Hi! I'm very excited because this is my first Loki fanfiction. Obviously it's romantic because who doesn't like a good Loki romance story? I'm using my own OC, Aryana. I'll explain more of her character throughout the story, but for now enjoy and always remember to R&R!

"Loki! Wait for me!" Aryana whined as she scurried down the corridor to catch up to the emerald eyed smiled at her annoyed state as he sped up his run down the hallway and bumped into his Father, Odin.

The trickster's grin immediately turned into a mixed look of worry and fear, Aryana not knowing this skipped towards the prince without a care in the world. With a smile on her face and her eyes closed she ran right into to the All-father's gold-plated stomach. At first a look of confusion on her face she looked up at the mighty god and started trembling with fright.

"Loki, how many times have I told you not to run in the hallways on the palace?" Odin bellowed.

Loki tried to speak but no words came out.

"Many times you have all-father, our sincerest apologies." Aryana interjected. "All is forgiven young one, now hurry along children I have duties to attend to."

Both of the children stepped aside for the king and watched him walk towards the dining hall. Aryana turned towards Loki with a teasing look "What?" He questioned "Oh nothing, nothing at all…" She giggled under her breathe. "…Just that you're a coward in front of your father." She teased. Loki gasped playfully. "I'm hurt by this Ary." He said sarcastically.

He approached her with caution then grabbed her arms and pinned her to the ground. "Take it back" he laughed "Hmm…nope not possible!"

She grabbed his chest with all her might and flipped him over taking control. "Seems like the odds are in my favor now."

The ten year-olds laughed with eachother and Aryana got off of Loki and helped him up off the marble floor. "In my defense, I wasn't ready." He defended "Are you ready now?" the small maiden inquired "Yes, I suppose s- before he could finish she pinned him to the floor once again "I am mightier the Odin himself!" She proclaimed.

Loki let a large smile spread across his face and a session of laughter followed. Before Aryana could bring Loki to his feet, Thor and Fandral strolled into the golden corridor speaking about their future hunting trips.

"Oh what is this?" Thor teased "It seems Fandral and I have spotted two rare lovebirds proceeding to mate. What do you think Fandral?" "I believe you're absolutely correct Thor" He agreed devishly

. Aryana quickly jumped off of Loki and he got up himself. Her cheeks were rouge. Loki noticed this and quickly defended her

"Shutup Thor and go back to your sparring lesson."He spat rudely "Oh testy are we?" Thor laughed with excitement "Maybe a challenge to defend the lady's honor!

" Thor slid out his wooden sword from its holster and pointed it towards Loki's face. "Thor you will regret that."Loki warned "Ahah! How so brother?" Loki sighed and prepared himself for his attack..with words.

"You truly must not understand how ridiculous you look. How pathetic it must be to try and act like a knight. Do you realize what the standards are to be a guardian of anything larger than an ant are, my foolish brother? Besides brute strength, it takes honor, intelligence, bravery, and most importantly modesty. These traits you clearly do not possess, remember dear friend that these are only minimal qualifications to ascend the throne when you are ready. Which might I remind you, will NEVER happen. You are too dimwitted and immature to ever do. You will never win a war, never be king, never lead Asgard, let win alone this 'challenge' which is now over. And further more…"

"That's enough Loki." Aryana whispered Loki had gotten so lost into his banter he had forgotten what he was fighting for.

His dear friend, his only friend (even though he did not wish to admit it) she was different and that's what he liked about her. She was not like other asgardian girls, she did not spend her free time making dresses or playing with dolls. She enjoyed studying anything and everything the library had to offer her.

"I-I'm sorry Aryana I had forgotten you were there." She nodded and look towards the elder son of Odin staring at Loki in shock.

"Come Fandral let us leave these two sweethearts to themselves. This time it was Loki's turn for his cheeks to turn bright red.

"Come on Loki lets go do something productive." Aryana suggested "Alright fine" He muttered following his friend down a passageway leading to the gardens.