Chapter 35.

The silence of the dispatch offices was suddenly interrupted by the sound of laughter and small feet running across the tiled floor. A pair of four-year-old twins ran from the stairwell one with long black curls, flowing behind her and tangling around the white wings extending from her back, fluttering to give her an extra boost of speed as she was chased by her red-headed brother who pushed his large round glasses up his nose as he pursued. Both wore Nina's latest designs for children; Thomas in a smart red children's suit, and Angelina in a frilly, lace-covered dress of yellow and white.

The twins rounded the corner, dodging the legs of working reapers until they skidded to a stop at the door of William's office. Thomas pushed the door open and the two hurried in, giggling as they tried to sneak up on their 'unknowing' father.

"Daddy!" Angelina flung herself onto the man's lap, and her brother scrambled to climb up to hug their father's neck.

A chuckle came from the door and Grell slipped in after them, closing the door behind him, "You two have officially taken over mommy's way of greeting daddy."

William attempted to keep a serious expression as he was suddenly attacked by his children, but the sight of them so excited and cheerful also made him feel the same, and it showed. He helped both of them onto his lap as he pressed soft kisses to each of their heads. "You know, a little forewarning would be nice," William said as he looked at Grell, a soft smile on his lips as he helped the children settle.

"That would ruin the whole idea of playing the 'Surprise Daddy' game." Grell grinned, "We were just over visiting Cousin Freddy and they decided they missed you as you had to leave for work before they got up this morning." He chuckled and swept in to kiss his husband, "Besides, Eric said you had skipped out on your lunch break again."

"That's not good, daddy!" Thomas said, crossing his arms.

"Yeah! Uncle Alan says you work too hard! You need play time!" Angelina added.

"Play time is better, anyway!"

"I skipped lunch so that I might come home earlier tonight," William chuckled softly as he bounced the children.

"Daddy still needs to eat!" Angelina reached into her pocket and fished out a small candy and held it up to her father, her wings fluttering behind her.

"Angie! Daddy'd ruin his dinner if he has candy!" Thomas protested.

Grell chuckled, "My, where would you be without these two looking after you, Darling?"

"Where indeed?" William said with a soft smile. "Perhaps it is time for me to go home for the day to make sure we all eat properly."

The twins perked up, "No more work!" they giggled together, hugging their father. They then slid off his lap and tugged on his hands, eager to get their father to go home with them.

William couldn't help but chuckle softly at how excited his children were. With an exaggerated sigh, he allowed himself to be pulled along by them, though as he drew closer to Grell, he let go of their little hands.

"Just a moment," he said softly to the twins and closed the distance between himself and the redhead. He wrapped arms about Grell's lithe body and drew him in for a good deep kiss, which Grell returned happily.

"Ewwwww more mommy and daddy mush!" Angelina complained, and her brother giggled.