So far this story has been goin' pretty well, as its a lot easier to come up with ideas. I'm not 100% sure about a pairing, considering that Gohan's personality can be kinda awkward... Also here's a quick synopsis on Gohan

Age: 11 (I'm going by the American story line because it has better continuity with aging as Gohan was in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for nearly a day/year)

Hair Color: Black, or Gold when SSJ

Eye Color: Onyx, or Turquoise when SSJ

Skills: Martial Arts, Survival, Ki

Magic: Ki (Sorta, Kinda)

Techniques: Super Saiyan (SSJ), Flying, Kamehameha, Masenko.

Chapter 2, The Tower of Heaven

Gohan woke up in a forest he landed in last night, while there, Gohan had gathered several fruits and slept in a tree. Gohan started his morning exercises

"Alright, time for some training." Gohan said as he started to do push ups at an incredible pace. Eventually it escalated into a whole barrage of punches and kicks while flying

"Gohan, can you hear me?"

"Huh? Wait a second... is that you Piccolo?"

Yeah, how are you holding up kid?" Piccolo telepathically spoke

"Not bad actually, I'm in some place called Earthland."

"We know, we've been watching you through Baba's crystal ball, looks like you've managed to make some friends... We have the Dragon Balls gathered if you wish to return."

"Thanks but, no thanks Piccolo. It's pretty interesting here, so I've decided to stay for awhile."

"Another adventure, huh? No problem kid, though your mother seems to be a little more than on edge..."

Thoughts of his mother, angry caused Gohan to cringe "That's right I promised her I'd keep my nose in the books after the fight with Cell..."

"Don't sweat it Gohan, anyways I can only use my telepathy for so long... I guess I'll talk to you later, Gohan."

"Alright then, bye Piccolo! Anyways, back to training!" Gohan said as resumed his spar with his invisible opponent

After his workout, Gohan took his sack of resources and flew off. He flew over Akane beach and looked off into the distance.

"Woah what's that?" Gohan thought to himself as he saw a large, thin, column like, structure. Gohan then heard some screaming below him. He looked right below him to see a bunch of people tied up with four shady looking people who were carrying weapons. It looked as if they were going to be loaded on to the boat that was approaching.

Gohan descended near the shady looking people and calmly asked "Uh, what are you guys doing?" Gohan said as he threw his hands behind his head.

"Eh? Where did you come from kid? Meh, no matter... Hey we got another one!" One of the shady people yelled

"Another what?" Gohan asked

"Sorry kid, but you're gonna be a new slave, for the Tower of Heaven." The Slave driver said

"Slave drivers, huh? So you hurt innocent people and rob them of their free will... I hate people like you." Gohan said in a serious tone

"Ho, and what are you going to do about it, little man? It's four of us and one of you." The Slave driver said with a cocky grin

"Quality over quantity." Gohan said, just before he teleported behind the man and knocked him out with a weak punch

The other drivers all attempted to attack Gohan at once, but he dodged the incoming attacks and knocked out two other slave drivers

Gohan, teleported toward the last slave driver, picked him up and proceeded to fly high into the air. He loosened his grip slightly and the slave driver screamed in terror. "Tell me where you guys are keeping the slaves, or you'll fall." Gohan said in a threatening tone

"Th- the tower o- of heaven." the slave driver said as he pointed toward the structure that Gohan, saw a few minutes ago.

Gohan descended onto the beach and released his grip on the slave driver, "Thank you." Gohan whispered before knocking the slave driver out

Gohan cut the ropes that the slaves were tied in, "You saved us... thank you." An elderly man said

"No problem.. anyways you guys should get out of here before the ship arrives." Gohan said as he flew off

"Daddy, is he an angel?" one of the young slaves asked

"Yes son, he is..." The father responded

Gohan approached the tower, and descended into one of the trees. He decided to wait till nightfall to strike.

Eventually night fall came and Gohan sprung into action. He knocked out the two guards, who were standing in front of the entrance. He entered the tower and started to fly upwards. He then overheard two guards that were talking

"You saw what happened to that blue haired boy, and that girl?"

"Yeah it was hysterical watching them attempt to flee... They didn't even have a chance!" The two guards started laughing maniacally.

Gohan teleported behind one of the guards and brutally knocked him unconscious, he then quickly grabbed the other guard and proceeded to choke him. "Now, I'll I want to know is where the slaves are, if you tell me, you won't get hurt...much." Gohan said in an angry tone

"En tha bassmennd, jus go don a flyd a' stars (In the basement, just go down a flight of stairs)." The guard quietly gagged; "Thanks." Gohan said quietly as slammed the guard's face into a fall, knocking him out.

