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Makeeda and Lanaya laughed as they practiced the paintings on each other's faces in the light of their tent. Lanaya dipped her brush in the black paint, making more designs on Makeeda's skin. Makeeda sat fidgetting with her dress as she did her best to stay still.

"What do you think it will mean?"
"I don't know, lethallan." Lanaya replied. "But it will be good."

Makeeda smiled.

"I'm nervous." she told her. "I hope our ancestors are proud of me…"
"They are." Lanaya said, her voice confident. "You are our most-trusted hunter's apprentice. They are pleased with you."

Makeed smiled again, the folds of the tent opening to grab their attention.

"Makeeda?" Merrill said. "We need to prepare you for the ceremony now."

Makeeda and Lanaya both stood, leaving the tent with the other elf. Makeeda saw their Keeper waiting outside her own tent, a small smile on her face.. Merrill and Makeeda went to the tent in silence. Makeeda felt a slight comfort in her leader's presence, though the candles that were set up around them only made her more nervous. A bowl of water sat next to a small cushion on the floor.

"Please, sit, my child." Marethari said. Makeeda obeyed and sat. The old woman sat with her, washing Makeeda's face in silence. "I am very proud of you, my dear."
"Ma serannas, Keeper." Makeeda replied.
"Your bow trusts you, your arrows flying true to both protect us and provide us with nourishment every night." Marethari put the wash rag back in the bowl and gently dried Makeeda's face. "You are a strong member of this clan, although you do not fight alongside our warriors. You possess a great and steady mind, and this brings peace to our clan. You are a true Dalish, for that reason."

Makeeda smiled.

"Are you ready?"
"Yes, Keeper, I am." Makeeda said, nodding.

Marethari escorted her to the center of the camp where the clan had gathered eagerly to witness the ceremony for the young elf.

"My brothers and sisters." she said, greeting them. "I bring forth a girl who has given us most precious things to cherish during our times of great darkness. She has proven herself as a hunter, a worthy apprentice, to be called a Dalish in her ancestor's eyes. And so, it will be done."

Makeeda took a deep breath as Marethari turned to her.

"And now, Makeeda, I will read you in front of your Dalish brothers and sisters, so that we may paint your markings."

Makeeda allowed her to put her hands on Makeeda's shoulders. Marethari closed her eyes and silence fell over the clan of elves. For a moment, Marethari's seemed disturbed by what she saw, but she soon changed her expression to one of peace. She opened her eyes after a few moments, looking into Makeeda's.

"I have just seen your path… It is a… magnificent journey." Makeeda was unsure of what to think but she nodded in acceptance of her fortune. Marethari lead Makeeda to her hunting partner, handing her over with a smile. "Your face will be painted now. You will have the design of deliverance. Your painting will mean a great deal in your journey ahead."

Marethari gave the elf a nod, allowing him to take her to the tent that was prepared for the painting. She sat down quietly as he got the paint ready. The silence was unbearable to Makeeda and even though she knew it was for meditation purposes, she couldn't help but to be bothered by it. Tamlen sat in front of her with a slight smile, dipping the brush into the bowl of paint.

"Andaran atish'an, my sister." he said, and he began his painting. The painting took some time, but Makeeda didn't mind. The meaning would be worth sitting in the silence. "It is done, lethallan."

Makeeda felt the wet paint on her face and her heart raced with excitement. Her life as an adult was beginning on this night. This is who she was, it was going to be seen by all of the clan and anyone else that she ever encountered in life. She was no longer a child, her birth date passing by again today. She was now a decade old, making her ready to become a working Dalish, instead of one who learned from those around her. Tamlen watched for a moment as she stood, a smile on his face. He nodded at her, opening the tent to let her out. She stepped out with a smile of her own, watching the elves turn their attention toward her to take in the sight of her newly painted face.

"My child, step forth." Marethari said and Makeeda returned to her. "Merrill will now perform the enchantment to make your paintings permanent. You will always be one of us. Let that now be shown."

Merrill, now stepping forward, put her hand on Makeeda's face, casting her spell to cause the paintings to stay. Makeeda felt a brief warmth on her face before Merrill's hand left her skin. Marethari put her hand on Makeeda's shoulder with a proud smile.

"Andaran atish'an, lethallan." she said, the clan saying it in unison with her.

Makeeda smiled as the clan cheered in acceptance for their new adult compatriot.

"Ma serannas, Keeper." Makeeda said in return.
"Everyone eat, sing and dance in celebration for our new sister."

The feast began after the Keeper's words, the elves celbrating for Makeeda and allowing her to embrace the happiness of becoming an adult amongst the Dalish..

"I'm worried."

Lanaya looked over at Makeeda.

"About what?" she asked.
"My reading… What journey? Why did she look so worried, why-"
"Makeeda… Stop. If you were in any danger she'd protect you. Remember my reading?"
"Yes… You'll lead many battles, your painting is the design of fury and might."
"I'm still here."
"You are not worried?"
"No. I just want my people safe and my ancestors proud." Lanaya said simply.

Makeeda let her worry leave her, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves.

"I wonder where I am going." she said.
"Could be anywhere…"
"And the risk of it?" she asked. "The White Witch would have me, for sure. Not to mention the others I would travel with."

Lanaya sighed.

"Goodnight Keeda."
"Goodnight." Makeeda replied, letting the topic go for the night as sleep took over her body.