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Of Reminiscing and Resolves

Naruto sighed.

How in the hell did he end up in his situation again?

He never really intended to end up in another freaking dimension, he never intended to father kids of Goddesses, he never intended to get involved in the destiny of a world that was not his own. But guess who has the worst luck around?


If what he thought he knew about the world then the Fates of the world were probably going to bitch at him because he was pretty sure that he was never suppose to be there. But then again there was that infinite universe theory that he had taken so much pleasure in dissecting and reenacting with various skits of Anime's and manga's that he read.

His daughters got a kick with him 'dressing' –transforming- into various costumes for their enjoyment when they were young.

But right now….

He felt really nostalgic.

He kept remembering many things from his past adventures and missions that he could not really stay still at the moment and spent his time staring up into the sky.

Thalia, Luke, Tsuki, and Annabeth were all placed into Hermes cabinet in the meantime while he decided to sleep outside.

He wasn't really picky about where to sleep and ever since he finished his Sage training, he never really had any problems with sleeping or living in the outside environment.

There was a storm coming, he could sense it.

He wasn't sure if it was going to be soon or sometime in the future but he could sense something was stirring in the world, and he had a feeling that it would not be the gods dealing with it but their children.

Chiron had explained the situation to him, apparently the gods were having some sort of internal dispute about what to do with Thalia and he had a feeling that it also related to Tsuki and maybe Annabeth.

There was something coming, and it was going to be huge. Part of him was afraid, not of the war but the fact that his children were going to be fighting in it. He couldn't imagine what Inoichi, Shikaku or any of the parents that fought in the 4th shinobi war were thinking when they knew that their children were most likely going to die that day, even now it scared the shit out of him.

There were more demi-children then he expected honestly and he as sure as hell wasn't expecting Fucking UNICORNS in the camp, but hey, there were all kinds of things, fairy-like things which he forgot what they were called, sexy looking sprites of nature that he would ogle if his daughters weren't there and testosterone filled teenagers that he thanked the gods weren't doing it like bunnies despite the lack of actual parental supervision.

He sighed again.

The fire next to him cracked every once I a while, flecks of ash floated up to the sky before vanishing in the wind. God how much he missed being in nature, that was one of the things he enjoyed about Konoha, you could practically smell the forest everywhere. It always made him relax when he needed it.

Everything happened so fast and it was so late that they decided to leave it to the next day, but he just couldn't go to sleep.

He shot up from his rather pathetic attempts to sleep when he felt a presence, who was way to close for comfort.

Jumping away just in case to get some distance, he turned to the direction of the presence to spot a young girl, who couldn't look older than 8 maybe 9. She had mousy brown hair with what he thought as alluring red eyes, flame-like, he was biased and he tended to like the color red nowadays. While Orange remained his favorite color, red became tie with yellow after his parents.

She wore a simple brown dress or robes with a scarf wrapped around her head. He really had no idea how to classify the girl or who exactly she was, one obvious thing was that she was a goddess but of what was his question.

She was tending to the fire that he laid next to, Naruto approached the girl who turned her head slightly to get a glimpse of him before turning back to the fire, he spotted a little smile of mirth.

If it wasn't for the slight boost in his empathy abilities that remained from Kurama, then he would have no idea what the feeling he was feeling was. But, he had been deprived of it for the first 12 years of his life before he experienced it not to know what it was.

The feeling of feeling complete, the feeling that one can feel when a simple gesture of a hug means so much more, he loved that feeling, he loved it when his daughters practically radiated the feeling.

He actually made it a point to pray to her when he discovered that the gods actually existed.


She pretty much represented the Will of Fire.

Hestia, Goddess of Hearth , Home, and Family.

"You're Hestia… right?" Naruto asked, if a bit hesitantly.

Hestia just gave a smile and nodded her head.

"Is this a social visit or is this a coincidence?" Naruto asked.

She tilted her head slightly before giving a two finger response indicating it was the latter.

Naruto sighed exasperated. "Just like Sai, You're not going to make gender based sexual insults are you?"

The corner of Hestia's mouth twitched a bit, she glared at him for the comment but couldn't hide the amusement in her eyes.

