Diego's golden body was pacing back and forth in an agitated manner. His white brows were drawn forward, arching over his glowing green eyes. A look of concentration, a look that told everybody, especially Sid, to back off.

I can sense something.

Something is coming.

I can sense something.

Must protect my family.

Must protect at any cost.

I can sense-

'Relax, buddy!' a voice chimed, stabbing Diego's thoughts suddenly. The saber turned spun around and saw Manny standing near him, a good-hearted smile on his face. The mammoth started up again. 'You and Shira defeated those sabers. Get me, man? DEFEATED. D-E-F-E-E-T-E-D.'

Sid piped in. 'Actually, it's spelled 'D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D.' Common misconception.'

'Shut up, Sid,' Manny said, scowling. 'The point is that they're gone. Gone! Forever! No more of those mean guys to bug us.'

'Yeah, yeah, I know,' Diego muttered quietly, and continued pacing still.

'Seriously, Diego? You know?' Manny chuckled. 'That's what I'm trying to tell you. You know, but you don't believe it.'

The saber spun back around at Manny, and his eyes flashed with fear. 'What if I can't believe? What if there's a gnawing feeling somewhere inside me that I can't get rid of? That they're still out there?' he insisted, his eyes wide. He lowered his voice. 'Trying to find me.'

Manny stood and stared blankly for a moment. Then, he laughed.

How that chipped Diego's pride.

'You're a funny one, Diego,' Manny laughed, shaking his head. 'A real cracker.'

Sid joined in with the laughter, and there were two of his best friends laughing at him.

You don't understand.

'Very funny, very funny guys,' Diego growled. He tried switching topics. 'Where's Shira? She ought to have been back now.'

'Maybe she can't believe either!' Sid choked out, and the two males dissolved into laughter.

Diego gave a threatening scowl. 'That's not funny.'

They ignored him, still laughing. 'I'm going to go and find Shira,' he announced to the mocking pair.

'You go do that, buddy,' Sid commented.

The saber stalked off, irritated by the twosome. He walked quietly through the lush green forest, where tall trees loomed high, and small shaped leaves were floating through the air.

He located Shira, holding a deer in her mouth. She dropped it to the ground limply.


'Howdy,' she said.

Diego raised an eyebrow. 'Going for the cowboy look today?' he inquired, sarcastically.

She scowled. 'A simple "Hello" would've done, thank-you,' she huffed, and sauntered away.

He rolled his eyes, and decided she wasn't in the mood for sharing that deer. The male sniffed the air for a scent of prey.




What was this agonizing feeling?

A breeze kissed his neck, but it was cold and hostile.

Was it a breeze?

Or…was it a breath?


The chilling voice sent a haunting thrill down his spine. Diego daren't move. He stood still, the fur on his body slowly rising into the cold air.

'Not in the mood for chatting, are we?' the voice came again, louder, and drawing ever closer. 'That's alright then.' The voice became haunting. 'I don't mind.'

Then, Diego couldn't resist but to turn and face this voice.


He was back.