with a white shirt and brown cargo shorts. Segador on the other hand was dressed in a sleeveless hoodie like Axel except his was grey. He also wore a black v-neck undershirt with dark blue jeans. And they where fighting on who gets the last of the hash browns. Or to more accurately say Axel was desperately trying to get Segador's hash browns with his fork, while Segador was reading a book and barely paying attention to him and moved the hash browns only when Axel was about to take them.

"Come on Seg. Please can I just have some." Axel pleaded with his emerald eyes doing it's best puppy dog look.

"No." Segador said simply before putting the hash browns through the loose part of bandage that covered his mouth.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Axel cried then saw Roxas's plate of food. Untouched by anyone. But before he even moved Roxas already took the plate and fork and quickly ate the food. Then put it in the dish washer.

"So wheres mom and dad?" Roxas asked his two "brothers".

"Rufus and Jenova are at work right now." Axel said putting emphasis on his and Segador's wealthy adoptive parents names.

Out of the three only Roxas was the only real son born from the two. Segador and Axel where adopted when Rufus's friend and chauffeur, Reno, found them on the street protecting Roxas a 6 year old from a 9 year old blond beanie wearing bully and his gang. When I say protecting I they decided to beat the crap out of Seifer's gang. It started when Axel tackled Rai, while Segador uppercutted Seifer resulting to an all out brawl with Roxas watching in aw at the two. When the fight ended Axel and Segador had slight injuries while Seifer and his gang had several bruises.

When Reno confronted the two on what was going on, they said they saw Seifer holding Roxas up to wall asking for money and the two decided to stop him. When Reno asked how the two of them learned to fight they admitted they were orphans living on the street and they decided to learn how to defend themselves. When Reno start to take Roxas away from them, Roxas broke free and asked Reno to take them with him. When Roxas wouldn't budge Reno just sighed and took them to Roxas' house. When he got their and explained the situation to Rufus and Jenova. After a brief talk between the married couple, Rufus went up to the boys and asked (being a businessmen man and seeing a seeing a profitable investment) if they would like to live with them, only if they would protect Roxas when he wasn't there. Axel happily agreed (Segador just grunted) knowing that there was going to be a roof over there heads and hot meals. And from that day forward Axel and Segador lived in the Shinra household with Roxas as adoptive brothers.

"Roxas lets go, before we are l-a-t-e! Got it memorized!" Axel yelled and pointed to his head. (I had to put in here somewhere. :) )

"Yeah give me a minute!" Roxas yelled back putting away all the dishes int he sink.

"C'mon Segs already started to back out of the driveway!" Roxas ran and out to the houses garage and hopped into Segador's 2005 black and white mustang. After he got in Seg pulled out of the drive way, closed the garage and drove to the school.

"Hey Roxas do you know what class your in?" Axel asked.

"Roxas? Roxas? Roxas?!" Axel yelled, but Roxas was day dreaming about that girl in his dreams. "Man even though it was a dream, I can't stop thinking of her. She was so beautiful." Roxas thought before his face felt suddenly warm. He looked up and saw Axel's lighter dangerously close to his hair and was singeing the tips of it.

"Ahh!" Roxas yelled and tumbled out of the car's open door and into another person knocking them both to the ground . Meanwhile Axel was getting glared at by Segdor.

"I'm sorry." Roxas said to the person he crashed in to. He helped him/her pick up the fallen items when he picked up a sketch book and colored pencils. He looked up to apologize again when he suddenly was mesmerizer by two cerulean orbs on top of a pale, almost albino petite girl face. That face was also framed by familiar pale almost white long flaxen colored hair. The two just stared at each other for a moment before Axel cried out in pain as Segador put him in a headlock. At this Roxas tore his gaze away from the girl to see the two fighting, he was about to go break it up but he remebered he had the girl's sketch book and pencils in his hand. He was about to give it back to her, but she was gone. Little did he knew she was behind the next car breathing hard on how tantalizing close she was to him. Roxas just sighed and carried the sketch book and pencils with him and tried to stop his brothers from killing each other. All the while thinking on how the girl in his dreams and the girl he fell on looked exactly alike. "Who is that girl?" Roxas thought to himself, clutching the sketchbook and pencils in his hand like it was there only link.

So how did you guys like the first chapter. There will be more to come. Also I will post links on Axel's outfit, Segador's car, and Roxas' outfit. Also who found Segador? If you couldn't find him... READ HARDER! Remeber review and rate!

Segador: Fail. If. Didn't. Find.

What he said. Kay here are the links.

Axel's outfit: Search kingdom hearts lea. Just picture him with Axel's tear drop tattoos.

Seg's Car: Type in Black and white 2005 cammaro

Roxas' outfit: Just search up Roxas kingdom hearts.