I wake up to see Genie still fast asleep. I try to crawl out without making any noise. "Gotcha!" He yells. Then he grabs me and starts tickling me. "G-genie Stop that t-tickles!" I laugh. "Good morning sweetie." Genie tells me. "Good morning." I say. "So Taia would you like to go out to dinner?" He asks me. "yes!" I say. "Okay how about 8?" He asks me. "Perfect okay I got to go to the marketplace with Cece and Scar." I say. Then get dressed put on a shawl and meet them at the market. "Hey Tay!" They say. "Hey girls." I say back. "I need you help I need the perfect outfit for my date tonight!" I say. "Then let's a go!" Says Cece. "We walk around and I see the perfect gift for Genie. "I have to get this for Genie!" I say. It's a pendant that says your love is like magic. "That's freaking perfect!" Scar says. "Okay Clothes time!" Cece says. "I found it!" Cece screams. It was perfect it was blue top with a black and blue skirt covered sparkles and it had like a silky texture amd it came with black shoes because the outfit was hemed in black and of corse a blue and black Jasmine style headband. "Cece you rock!" I scream and we buy it along with the pendant. I go buy wrapping paper and a small box the wrapping paper was purple with a blue bow. "It's 6:30 I got to go get ready!" I say. We run back to the castle and I run into the bedroom Genie was outside all ready to rock. "Taias getting ready now." Scar says out of breath. "Okay thank's Scar. I jump into a quick shower then get out blow dry my hair and look at my clothes. I put it on and damn did I look hot. "then I straighted my hair and put on lipstick pink and blush with the jasmine style headband and Genie's Necklace he bought for me and my favorite earrings. "I'm ready to go." I say. I saw Genie and I about died. he was wearing black trousers and a blue button up with a black tie. I snap out of it to see Genie still all googly eyes on me. "Genie." I say. "Yeah wow you look beautful!"He says. I blush. "Thanks." I say. "You ready to uh go?" I ask. "Yep!" He said turn back into good ol Genie. We get there and eat and I was laughing so hard we almost got kick out of the restarant. "Genie I got you somthing." I say and give him the blue gift. "Thanks Taia." He smiles. He opens it and gaspes. "T-taia it's beautful." He says as we pay and leave the resterant. "Taia I have to ask you something very important." He says. uh oh. i think. "Okay... shoot." I say nervous. "SO imagine my suprise when he got down on one knee and put out a ring. "I know we've just bearly met but I can't think of being with anyone but you will you marry me?" He asks. "Did he really just ask that." I think. I couldnt speak so I kissed him with putting all my love into it. "Y-yes!" I stammer. "Really!" he said. "Really." I say. He picks me up bridal style and carries me to the palace. "Okay will tell everyone at breakfast." I whisper. Then we sneak upstairs and I got on my pajamas. They were more Geine style but these had bottoms that had lamps all over them and the top has a picture of genie on it ith fireworks everywhere and the top was dark blue and the bottoms were light blue. "Genie?" I say. "Yeah?" He asks. "Ready for bed?" I ask. "yep!" He says. Then he looks at my pajamas. "Genie to be honest I only have pajamas with you on them." I say embarssed. "really?" He blushed. "Yeah." I say. "Okay Genie I'm tired." I say. "Me too." Hey says. "Good night." I say and crawl into bed next to him and cuddle up. "Goodnight sweetie" He says and puts him arms around me. pulling me into a hug. "G-genie help Tom Hitting me G-genie!" I scream in my sleep. "Shhh Taia calm down." He says. I wake up and grab Genie and start hugging him. "Sweetie are you okay?" He asks. "y-yeah." I cry. "Can you tell me who Tom is?" He asks me. "How do you know about Tom?" I ask "You said Tom was hitting you." He says. "Oh umm Tom is my Stepdad he still abuses me but mom dosn't belive me she says Tom wouldn't ever do somthing like that." I say. "Taia I'm so sorry." He says. "No it's not your fault." I say. Then I cuddle up to him and sleep. We wake up and go downstairs. "Good morning everyone we've got some big news!" Genies says. "Taia and I are getting married." Genie says. "Congrats Taia and Genie!" Says Everyone. We kiss. "Awwwwww!" Says Scar and Cece as always. "Okay again with the pean-" I tryed to say but again Genie kissed me. "Are you gonna do that everytime I say that?" I ask him. "Yep!" He says. I lay my head on his sholder and he puts his arm around me. "Okay It's offical you guys are so Damn Cute!" Screamed Cece. "Thanks Cece Thanks."Says Taia. Then we eat and start perparing for the wedding at least we tried Genie and I were to busy making out. " I love you." Genie tells me. "I love you too." I say. Then we start kissing. Then Al screams "Get a room!" . "You know what with your primisson we can plan the wedding. "yes!" We both say."Okay come on cutie." He says and carrys me to our room.

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