"Hey, don't blame me if you reminded me of a friend. Actually you remind me of a lot of people I met with that gave me the silent treatment. You're not going to attack me out of nowhere or make me do some impossible request that has nothing to do with me but I involve myself anyways because I'm just awesome like that, right?" Naruto asked, knowing full well he was being annoying, it worked in the past to get people to talk, why should gods be any different?

Hestia stopped tending to the fire and stared at Naruto for a bit, he thought her eyes were awesome. She looked at him deadpanned before shaking her head and giving a grin.

"You're a strange one." She said.

Naruto grinned too, finally someone to talk to. "And surprisingly I don't care. Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet ya!"

"Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth" she said, a bit distracted by the fire.

"I know. You're actually one of my favorite gods." He stated.

Hestia's eyebrows raised. "Really?" She said, she was easily forgotten by a lot of people, not that she blamed them, she preferred actually.

"Yup. Goddess of Hearth, Home and Family. That's the goddess I like, from what I've read you try to maintain the peace in the family and care about all of them. When they go into battle, you're there to greet them home, not to mention that I've also read you're very kind to everyone." Naruto said, he really liked that kind of person, he was the opposite really, he was impulsive which he tended to rein and he was a fighter. But the thing they had in common was the love of family.

Hestia looked like a mixture of embarrassed, happy, a bit bashful, and a bit confused.

"That doesn't explain why I'm your favorite though." Hestia commented.

Naruto realized he was right and looked a bit sheepish. "I guess not. Well, I love my family, I would do anything for them, even drag their asses from the underworld, smack them around before giving them a piece of my mind.

Actually I guess I'm the opposite of you when it comes to that. I don't think I've read anything on you ever fighting. Me, I'll fight the world for my family…err…what was I trying to prove again?" He asked embarrassed.

Hestia shook her head and let out a small giggle. "Never mind, I think I know what you were trying to say."


She nodded. He was weird but interesting she told herself.

"So what are you doing here exactly? You aren't a demi-god, I know that much." Hestia replied.

Naruto rubbed his forehead with his palm in exasperation. " No doubt you've heard about the whole daughter of Zeus by now right?" She nodded. "Well for now she's my charge, and until I'm sure that her own family won't demand her death I'll do something else. It's kind of ironic isn't it, this is suppose to be a safe haven for demi-gods yet she's facing death by her own family."

Hestia flinched, that WAS bad. She almost felt angry at her own family, condemning a young girl for existing, that just wasn't right.

"They're not all bad." Hestia muttered.

Naruto raised his eyebrow "Are you sure, think about it, I mean really think about it."

Hestia looked at him before giving a slight nod. Aphrodite was love obsessed, Artemis hated men, Ares was a psychopath, Demeter is crazy for cereal, Zeus is obnoxious… her family is messed up. There were only a few that weren't crazy up in Olympus.

"They all have their… habits I suppose." She replied.

Naruto snorted. 'Family is family I suppose. No matter there flaws and how much they annoy you, they're still family and family should stick together." He said, his eyes gaining a far away look.

His life was wrapped in manipulation but at least it was from those that cared about him. Old man Hokage had to make sure he didn't fall into the darkness like Sasuke while protecting the village, he made time for him whenever he could. Jiraiya was a parental figure to him, sure the man did not teach him much but he taught him about life and the way things work, he may have ignored his talks sometimes because of his perverted nature but those life lessons helped him. Tsunade was another parental figure, she was the one that cared about his well being, she had a village to protect but when she would she would put his feelings and health ahead of the village.

Kakashi was another figure much like Iruka, who helped him and assured him that he existed and existed for a reason. He was a lot like Gaara except without the homicidal tendency's but it was thanks to them he learned to prove his existence.

He missed them honestly, from what Gamabunta said, it had been a long time since he disappeared, he really had very vague possibilities to why that was. It could be some dimensional time displacement or maybe some side affect of entering the dimension. It could be that time was slower in the dimension or maybe he was sent into the future and a different dimension. It wasn't like he hadn't time traveled before or had a different dimension experience.

Now that he thought about it, his life was one F'ed up story, an awesome story though.

What kind of 12 year old shoves a kunai up a possessed Jinchuuriki ass anyway?

Hestia smiled, she decided she liked the man. He was very family oriented.

"So when is the whole thing with Thalia going to be sorted?" Naruto asked.

