Ashley sat in her dressing room upset with everything. Ash and Ryan had a huge fight, one of their worse yet, and now he wasn't taking her calls. He was tweeting though and that just upset her more. So what she had been hanging out with Tyler and Lucy more? They were her best friends. Plus it wasn't like she and Tyler were doing anything wrong. They went out for dinner after filming a few times and texted a lot.

Sighing, Ash set her phone down and looked at herself in the mirror. She was needed on set soon and knew she had to look happy. She was filming with Tyler so it wouldn't be that hard to. At least, she hoped. Slipping on the shoes that she needed to wear for the scene she headed towards it stopping when she heard laughter on set.

Tyler and Lucy sat on set laughing over some things on twitter. Tyler sat on the hospital bed in the gown he would wear for the scene, plus some basketball shorts, and Lucy sitting beside him on the bed, her ipad on their knees that were touching. Jealousy was filling Ashley as she watched them. Lucy was newly single and Tyler wasn't with anyone. If they wanted to be together they could date. So why was it bugging her so much? Sighing she moved to the set and sat in the chair beside them,

"Whats so funny?" She asked looking at them.

"Ty find this hysterical video on line. Some old Lady singing to his song." Lucy replied between laughter. Ashley looked at them wondering why she felt the need to be jealous. They were her friends. Finally it hit her. What if what she felt for Tyler was real? Ryan threw it in her face all the time that she had feeling s for Tyler but she brushed it off as they worked together. But now, she wasn't so sure. Sitting back she took in his form in front of her and bit her lip. She needed to talk to Ryan and clear the air. And soon.

Tyler closed the video and Lucy headed off set before Ty got in to place. He turned his head and looked to Ashley watching her. "Penny for your thoughts?" He asked her laying back, his head cocked to see her. Ash looked at him shaken from her thoughts. "I was just thinking about a fight Ryan and I had." She said as she looked to him. "Want to talk about it?" Tyler asked her. Ash knew he was one of the best listeners and best friends she had. "He got mad because apparently I hang out with you and Lucy a lot and he thinks there is something between you and I." She said as she looked to him. Tyler listened, thinking. Was there something between him and Ash? He knew he had feelings for the blond but that was all they were. Just feelings, ones he would hide away from her since they were friends and she had Ryan. "The guy is an idiot Ash." Tyler mumbled.

Ash looked to him a little pissed. "Maybe, But he is my boyfriend." She told him before looking away from him. She only looked to him when she needed to in the scene and once they were done, she stormed off. Tyler looked after the girl as she stormed off wishing he wouldn't have spoken at all. He watched her put the phone to her ear and then start to cry. Ignoring the small incident they just had, he moved towards her watching. Ashley looked to Tyler as he come beside her and bit on her lip to keep the tears in. Ryan finally called and broke it all off with her. He was done of being second best to her and Tyler and he wouldn't stand for it any more. He hung up and Ashley turned to Tyler letting him pull her to him. Rubbing her back Tyler kissed her head knowing what had happened. Her tears soaked through the gown and neither cared to move. Tyler felt her small arms wrap around him as she cried glad to have him there.

"He wasn't wrong Ash. I do care for you." Tyler told her. He didn't say much or anything else, but Ashley knew what he meant. She held on tighter knowing she would be ok as long as Tyler stayed with her.