Drake's Pokemon On Team:

Available TMs: Fury Cutter

1. Quilava (m) lv. 29 Abi: Blaze- Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Smokescreen, Ember, *Revearsal

2. Croconaw (m) lv. 31 Abi: Torrent- Crunch, Iron Tail, Rage, Water Gun, Ice Fang

3. Donphan (m) lv. 30 Abi: Sand Veil: Rollout, Take Down, Defense Curl, Slam, *Fissure

4. Golbat (f) lv. 29 Abi: Inner Focus- Wing Attack, Attract, Bite, Air Cutter, *Heat Wave

5. Pichu (m) lv. 25 Abi: Lightningrod: Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot, Rain Dance, Thunderpunch, *Shadow Ball

Chapter 46

"Drake, we can't push through! They are swarming everywhere!" Montana screamed. Her Persian shocked a Steroid Granbull to the ground and then tackled the dull beast.

"We have to get up to the main studio! That is where they are keeping the others," Tony said, standing back to back to Drake. His Magmar blasted a Nidoking into the reinforced walls, knocking it out.

"Drake!" Frank Bane screeched. "I'm going to kill you!" He pushed through a group of Steroid Pokemon and tackled Drake. Drake's Croconaw chomped down on the evil man's leg.

"Ahh!" He cried. He kicked Croconaw in the face, and twisted around to shift the Water type off of him. He turned around the meet Drake's fist. Frank flew off of Drake, landing a few feet away.

"Arcanine!" Frank bellowed. A fiery dog-like Pokemon jumped through the battle scene, pinning Drake down. The Fire Pokemon was too heavy to push off.

"Help!" Drake cried. Frank accosted him with a sharp curved knife.

"We think if we can conserve your heart we can transplant it into a surrogate and then your powers will be for the Dark," Frank snickered. The Arcanine drooled on Drake's face as he snarled. Frank got closer with the knife, and Drake tried to break free.

"Torkoal, Rapid Spin!" Soleil yelled.

"Vic!" Victreebel screeched. Soleil's Torkoal smashed into Arcanine, and they fell to the ground. Victreebel wrapped an electrified whip across Frank's wrist, shocking him badly. Drake shot up, and he smashed his fist into Frank again. The Johto Executive dropped to the ground unconsciously.

"We can do it now!" The trainers began to make a push on the Steroid Pokemon.

"Kellin!" Nydia yelled from across National Park. Kellin turned around to see the blind girl running surprisingly fast.

"How…" Kellin whispered.

"Drake is in trouble. We have to go help," Nydia said.

"I don't think so," Kellin grunted. "He can handle whatever situation he is in."

"He just sent a new message. Team Rocket has Nancy, Whitney, Slith, and Tyler," Nydia cried. She looked in Kellin's direction, and then sprinted into the heavily wooded area of the park. Kellin wondered what she was doing, but he didn't follow her. He turned around, but he saw a bright blue flash fly out of the area.

"What the heck!" He shouted, shielding the sun from his eyes as he looked up to see the blue flash disappeared. "Go, Skarmory!" His Steel type bird Pokemon flew out of the ball, picking him up. Kellin masterfully swung on Skarmory's arched back, guiding the Pokemon.

"We need to catch that flash of light!" Skarmory squinted, barely seeing the light. She picked up her speed, racing towards the light.

"Drake, we need to go," Soleil ordered. "We can block off the staircase and then go up the elevator!" Drake nodded. He sent them towards the elevator. He dragged Frank's limp body outside of the door, wrapped in Victreebel's strongest vines. His Quilava bounced off the Steroid Pokemon's heads with a powerful Flame Wheel. Croconaw and Donphan rammed through them with their strength, and Golbat swooped low and blasted them with Heat Waves. Drake's new white Pichu shocked everything he could while Victreebel slung Steroids everywhere.

He reached the staircase and turned towards the elevator across the room. Soleil, Tony, and Montana had their teams recalled, and they were holding the doors open while all the Steroids were distracted by Drake. "Everyone run! Donphan, use Fissure!" His team shot for the elevator while everything shook. A giant crack opened, traveling up the wall and onto the roof. Chunks of cement and flooring fell on top of Steroid Pokemon. Drake and Donphan cleared the wreckage, diving into the elevator.

"That was close," Drake huffed.

"Now we have to take down the top floor," Montana sighed.

"How many of ours are out?" Drake quizzed.

"Not any. Just worn out. We have improved at this guerrilla battling style," Tony answered. The beeping off the elevator took over as the trainers prepared mentally for their next battle.

"You won't get away with this," Whitney snarled. Candace Bane, the Johto Commander, laughed menacingly.

"We will. And you will be the first to die of your friends you prissy little…"

"Shut up!" Nancy cried. She had tears rolling down her face. She feared for her life.

