Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have started a new story, so I thought I would finally getting around to doing this prequel series. It is still a GalacticVerse story, so expect a lot of crossing over, but you will have to wait and see exactly who our central character really is. Enjoy!


June 21st 1985

Daylight was still an hour away. The girl stared out at the horizon to the east, and was pleased to see only a thin golden line hovering above the edge of the water, a smear at the bottom of the sky. The light would soon spread across the ocean as the sun rose higher, but for now it was still and silent, an unmoving black field.

The girl turned back to the city that waited before her. Sunyshore was smaller than the last city she had passed through, and for the time being it was as quiet and dark as the ocean that enclosed it. This city was built amongst rocks as well, making Sunyshore a strange mix of the natural and unnatural, the old and new, a big stew of clashing structures that had been forced together. The girl had imagined what true cities looked like her entire life, and after passing through Veilstone, the term 'city' had clearly been given too generously to Sunyshore.

It was a small place, so close to the ocean that it seemed to be slipping into the water, yet for the most past it seemed mountainous. Great rock formations eroded away by time and the sea made the foundation for the city, with houses and buildings hidden away above, below and in the middle of these strange structures. All the towering pillars of stone were connected by dozens and hundreds of walkways and staircases, turning the entire city into a spiralling maze that was bound to make you lose any holiday weight in a flash. There was only one road that went from the boundaries through the middle of the city, towards the giant city square that took up the majority of the cities lower parts

And that was her destination.

The girl wasted not another second. She skidded down the smooth surface of the boulder she had perched on, and within a second she had landed on a small section of grass covered with sand. Checking her map quickly before stuffing it away in her bag, the girl raced towards the road, moving swiftly but as silently as possible. She had let her blonde hair down to help hide her face, and was dressed in her darkest clothing, consisting of navy jeans and a tight fitting leather jacket she had stolen from her sister.

Just something to remember me by had been all she had left on a note attached to a coat hanger, the only obvious sign that she had left, and the girl laughed to herself as loose gravel and tarmac crunched beneath her black trainers. The road was exposed for a long stretch, with only a few houses and businesses on either side, but soon the rocks began to settle in, small at first, but quickly getting bigger. Smaller paths she presumed were for bicycles began to move towards houses tucked away from the main road, and the first of many staircases appeared to her left as boulders and strange stone shapes appeared all around her.

And then, almost as if a light had been switched off, she was plunged into darkness.

The rocks had crept out of nowhere, and the girl was startled to find herself surrounded, the formations towering above her, Sunyshore's own stone versions of skyscrapers. The shadows seemed to block out the moon and the stars, leaving only tiny pinpricks of amber streetlights to guide her way. The girl was taken aback at the darkness she was being consumed in, and for a moment she wanted to turn back and find an alternative route, one that was not so… claustrophobic

No, you have come too far and been through worse than this, a stubborn voice in the back of her head hissed. It won't be for long! Come on, move!

"Alright," the girl muttered to herself, and she took off again. Her footsteps echoed up the sides of the rocks that imposed in on her, a rhythmic ringing that kept her moving. Nothing else stirred around her, though the girl had a nasty feeling that a truck was about to come racing up behind her, not noticing the little blonde girl before it. The lack of people was unnerving, and the girl looked up, unable to see any houses perched on the rocks above her. The rocks never seemed to break and were stretching on forever, and the girl could only keep running, wondering when she would be back in light.

Than, as suddenly as the rocks had appeared, they parted again. There was little lighting in the area, and the city square emerged so suddenly that the girl kept moving, not realising what she had stumbled across. But she noticed the sudden emergence of space around her, and the girl came to a halt, her heart beating from her run.

It was more beautiful than she imagined. Buildings that looked older than her great-grandmother were spread out around the square, which was wide enough to fit about three football fields, with more paths and streets shooting off. The buildings were stunning, with gothic architecture, statues perching over doors, stained glass windows, pointed rooftops. It was too dark to fully appreciate their beauty, but the girl's heart began to beat faster. She had travelled this far simply to come to this square, to appreciate the buildings, to experience the life, the culture, to enjoy freedom, to find herself…

… and find the books.

The girl paused, and her eyes flickered towards a building she had walked past. It was three storeys high, hidden away by the shadows of the rocks, two sole gas lamps resting above the red oaken doors to show its existence. The cracked concrete stairs were flanked with twin statues of Luxray lying down on their plinths. A window of swirling colours covered the top two floors, though it was too dark to see what was being shown. It was clear that the building was a thing of ancient beauty, and the girl looked towards a sign resting besides the statues: SUNYSHORE CITY LIBRARY

The girl smiled to herself as her eyes took in every inch of the library that she could see. She had come to Sunyshore to escape her life, but the library was the main draw for come all the way to the bottom of Sinnoh, to a place that was more rock than city. The book she was looking for was hidden within this library, the book that would change everything, and she was not leaving until it was in her hands.

My name is Cynthia Carter, the girl thought to herself as she slipped a PokeBall from her jeans, and nothing will stop me until I find those books and find the truth.

"Are you certain you have the right child?"

"You know me, I am always certain." The man smirked at this despite himself, though he made sure his companion did not notice. She would not take kindly to being laughed at, especially not coming from him.

"Very well then," he replied, keeping the humour out of his voice, though a sudden chill filled the air that implied she had knew anyway. "If you believe you have found the right boy, than deal with him. But I am warning you now Charlotte, I do not want his blood on either of our hands. Your orders are to stop him before he destroys himself, but you absolutely must not harm him in any way." It was her turn to laugh now, and she made no attempts to hide it, making his spine shudder

"Oh please Arnold, you can't get blood on your hands if you don't have any," she purred back, and her laugh lingered in the air as she disappeared into nothingness. Arnold Adiem turned to check she was gone, his lips pursed. He knew Charlotte was not the best person to get involved in this, but there was no other option that would not threaten everything. He just wished she hadn't laughed as she left. His nerves about this operation were already high, and her relaxed attitude did nothing to reassure him.

"This should all be done within a day," Arnold said to himself, saying the words out loud to try and calm himself. "As soon as the boy is dealt with, everything will be able to move on smoothly." He looked down at the leather chest that sat on the floor before him, and he could feel the power emitting from it, even though there was six inches of wood and metal inside to contain the orbs. Arnold had wanted them moved for years, but he would only have to wait a week more at the most before they were finally out of his life.

Yet only once this boy has been stopped. Arnold pursed his lips again before sighing, turning away from the orbs and towards the windows. The sun was starting to rise, and white light flashed against his windows. The view was beautiful and bright, but Arnold felt dark inside. There was no way any of this could happen until Charlotte had stopped the boy, but it still sickened him.

He is meant to grow into a monster that will destroy the world… Arnold reminded himself. He is not that monster yet, another voice replied, and he sighed once more and rubbed his head as it gave another painful throb.

It was going to be a long week.