Drake's Pokemon On Team:


Chapter 1

"Drake! Come in real quick," Kambry, Drake's mom yelled from their houses back door.

"I'll be right there mom," Drake said. He petted his Charizard and sent him off to play. Drake walked into his house, seeing Montana with her Vulpix by her feet. Jaime was grooming Espeon and Jolteon, and Drake's older brother, Cole, was finishing packing a huge suitcase.

"What did you need?" Drake asked his mom, who was watching a television soap opera. His dad had his arm around, making sure she was okay after a sad scene on the show. Drake turned to the table, realizing an envelope had his name in big letters. He quickly opened it; his eyes widening. It was a letter from Free, his idol.

Dear Drake,

My younger cousin, Charli, has told me that you look up to me as an idol, but it should be me looking up to you. I, as you probably know, am Suicune's Guardian and I protect it here in Johto at my gym. Suicune has told me that the Legendaries of the region have spotted Team Rocket and random occurrences of Mewtwo and Articuno. I know you are the Legendary's Trainer, and I want to help. My good friend, Ash, told me what he did for you and the now called the AOH, Alliance of Heroes. I have been building you a base here for you to gather a group of trainers and Guardians alike to protect the region from evil. We, gym leaders, can only do so much. I want to reward you for your great leadership and perseverance through the adversity of your very first journey. I invite you to the Cherrygrove Gym to receive a gift from me. Meet me before you register for the league with Elm.


Free Flarez, Champion League Gym Leader.

P.S Tony and Charli say hello.

"Wow!" Drake cheered. He tossed the letter in the air, jumping up and down.

"What is it son?" His Dad, Seth, asked as he turned around. Montana and Vulpix ran to the falling letter.

"I am leaving for Johto early! Free Flarez has invited me to receive a gift from him!" Jaime shot up and gave his brother a hug. Montana joined the hug with Vulpix on her shoulder. Cole smiled and his parents got up.

"How long is it from here to Cherrygrove?" Montana asked. She changed her hair with Kambry's help. She had shoulder length brown hair with dark red bangs that swooped to the left and looked professionally done. Her emerald eyes shined in the light, and her beauty was more radiant than ever.

"About a day cruise," Cole answered.

"That's not bad," Drake commented.

"I'll go down to the docks here in a minute and get your tickets," Seth said.

"I'll go too," Kambry smiled.

"What is all this shouting about?" A woman with long scarlet hair strolled down the stairs. She had on a pink rob with Buneary slippers on. Her eyes were dark green, and she was beautiful by definition.

"Good morning, sweetie," Cole greeted her.

"Here comes the devil," Tana whispered to Drake, causing him to chuckle. Cole glanced at the two teenagers. The girl was sporting a four month baby bump.

"Cole, honey, we have to begin packing for our ship tomorrow morning. Have you told your parents yet?" The girl shouted. Drake knew she was up to something. He didn't like her. She was always complaining and insulting their lifestyle. She was Steven Stone's little sister and she was used to the life of riches. No one liked her except for Cole, but the family supported him in his relationship.

"Diane, I told you not to say anything yet," Cole snorted. He turned away to see if his parents heard her, but it was just Drake, Jaime, and Montana.

"Okay guys," Cole said seriously, "I am trusting y'all. Diane's brother, Steven, has bought us a house in Mossdeep City. I am going to live there for now on." Jaime started tearing up. "I am taking my Pokemon, and my new life will begin there."

"Jaime, it's okay. I'm sure he will come home for a visit every once in awhile," Drake comforted him, winking at Jaime.

"Jaime, we will be making enough money for me to catch a four hour flight every month. I promise I'll come back. And our house is pretty big, so you can visit as well," Cole promised. Jaime looked up at him with teary eyes.

"I'll miss you, Cole," he sobbed. He hugged his brother while Diane walked back upstairs. The group turned around to see Kambry and Seth staring at them.

"You should have just told us, son," Seth said disappointedly.

"We understand what it is like to have to settle down to raise a family. If she feels more secure hiding under her father's riches we can't help that. We can help pay for you to come back every month because we want to see our grand baby as well," Kambry lectured.

"Thanks," Cole smiled. He gave them a hug and walked upstairs to start packing. "Thanks so much for being as nice as possible to her. I love all of you."

"We are leaving," Drake's dad, Seth, announced. "We are taking a walk there, so it'll be a couple hours before we get home." Kambry and Seth waved goodbye as they walked out the front door with Jolteon jumping at there heels.

"I want to talk to my Pokemon," Drake said to Montana and Jaime.

"Same here," Montana agreed. The three kids walked into the large prairie-like backyard to talk to their Pokemon.

"Everyone gather round!" Drake yelled into a microphone. All the Pokemon ran out of the brush and into a huddle around Drake.

"My Pokemon, report to me. Tana's Pokemon, go to her. Everyone else, go play with Jaime," Drake ordered. The Pokemon did as told, and ran to their specified locations.

"I know we have still trained during our break, but it is time for me to start another journey. All of you deserve a break, and Kit and Mason may need you just in case anything happens here in Kanto. The only one I'm taking to Johto is Charizard is because I have a surprise for him there," Drake explained. Charizard looked around surprisingly. Victreebel looked down at the ground. Dodrio turned away. Kangaskhan smiled in relief. Gyarados dove into the pond. Kadabra, lastly, grunted. "The rest of you have to go to Oaks, but you all will have fun there. I promise I will see y'all very soon and we will have more friends. I will always remember what happened in here." Drake pointed to his heart, and it seemed to make his Pokemon lighten up.

"I am leaving tomorrow, and I will drop you all off tomorrow." He hugged his Pokemon and walked to Jaime. "You all will love Gary's."

"Bubba, why did you let other people take Electivire, Primeape, Aerodactyl, and Scizor?" Jaime asked, counting the names on his fingers.

"Well, Electivire is stationed at the Power Plant to watch over Zapdos for me. Primeape is on a mission to get stronger, and Aerodactyl is providing experience at the Fossil Island. Plus, Scizor is starting a family with Tana's Butterfree in Cherished Forest," Drake answered. "It is something trainers have to face."

"I see now." The two boys looked back at Tana, who was on her knees crying with her Pokemon.

"I'll miss all of you." She hugged Parasect, Poliwrath, Clefable, and Persian. "I will take you all to Oaks tomorrow since I actually have to use the PC this year." They all smiled, knowing their trainer would be back someday. "Train hard and we will win the PokeStylist shows!" She walked towards Drake, smiling faintly.

"You ready to start packing?" Drake asked. She nodded slowly. They walked inside, preparing for their next journey.

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