Chapter 1

I sat at my desk in science class, texting my friend Jason.

'Screw skool' I text. He replied. 'Well some ppl want 2 learn'

'Watevr' I reply. The lunch bell rings and I gather my stuff and head off, meeting him in the court yard. "It's the highlight of our day." I said sarcastically, grabbing my lunch tray and walking to a table. "Well, the highlight of your day. " Jason said, following me. A few of our friends joined us, sitting close together, whispering.

"Guess who thinks we like each other." I whisper to Jason, making him turn a very light shade of red/pink. I laughed, poking his shoulder. "How adorable" I tease. "We're not talking about you guys." Alice Marie, Jason's ex, said, turning towards me.

"Then what, if I may inquire, are you talking about?" I asked, pushing up my glasses. She rolled her eyes. "Just some book I read."

"Just a book my ass. A, you barely read anything worth talking about and, B, you wouldn't be keeping it a secret." I said, eyeing her over my glasses. "What is it really?" Alice Marie sighed. "Fine, you like legends and creepy pasta or whatever, right?" I nodded. "Well have you ever heard of 'Slender Man'?"

"Never." I had read my fair share legends and creepy pastas but I never came across this 'Slender Man' guy. Alice stared at me. "How have you not

I shrugged. "I just haven't."

"OM-double-G" She gasped. "I'll give you the story link later.' She huffed as the bell rang. We said our good byes and each, me, Jason, and Alice Marie, headed to out individual classes.