A guard came in to the brig and threw a beaten up, redheaded girl into one of the cells. She was tearing up and was in complete shock.

"Erza what happened!?, Where's Jellal?" One of the boys asked

"Are you okay?" Another boy asked

"What the hell do you think?" the other boy yelled

"Wahh! I wanna go home!" Another boy screamed

"What the hell is going on in here!?" An angry guard said as he walked toward the cell

"Sho please stop crying!" One of the boys pleaded; The guard got his whip ready

"Sho, dry your tears!" An elderly man said "But Rob!?" Sho cried

"HAHAHAHA, I'll show you what fear is!" The guard screamed

All of a sudden everyone could hear a muffled voice: "KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAA!" and with that, a blue beam blasted through the wall.

"Oi what the hell are you doing here!?" They heard a guard scream, and screaming continued, this time they were screams of terror and pain. A guard came flying out of the smoke and went straight through a wall, making a hole.

The smoke vanished, revealing a very ticked off Gohan. "What the hell? It's just a kid!" The guard screamed as he lashed out at the boy. Gohan grabbed the whip and snapped it in two, then Gohan kicked the guard into a wall, knocking him out.

The slaves ran to the bars of the cell, trying to get a closer look at their saviour, yet he didn't seem any older than Erza or Jellal.

"Who are you, boy?" Rob asked with a serious tone

Gohan turned to the slaves and his serious face turned into a innocent smile, "I'm here to free you all! So, ya might want to back away from the bars."

"But why do you want to free us? What do you get out of that?" Rob asked

"Do I need a reason to help someone?" Gohan asked "Anyways, everyone get back!" he commanded and the slaves all did so

"What are you gonna do?" A boy asked

"Watch this." Gohan said as he sent a ki blast at the cell, destroying it. All of the slaves looked at Gohan with wide eyes. Erza walked up to Gohan. Gohan instantly turned his head towards the redhead, "Hi! What's your name?"

Erza looked at him with surprise an answered: "Erza... um, are you a mage?"

"In a way, yes. I'm here to save you all!" Gohan shouted with confidence, This caused Erza's frown to turn into a smile, Gohan then looked into Erza's face and noticed that she had an eye patch.

"We've...gotta fight...for our freedom... WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!" Erza cried

This caused all the other slaves to pick up weapons and ready themselves for combat.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE!? GUARDS! KILL THEM ALL!" The cultist leader shouted, guards started pouring into the room, causing a whole war to break out.

Gohan jumped into the air and effortlessly took out more than half of guards in a split second. "Mages! BRING IN THE MAGES AND SEND THIS LITTLE BASTARD TO HELL!

"You know, my dad went to hell one time, the only bad thing were these two oily guys who were trying to wrestle him..." Gohan stated in a blank tone (Obvious Team Four Star quote)

"Are you for real!?" One of the guards screamed

"Erza! I'll take out the mages, tell everyone to stick to the normal guards!" Gohan then teleported towards the mages and started rampaging through them. The remaining mages combined their power to unleash a massive blast at Rob.

"Grandpa Rob! NO!" Erza screamed at the blast exploded. A purple seal appeared around her, her magic was finally activated and she started throwing weapons at the guards in a rage, however when the smoke cleared up, Rob was standing there with his arms shielding his eyes.

Everyone looked at the smoke only to see that Gohan was standing there, completely unharmed by the attack

"Eh!? What happened?" The cultist leader asked

"I happened! That's what!" Gohan said as a white aura appeared around him. "Oh my goodness..." Erza thought as she stared at Gohan

"What type of magic is that!? Wait... it doesn't feel like magic... it feels like... Life force!? KI!?" Rob thought

"Cocky little kid... Wait a second, you look familiar... Kid, what's your name?" The cultist leader asked

"It's Gohan!" Gohan replied

"Gohan..." Erza whispered to herself

"Well, thank goodness... I thought you were someone named Goku..." The cultist sighed in relief

"Close enough, I'M HIS SON!" Gohan responded with rage in his eyes

"WHAT!?..." the cultist screamed in shock. Everyone gazed at Gohan with widened eyes

"I've had enough!" Gohan screamed as he cupped his hands behind his back. "Kaaa- meeeeee- haaaaa- meeee-" A blue sphere appeared to everyone's surprise

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Gohan yelled as he released the energy into a massive beam, which overtook all the remaining mages and guards, along with the cultist leader.