Hestia thought for a bit. It was an incredible issue to learn that Zeus had broken the law and she was sure that everyone would gather.

"If I had to guess, everything will officially start about midday tomorrow. Am I to assume that you will be joining us?" She asked.

Naruto nodded without a second thought.

"Ask Dionysus to take you along. Also have Thalia go too, I think she deserves a voice in this mess." Hestia said.

Naruto nodded. He knew how it felt to be left in the dark about something.

Soon both of them found themselves talking to each other about random things. At first he admitted to himself that he wasn't expecting to talk to a god so casually but he appreciated the company because he couldn't go to sleep. It was a rather peaceful night but to him it felt like the calm before the storm. He was really worried about what would happen tomorrow but he decided to forget about it for a bit and talk to new friend.


The Camp was very active in the morning, more so than usual. It was a rather a big thing for a new group of demi-gods to arrive at the same time, especially in one go. But add to the fact that one of the apparent illegitimate child of the big three was among the group, everyone was gossiping.

Then there was Naruto who by all accounts was an abnormality at the camp because it was actually rare for a parent to go to the camp.

Naruto growled silently at the fact but he rationalized that normal parents would not have been able to do anything so they left them to people that could.

Tsuki and Annabeth adjusted pretty well to the camp, being one of the youngest at the camp everyone seemed to be nice to them. They seemed to have taken up trying to do whatever exercises the other kids were doing in an attempt to train.

Luke had a hard time fitting in because of his age. Because he was a teenager, he was a bit hesitant to talk to random people but eventually managed to have a few conversations. He managed to talk to his half-brothers and sisters too. He took a shine to sword practice where he was quickly becoming known as a prodigy in the skill.

Thalia however was having trouble adjusting to the circumstances. Not many wanted to talk to her because of the fact that she was a child of the big three and there was also the fact that she wasn't suppose to be born. A few people were brave enough to have a conversation with her but it was mostly pleasantry. She had skill with a lance but she was trying to get used to using a sword and shield combination as well as a lance and shield combination. She didn't have much else to do so she mostly gravitated around Naruto, because the guy was interesting. He had so many tricks and things up his sleeve, it was amazing to see them.

It did help that Naruto was teaching her how to use Raijin. When she had tried earlier that morning she got zapped and cut everywhere and her hands were burned. She was pissed off, she was using it well last time but she was getting zapped by her own weapon! Naruto laughed and told her that it was only because she was hypersensitive since he gave her the weapon that she had instinctual control of lightning but now that the threat had passed, she had difficulty controlling lightning once more and the weapon being made of lightning, the blade itself became uncontrollable.

So now she had to get control of her lightning powers before being able to use her badass lightning sword.

All the campers were interested in Naruto, it wasn't often that somebody like him came around. He showed an astonishing record breaking display when he went through their training and his swordplay was amazing. He was fast and he was strong seeing as how he could lift himself with only one hand with the other wrapped behind him.

He looked like he was having fun when Ares cabin wanted to have spars with him and he made it seem like child's play. Demeter's cabin really liked him as he had a bit of a green thumb. Hermes cabin took a shine to him when he demonstrated a few tricks he picked up as a prankster which seemed to coincide with some of their rather curiosity habit. Overall he was rather well liked by the campers.

The only thing that bothered him were the rather forward girls of Aphrodite's cabin. He was never too good with the flirty kind of women, the Mizukage, Mei Terumi was an excellent example of that. If they talked to him normally he'd have no problem but when they flirted, that was totally different. That's where he had the most trouble in his younger years, he was left a stuttering mess if someone flirted with him, flirting was like a foreign language to him.

The girls in Aphrodite's cabin were like that, not all of them but a good chunk of them tried to feel his muscles or feel him up, some of them were teenagers too so that greatly disturbed him at the differences between the teenage girls in his dimension and the girls in his current dimension. He had seen how the television depicted teenage girls and had assumed it was all made up but seeing or rather feeling that it was not true, it was extraordinary to see the differences.

The closest thing to them would be Sasuke's now extinct fangirls, who cared too much about their appearance than shinobi skills.

How in the world did the Old man allow them to be Shinobi anyway? They should have placed newly graduated kunoichi under competent older Kunoichi like Kurenai and Anko, the latter might have been a sexy yet crazy women but she knew her stuff.

