Ah, hello, hello! I wrote a SMALL fan-fiction of Oz. I wrote both chapters listening to the song "Doubt & Trust" from D. Gray-Man opening 3 full song, of course. Well, I've been thinking about writing this for a while so I finally put it on paper! Hurray! I hope I did well ... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it while listening to one of the greatest songs!~

Blood-Stained Black Rabbit

B-Rabbit, the destroyer … That's what you are.

What you loved, what you wanted to protect, the people and things that are so dear to you are fake. Nothing more, but it could be even less.

Your existence was made to destroy and only that. You break peace, you bring forth despair.

You're a Chain, you're not human and can never be. A Chain with one purpose- to make everything a living hell.

You are nothingness. You can never be anything more than that. You are just nothingness.

Don't let such a thing called 'hope' get to you. It's fake. In your eyes … in your life nothing can help you like the nothingness you are.

You're made to be used. You're made to be hurt others. You're made to kill.

Never have you done anything but destroy.

The body you have is mine, not yours. You have nothing in your hands nor have you gained anything.

You're emotions are nothing, what you feel means nothing. A Chain shouldn't have emotions to begin with, you're a tool for destruction.

With the power you have … it's impossible to resist it. So destructive and useful.

Why are you afraid? This is your true nature.

Why are you sad? This is the real you.

What hurts the most … is the one and only truth and there's no escaping it.

Your sin is your very existence.

I guess this is from Jack's point of view. Jack is so mean to Oz! But it's for Lacie ... Then again, he's a little bit too obsessed. Shame, shame, Jack. Who knew love could last for over 100 years? Hope you enjoyed the first chapter!