"This boy is a messiah..." Rob thought to himself

After the battle, a boy asked, "Where's Erza?"

"I think she went to get Jellal!" another slave said. All of a sudden they felt a rumble

"Alright mister, you evacuate everyone while I find Erza!" Gohan commanded Rob as he flew off at super speed

Erza had found Jellal and freed him from his prison, but then Jellal started to rant about this so called freedom. Out of nowhere, Jellal unleashed a powerful array of magic attacks on the beaten guards, killing them. Erza asked Jellal to run away with her so that they could finally leave and be together with their friends. Jellal assumed that he was possessed by Zeref, the legendary dark mage and attacked Erza. He lifted her up by the neck and stated that he didn't need her anymore and that she'd be spared as she helped take out the guards. He then threatened to kill all of her friends if she said anything about the Tower of Heaven.

"Go and find your fleeting freedom." Jellal said as he increased his grip on Erza's throat

"J-Jellal" she spurted out

Out of nowhere Gohan appeared and punched Jellal in the face and caught Erza before she fell.

"Wh- who are you?" Jellal asked in a shocked tone

"The name's Gohan!" Gohan said angrily

Jellal's eyes went wide, just as the tower started to shake even worse

Gohan started to fly away, he looked at Erza who muttered "Thank you..." before passing out into Gohan's arms.

Gohan took a second to look back, but Jellal was gone.

Gohan managed to make it onto one of the ships and set Erza down near Rob. Gohan sat on a bench and passed out due to hunger.

Gohan woke up a couple of hours later, only to see the sunrise.

"Man, that was a good nap." Gohan muttered to himself, he tried to sit up but noticed that Erza was sleeping right next to him.

"So our hero awakens." Rob joked, causing Gohan to sheepishly laugh, Gohan then stared at Erza's face and took note of the eye patch.

"She lost it when she tried to escape... they tortured her and cut out her eye" explained Rob who saw that Gohan was staring at her.

"You, my boy are incredible... I've never seen any child fight with such ferocity, and yet you are the only person on this ship unscathed."

"I guess... I've just been doing this longer than most people have." Gohan replied; Rob chuckled "I'm sure."

"Another thing is that you were using ki... that's supposed to be dangerous. Are you truly the son of Goku?" Rob asked this time with a slightly more serious tone

"...Yeah." Gohan said, "He died awhile ago..."

This shocked Rob "I'm sorry for your loss..."

"Don't be, he's happy, he told me so, himself." Gohan replied happily

This caused Rob to smile st the boy "This kid seems to brighten up everyone's world... so powerful, yet so pure hearted."

"Hey Gohan, are you part of a guild?" Rob asked.

"No, but I'm planing to join one called Fairy Tail." Gohan replied.

Rob then laughed, "Fairy Tail? I was once part of that guild... little Erza here also wants to join, and now that she's able to use magic, she can realize her dream. Makarov would like someone like you, Gohan and I'm sure he'll take a liking to Erza as well."

"I know, he offered me a spot but I shot it down because I felt I wasn't ready." Gohan responded

Gohan then stared at Erza's eye patch again, "I'm sorry Erza, you didn't deserve this, you're only eleven."

"So are you." Rob shot back

"Anyways it's time I go..." Gohan concluded

"You aren't going to say farewell to Erza here?" Rob asked

"Nah, let her sleep, everyone needs their rest." Gohan said, "Just tell her we'll meet again, once I join Fairy Tail."

Gohan walked off the ship and onto the beach when he was tackled by a crying Erza

"Please don't leave us, Gohan! I don't wanna be alone anymore..." Erza pleaded

"Erza... you won't be alone, Fairy Tail is supposed to be a great place with a bunch of interesting people." Gohan replied softly

"B-but you won-."

"ERZA!" Gohan snapped "I'll join Fairy Tail soon, it's just that I've got somethings to take care of first, okay?"

Erza nodded and dried her tears, "Then promise me, you'll see me again..."

Gohan nodded, "Get strong Erza, and master your powers" Gohan concluded before handing a small bag, that was full of strawberries, "You must be hungry, so eat these..." Gohan said before taking off, flying.

"Wow, the boy can fly!" Rob said amusingly


Upon hearing this, Gohan smirked.

"Oh, I'll see you again, Gohan... but for now... bye."