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Rocky's POV

I just got up from a dream about me and a guy dancing then we were leaning in closer then I woke up. I have been

having these dreams since some girls at my school been teasing me about me not having a boyfriend. Oh yeah my

is Rocky Blue and I am 15 years old yet my parents think Im still to young to date. I just finshed eating breakfast

and Im going down to meet Cece. When I came out of my window I heard singing and footsteps above me. It sounded

like a guy singing it was awesome and I just stood there for like 20 mins then I snaped out of it. I think am in love. My head says.

Then I shok my head No I cant be in love. I wanted to go up the stairs and see who was it but I didnt want to creep him out.

So I just went down the stairs and went to Cece's window and yelled "Hey Hey Hey!" I saw Cece getting ready to practice

the dance routine we have to do on Shake it Up Chicago. Then Cece said "Hey what told you so long?" Then Rocky blushed

O no what if she finds out. "Um there was that creepy one eyed pigen again!" I lied. "Um ook lets start" said Cece. 'OK!" I said.

5 hours later...

"Wow I'm beat" I said. "Yea me to lets go to Crusty's for pizza." said Cece "K lets go" I said

When me and Cece got to Crusy's we got a table and sat down and order our pizza and starting to eat it. Then Deuce came on to the stage then said "Ladies and gentlemen may I welcome you... !"

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