"Nancy, you can't show fear," Slith whispered. One of the four grunts kicked Slith in the back, knocking him over. Tyler winced for his friend.

"Drake will be here soon," Tyler said, truly believing his words. He turned to see Candace looking at a computer screen that showed the video footage of the elevator. She smirked as she pressed a single button that stopped the elevator.

"Skarmory, go!" Kellin yelled. His Skarmory picked up even more speed. The blue light was getting closer.

"Hey!" Kellin shouted. The blue light slowed down until he could see what it was. His jaw dropped.

"How?" Kellin said in awe. Nydia, the girl on the blue light, put a finger to her lips.

"It doesn't matter. You can't tell anyone," Nydia said. "I have a plan. Drake and the others are on an elevator that I have a feeling is going to be ambushed. I will stay outside and bombard the building with this guy. I want you to swoop in to save the, from the ambush, and then you can help from then."

"What will you do after I get in?" Kellin huffed. He wasn't excited about getting himself into the situation.

"I have to go. Business calls elsewhere." Kellin stared at the Pokemon that Nydia was using. He would have never expected a blind girl like Nydia to have a Pokemon that was so rare.

"Let's go!" The two shot off towards the Radio Station.

"What did you just push?"' Nancy cried again.

"The elevator's power switch. It will stop at the floor under us and your friends will certainly die there," Candace chuckled. "Initiate the satellite sequence!" Two grunts that sat at a complex computer system began to type rapidly on the keyboard.

"Satellite ready," one of the grunts said. The video footage switched to the top of the roof. The floor opened up to allow a giant satellite to surface.

"This will alter anything wild to obey my commands. The good Legendary Pokemon will be found and killed," Yuri snickered as she walked in the room. Nancy sniffed as she glared at the evil woman.

"Look at me all you want little brat, but your leader will be dead soon," Yuri said. She kneeled down to Nancy's level. She reared back and slapped the young girl across the face.

"You can't do that!" Whitney screamed. Yuri rolled her eyes before punching Whitney square in the nose. Blood began to flow out of her swollen nostrils.

"I'm out of here. Mewtwo said that a Legendary from another region is present now. I'm off to consult with the others," Yuri said. "The Mechis Specialist and Clone Specialists have promised me success. Once Drake is gone, kill everyone else and burn the bodies." Yuri called out an Abra that had veins popping out of its head. The Steroid Abra flashed out of the room, leaving Candace to deal with the Radio Station.

"What is going on!" Montana cried. The lights in the elevator turned off and the elevator stopped one floor early.

"Be calm," Drake said. "Be ready for an ambush." The doors swung open and a mechanical arm grabbed Soleil around the waist, pulling her out.

"Like my new part?" A dark voice snickered. The floor's lights flashed on to reveal the Mechis trainer from the subway and the Clone twins that captured the other group.

"Leave us be!" Tony screeched.

"Shut up, fool," the twins said in unison. A Dustox fluttered over their heads, and a Poliwrath with a full black stomach stood behind them with an angry look. The Mechis Granbull growled at the trainers.

"Have fun," one of the twins snarled. The Dustox and Poliwrath charged them along with the Mechis Granbull. The mysterious mechanical arm that grabbed Soleil retracted back to the Mechis Specialist.

"Quilava, use Flame Wheel!" Quilava popped out of the ball already in attack mode. The Mechis Granbull swatted the Pokemon aside, aiming at Drake with a Hyper Beam blast. The trainers dove out of the elevator just in time to dodge to Hyper Beam.

"Espeon, use Iron Tail!" Espeon flashed out of the ball, swinging her Iron Tail around. The Poliwrath caught the tail, slamming her into the ground.

"They're too strong," Tony cried. His Togetic was annoying the Rocket Pokemon, barely dodging their attacks.

"Ivysaur, use Leaf Storm," Tony ordered swiftly. The Leaf Storm lifted the Poliwrath off of his feet, but the cloned Dustox blasted Ivysaur with a Psybeam that smashed her into the wall.

"Help!" Soleil cried as the Mechis Specialist touched his metal hand to her soft face. Out of nowhere, a blue blast exploded through the walls. A Skarmory flew in, grabbing the Mechis Granbull with her claws. Drake looked up to see Kellin drop the Mechis Granbull from the second to last floor and a blue light flash across the hole.

"No!" The Mechis Specialist cried. He dropped Soleil and dove after the Granbull selflessly.

"Idiot," the twins muttered. In a blink of an eye, they were surrounded by the trainers. "We give in." They raised their hands, but one quickly threw a smoke ball onto the ground.

"I can't see!" Montana cried. Skarmory cleared the smoke, revealing that the twins got away. Drake walked over to the hole in the wall, expecting to see the Mechis Specialist's limp body on the ground.