Chiron was someone that half impressed and half surprised Naruto. He was not expecting the trainer of heroes from the Greek mythology to be a teacher in the camp. He was impressed by the man's morals, he chose not to pass on, knowing he would see and do many things he would later regret but the man was a teacher at heart, someone he wished Naruto had as a teacher during his genin days. Being a Centaur was also cool.

Dionysus or as the kids called him Mr. D had a rather bad habit of calling people a botched up version of their names. The guy seemed to have a drinking problem without the actual alcohol, but then again he was the god of wine so he just shrugged it off. The guy pissed him off though so just to spite him, he pulled out a bottle of wine and drank it in front of the bastard.

Sweet revenge.

Naruto decided that now would be a good time to put on his Kakashi mask, the man trade marked it so it was only right to refer to it as such. He was going to enjoy watching the gods reactions and the fact that their kids knew what he looked like yet they didn't.

A bit of petty revenge but revenge nonetheless.

He ignored the fact that Hestia had already seen him, but she was cool so he let it go.

Deciding it was time to speak to Ma and Pa, he gathered whatever courage he could muster and took a deep breathe and started running through the handsigns, no one was around or at least what he could feel and Thalia had left to go get some food.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" Naruto slammed his hand onto the floor, expanding a seal array on the floor.

Two poof's of smoke erupted from the ground, Naruto without a second thought braced himself for what he expected to happen.

*Slap* *Twack* -omph!-

"Sonnava-" Naruto yelled in pain but stopped himself from swearing.

"Naruto-chan! Ya idiot! Ya know how worried we were when bunta-boya came ta us and told us that ya got into a heap of trouble again!" The old toad, Pa told or rather yelled at him.

"An' what's this bout havin' children! I swear kids these days don't know the meaning of the word waiting. This is almost like the time you barged into the Hyuuga compound and asked if ya could learn that Juken. That was reckless of ya Naruto-chan and ya knew it too." The old toad, Ma exclaimed.

He remembered that. It was a way to honor Neji who died in the war. He felt really guilty about that, well he felt guilty overall but Neji was a friend and he literally died before his eyes. Of course, the Hyuuga were against it at first but after a bit of persuasion by Hinata and Hanabi, they allowed it, if only to keep him busy for a while and non-suicidal.

He was really depressed for a few weeks after the war, he recovered but only due to himself keeping himself busy and deciding to face his shadows…again. Yami Naruto as he called his dark persona was a bastard but he needed to accept him once more.

It took a while.

The Hyuuga didn't mind as much after that, it would take years to be able to use it efficiently after all and even more to even reach Neji's skill when he was a genin.

Neji wasn't a genius for nothing.

"Damn that hurt." Naruto muttered, he really hated nature chakra enhanced smacks to the head. "Good to see you too, Ma and Pa. How've ya been?" Naruto asked, sheepishly.

"Dun try an' change the subject young man! Tell us whats goin on?" Ma told Naruto. Pa brandishing his good old stick.

Naruto winced a bit at the sight of the stick, phantom pains he could still remember raked his body. "Well, first off, it seems that either things move faster in our dimension or I was sent to a different dimension but with distortion to the time displacement, sending me a few years ahead while everyone moved in regular speed." Naruto said.

"It might be tha' second one. Bunta-boy told us tha' he met up with ya yesterday so it should be at the same time speed as us." Pa said.

"Anyways, its been about 10 years or around there since I got here. I really didn't keep track of it honestly. Time seems so… unimportant here honestly, this place is more of a go-at-your-own-pace kind of place and those that want something in life go for it. As for kids, of course I have them. You really didn't expect me to not have a family by now did you?" Naruto asked, it was one of his fondest wish to have a family, they knew that.

"Calm down Naruto-chan. We were just concerned is all. Ya can't expect us ta not worry, after all last time we saw ya you were still pretty reckless." Ma commented. Even if the blond who was now a father had grown more serious during his last days in Konoha, he was still a somewhat of a rash boy, he wasn't a stupid, reckless boy anymore, he was a reckless man with a rather insatiable drive to learn, which bordered on stupidity.

'They have a point' Naruto mused. "Anyways, this place is different. This place isn't like the elemental nations, the population lives without access to chakra. Instead they made technological advancements, though there are places we excel at like with medical jutsu, they can remove a heart and place something else to replace it, that's the kind of advancements they have."

