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I'm a lover,

not a fighter,

but ill fight for what i love.

Katniss POV

oh gosh im nervous for this new school Prim and i are going to. School of Panem. Prim is totally psyched about it. i went to bed like 2 hours early because i knew that i would be up longer than usual because of nerves. i dragg myself out of bed, and take a shower. i dress in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a forest green t-shirt. i walk down stairs to eat breakfast with my sister. we have to leave soon, so i just make my self some Coco Puffs.

"are you coocoo for coco puffs, katniss?" my little sister prim asks. she is 13 and has beautiful, blonde, wavy, hair. she has pale creamy white skin. we are the exact oppisite. i have black strait hair, am very average in the looks department, and i have a deep olive skin tone. so does my brother. Gale. my twin brother. only diference between us is that is like a mountain. 6' feet tall and 210 pounds of pure Gale. my oldest brother, Marvel is a mix between me and prim. or my mom and dad. he has brown hair and blue eyes. he is lean, and tall. he is 20, and getting married next July. to his wife Glimmer. gale and i are second oldest. we are both 17. prim is the youngest, 13.

"yes prim, totally prim. totally coocoo for cocoa puffs," i reply finishing them.

"awww katniss you finally admitted your crazy. the first step is admitting it," marvel says patting me on the head.

"not what i meant marvie, and you know it. besides we all know that you are the crazy one," i say sitting on the couch.

"yeah marvelous, youre the crazy one," gale says coming down stairs. geez took him long enough.

"geex Gale what took you so long. it doesnt even take glimmer or prim that long to get ready," i say teasingly.

"oh you know that this," he getues to his face, "doesnt come naturally."

"you sound like Finnick when you say that," prim says joining me on the couch.

"yeah, you do a little," i say. Finnick is gales best friend. he is all about looks. his girlfriend annie always is getting on him about how he rants on how 'gorgeous' he is. it is pretty funny.

"hey! ill take that as a compliment!" he says grabbing a banana.

"only you would," i tease.

"are you three ready?" mom says coming downstairs.

"yeah," we chorus.

"good because we are leaving in 5 minutes," dad says.

"okay," prim says jumping up and running up to her room to grab her stuff.

"i guess i should go get my stuff too," i say getting up and also going to my room. i grab my two suit cases, and back pack downstairs and walk outside with them. i put them in the back of our van. i sit in the right middle seat. gale is to my left with prim in the back. when mom and dad get in we start to leave.

"by marvelous ill miss you! prim says.

"i miss you too marvie. MERECAT! (merecat is what i say when i want someone to come here. therefore i put it in there. if you havr read my other FF CCF you would know that i base katniss and clove on myself.) i need a hug!" i scream at him. he grunts and walks over to me.

"i know you will miss me. we all know glimmer willmiss prim and i. gimme a hug marvie," i whine.

"okay fine ill give you a hug. yeah i know glimmer will probably be all teary then find a new make-up compact, and be all fine again." he gives me a hug through the window, and kisses my forehead.

"marvelous, i want a hug too," prim also whines.

"okay fine, but im not giving one to you gale."

"no dude i dont want one. a hug from my older brother, nuh-uh!" gale says jokingly.

"buckle up, we got to get going," dad urges. prim and i sigh.

"bye guys. i will miss you too primmie and kitty. have a blast. i did once upon a time. you might even, if your lucky, still hear my name around. Marvel everdeen the fantastic!" he says stepping back from the car and walking back inside. i dont know what i wil do with out Marvel. he was the one i went to with my problems. just then i get a text. i take my phone out of my back pocket and read the text.

you better call me everynight. i still want to hear that youre okay.


i smile and reply.

you know i will marvie.


i lock my phone and set in my lap. i see that we already left. i hope that my roomate is okay. i wonder if it will be Clove or Madge. i hope it is. what if i have them both. i wonder if i wil make any new friends. i hope so. i hope prim gets along fine. i wont see her much because she is in a gifferent grade than i. hopefully her roomates are nice too. i hope marvel will be okay with mom and dad. im so happy for marvel and glimmer. i have alway shipped Glarvel. he hated me saying that to him. i get another text and look at my phone. its from Clove

im at my dorm. you take forever hurry up and get here. i need to know if we are gonna share a room. it is only two people to a room btw. oh and it is HUGE! cant wait to see you.


cool. i will be there in a few mintues. be patient woman!


i again lock my phone, and i see tha my parents are trying to find a parking spot.

"i cant find parking spot, so im just going to drop you off in the front okay?" ather asks. we say okay. he drops us off, and we says our good-byes. i get out and grab my bags and walk into the office. i wait for my sibllings to get here beforei sign in. while i wait, i take in my surroundings. the walls are hot pink with mahagony panneling. the huge desk inthe middle of the room is also mahagony, with hot pink evrything else. i hear gale come in and say.

"holy cow!" he squints his eyes.

"ahhh you are?" the lady at the front desk asks. she has a crazy pink wig on, withpink make-up and pink clothes.

"the everdeens," we say in unison.

"okay everdeen, everdeen, everdeen, ever- aha here we are! okay catnip-"

"its katniss ma'am" i cut her off. only one person in the world calls me catnip, and is allowed to, and that is Gale.

"okay, and Gale and Primrose?" she asks

"yes were are them," i say.

"great! well here are you room numbers. you will get schedules next week. then school starts the week after that. we expect you to get suppiels at the Staples we have here on campus." she sasy handing us each a paper.

"okay thanks." gale and prim go there separate ways to find there dorms also. i find the building, and i look on the paper for the floor.

building 4

floor 6

room 611

okay floor 6. walk to the elevator, and press the 6 button. i get off on the floor and walk down th hall to find the room. i find my rom, and before i open it i wish for it to be clove. i open the door, and see...