"He is gone!" Drake shouted.

"Who cares," Soleil said. "We have friends in trouble!"

"They defeated them," a grunt reported.

"Damn fools," Candace snarled. She looked back at her prisoners, grinning evilly. "Activate the signal. Swarm the city!"

"No," Whitney cried. Candace swirled around, putting a knife to her throat.

"I'm about tired of your whining," she snarled.

"Please," Nancy whimpered. Candace's shiny Scizor grabbed Nancy by the waist with her powerful claws. Her Ariados wrapped her poisonous string around Slith and Tyler's throats, slowly suffocating them.

"Stop!" Drake shouted as he burst from the door. His Golbat swooped in, blasting a Heat Wave that knocked both Bug Pokemon back.

"Phan!" Donphan roared as he rolled underneath Candace, knocking her over.

"Embaor, help Quilava and take down those Bug types!" Kellin ordered. Quilava used a Flame Wheel straight to the chest of Scizor while Emboar threw Ariados against the wall.

"Grunts!" Candance screamed. The grunts shot up to help, but Tony and Montana subdued them quickly. Soleil had Wartortle freeze them into a block of ice.

"Tyranitar!" Candace cried. The huge Pokemon took a stance as it flashed out of the Pokeball.

"Hyper Beam!" The Tyranitar used her energy to blast a powerful beam from her mouth. The trainers ducked for cover as pieces of roof and wall fell to the ground.

"You're going to take this place down!" Montana cried. Drake immediately reverted into his Aura phase. His hand flared blue as he shot a blast at the chest of the Tyranitar.

"How dare you use Aura on my Pokemon!" Candace cried. Her dark purple aura flared around her. She clenched her fist in Golbat's direction, controlling her.

"Let her go!" Drake shot forward, but Tyranitar's rock hard tail swung into him and knocked him into the wall. Kellin grunted as he looked around. Montana and Soleil were hiding underneath desks while Tony was ducking under a doorway. Kellin didn't want to endanger anyone else, so he sprinted into the ruckus. He tackled Candace from the side, releasing Golbat. This allowed Drake to release Victreebel, having her use a Solarbeam on Tyranitar. The Rock dinosaur-like Pokemon smashed into the wall, falling forwards. Kellin and Candace wrestled on the ground, but Candace used her Dark Aura to blast Kellin off of her. Drake created a blue energy whip, wrapping Candace up. He looked over to Kellin, seeing his newfound ally face first in the ground.

"You can't stop me!" Candace cried. She broke free from the aura whip and recalled her fallen Pokemon. Her Dark Aura flared around her, dissolving a hole to escape. She pulled out a small device with a red button in the middle.

"Goodbye," she laughed. She shot off as she clicked the button. Tony ran to the hole, seeing the condition the city was it. There were wild Pokemon everywhere. They were tearing down buildings and attacking citizens. About the same time, an alarm began to blare.

"Detonation in 3 minutes," a computer chimed.

Drake untied the rest of his team and started to think of a plan. Whitney pulled out a whistle, and she blew it hard. Nancy released her Noctowl, flying out of the hole. Three Pidgeot rose to the hole.

"My flyers," Whitney smiled. She ordered Tyler and Slith to hop on, and she led them to safety.

"We have to get out of here!" Drake cried. He called Skarmory over to pick up Kellin. Skarmory began to take off, but Drake caught her foot. "You can take one more!" He quickly pushed Soleil and Wartortle on Skarmory's back. Skarmory took off out of the hole before Soleil could protest.

"Release Farfetch'd!" Drake ordered. Tony's Pokeball shot out of the Pokeball. "GO!" Farfecth'd attempted to pick Tony up, but the small bird-like Pokemon couldn't. Togetic popped out of his Pokeball, picking Tony up. Farfetch'd and Togetic flew out of the hole, protecting their trainer. Drake recalled Quilava as he called Golbat over to him.

"Don't you even think about sending me off without you," Montana grunted. They had one and half minutes left.

"Okay," Drake sighed. He turned his back and snapped his fingers. Golbat swooped down, taking Montana out of the explosive Radio Tower.

"Victreebel, you're gonna hate me for this, but oh well," Drake said. He jumped on Victreebel's back, and he threw them out of the window. "Catch us!" Victreebel released her vine upward, grabbing onto a ledge of the building. Drake swung his body, swinging on the ledges to escape the upcoming explosion.

"Hang on!" Drake cried as he noticed Victreebel wearing out. Her vine missed a lower ledge, and the two fell to the ground. Drake fumbled her Pokeball before recalling her. Drake closed his eyes as he fell to hard cement. He vaguely heard a loud explosion before being knocked out.

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