"Tsunade-chan would be giddy to know that kind of stuff." Ma said.

Naruto stopped, but then shook it off. Of course Tsunade was gone, he had already come to terms with it but it still hurt admit it. He figured something like this would happen, leaving for years, she was bound to pass away sooner or later. He wished he was there to see her pass on though.

"Even though they have a lot of advance technology, the people here have a frightening amount of wars. Their technology is advanced enough to replicate a bijuudama, a weaker one but still. Everyone is trying to have a bigger stick then the other ones, ultimate destruction as a deterrent I guess. The condition of the planet is bad though." Naruto said.

"Aye. I can feel it everywhere, pollution, waste, such a horrible feelin'." Pa muttered.

"But here's the kicker. Gods exixt in this world." Naruto stated.

"What!?" Both of them cried out.

"Yeah, gods. Actual living gods. Though I can tell that they aren't as strong as the Juubi, after all the Juubi was the primordial god of our world, he was the top dog in our dimension, in this one its Chaos. Both of them are and can be the end, literally." Naruto said.

It was something that intrigued Naruto to no end. In every dimension, there will always be an ultimate power, known or unknown. The gods knew of it but they know that 'the end' will not come. It merely watches or sleeps, their lives are for its enjoyment, and they know it but live with it. Every dimension or reality is bound by a set of rules, and reality hopping is one of them. He was lucky to only jump dimensions or he would have been literally been vaporized.

Chaos and Juubi, are considered the ultimate power of each of their own dimensions. From there, things got complicated because as much as he could tell Bijuu and titan's were roughly the same and the gods would be considered a person like the Sage of six paths, and with his mastery of the ninja arts and his godlike powers with his technique, Creation of all things(A/N I can't remember what it was called) it was frightfully similar to the gods, he would even consider the notion that if the Rikudo Sennin lived long enough he WOULD be considered a god like the Olympians.

Demi-gods and Shinobi would be considered the same If not for one thing, Juubi had an affect on them, making them have the power to grow infinitely more powerful, so they had potential. Potential to reach the same level as the Rikudo Sennin or perhaps higher.

"First it was Obito, then it was Madara and then it was Sasuke. Ya can't stop havin' stronger enemies than your last can ya Naruto-chan?" Pa muttered.

Naruto shrugged. He figured it out pretty early in life actually that there was always someone who would have a bigger stick in the playground then him. Now he wasn't the biggest anymore and what was worse was that he didn't even know the rules of the game, he couldn't just rush out and beat the crap out of Rikudo Sennin level enemies and if they considered him a threat, he'd be screwed over by 13 Rikudo Sennin level enemies.

His shinobi skills might help him in terms of skill but living for thousands of years, they most likely beat him in experience. Although he may have more experience in terms of a speed match, he really doubted that any of the gods needed to fight at speeds faster then they could see in a world full of normal civilians with swords and things.

"Here's the kicker too. I got one of them pregnant the day she wanted to call it quits and erase my memory and then I met another goddess who wanted a child too, then later my memories came back and it turns out that I kind of… have two kids with different goddesses while they are less than a week difference in birth dates." Naruto explained, he tried to say it in a more sophisticated way and not in the 'I banged two different goddesses, am I the man or what?'.

Ma and Pa both smacked his head for that one, he saw it coming too. "Naruto-chan! What in da world have ya gotten yourself in'ta?" Both of them shook their head.

"A real disaster I'm telling you. Not only do I have to protect my daughters now, now I have gods that I will most likely piss off, a pair of mothers who I will no doubt let kick my ass if I do something stupid, monsters after my family, and the chakra left behind the bijuu is having an effect on my body, I doubt I'm even considered a human anymore." Naruto said, he turned to the toads to see rather saddened faces.

The chakra of the bijuu, that was a remnant that was left on his body after the extreme use of their chakra. It wasn't even a new set of coils that he told everyone he developed, his body adapted to it, learned to absorb it like a natural bijuu. It was painful at first, the energy was heavily based on nature and emotion, which was rather hard to control, it may even be considered some sort of devine, or cosmic power If one thought about it.

He honestly thought he might eventually die because of it. Another reason to leave the village was exactly because of that, to let everyone know that you were dying, he wouldn't want that. Fortunately the problem fixed itself after a while of constant sharp lapses of pain but he could not use his chakra mode, or at least not the complete version.

"So what's going on in the elemental nations?" Naruto asked.

The toads looked at each other before nodding, "Everything is fine Naruto-chan. Everyone is livin' wit' there families an' movin' toward peace. No one thinks your dead though. Everyone keeps tellin' the new generation that ya went off an' went on a new adventure an' knowin' ya you'd get into a lot of trouble."

Naruto nodded. His eyes glazed over a bit in thought. He was happy, everyone he cherished were living in times of peace, the nation was in a golden age and he still existed in everyone's heart. He had his own family to protect, just like they had there's, there was no point in interfering with it. He dropped to the ground and stretched his limbs and gazed at the sky.

"It's better this way. As long as they remember me in their hearts, I'll always be with them. Besides, when I do pass on, I'd better have a good story to tell before they can even start to forgive me. It'll be an amazing story filled with my greatest adventures in another dimension. The tale of Uzumaki Naruto. Has a nice ring doesn't it." Naruto said, smiling.

"Sounds like a piece of art Naruto-chan!" Pa said vanishing in a poof.

"Make Jiraiya-chan proud Naruto-chan!" Ma said doing the same thing as Pa.

"Jiraiya…yeah…definitely." Naruto said softly. He missed the old pervy sage.

He forgot about Jiraiya. So much stuff was going on that he forgot about one of his most important people that had passed away. But he supposed that JIraiya would understand, the man wasn't known for holding grudges except when it came to Orochimaru.

"I should build them a shrine, a small one. For all of them… Mom, Dad, JIraiya, and Tsunade… Yeah that sounds like a nice idea…" Naruto muttered, a gust of wind blew, it felt refreshing.

Tsuki and Annabeth looked at their father in confusion. Naruto called them suddenly and told them that they had something important to do. Thalia and Luke tried to follow seeing as they were most comfortable with their little group but their father told them that it was going to be a family only thing, needless to say they backed off.

Their father led them deeper into the forest where it was astonishingly beautiful, devoid of any human contact or even mythological contact too. Naruto bent down and started to place stones on the ground in an orderly fashion before placing four pictures on a little makeshift platform before placing some of those incense things around it and praying. Figuring that it was an altar of some kind, both Annabeth and Tsuki started praying for the well being or respects of the people on the stand, not knowing who they were.

After a while, Annabeth spoke up, showing the rather blunt personality she inherited from her family. "Who are they?" She asked. Tsuki nodded, wanting to know the same.

Naruto turned to his daughters, and gave them a melancholy smile. It was clear to both of them that he was sad.

"These are my godparent's and your grandparents." Naruto said, separating them into their classifications.

Tsuki and Annabeth looked down to the pictures, they noticed a white haired man making a ridiculous pose with red lines on his face like tears falling down from his eyes, the frame had inscriptions that read 'JIraiya, Toad sage, Densetsu no Sannin and Super Pervert'.

The second one was a blonde women with amber brown eyes, she was a beauty, they could tell. She had a purple diamond mark on her forehead and what stood out were her outrageously big breast, if they were more self-conscious they would be jealous. There were inscriptions on the frame also. 'Senju Tsunade, Godaime Hokage, Densetsu no Sannin, Baa-chan.'

The next frame was a man that looked astonishingly like their own father. Blue eyes, blond hair, he had more of an angular face then their father, the man in the picture looked like a man that had responsibility and dedication. The inscriptions on the frame read, 'Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage, The Yellow Flash, A Loving Husband and a dedicated Father even beyond death.'.

The next picture was a women with long beautiful red hair in their own opinion with a hairclip parting her hair. She had Amethyst colored eyes and her face looked a lot like their fathers, they had already learned what their father got from his parents. The women was cheerful and full of energy. Her inscriptions read, 'Uzumaki Kushina, Second Kyuubi-Jinchuuriki, Red Hot-blooded Habanero, Loving Wife and supportive Mother even beyond death.'.

"These four people were the people that had the most impact on my life. I was alone at the start of my life and even the old man that watched out for me was far too busy to have that much of an impact. Though they came into my life rather late, they watched out for me, they taught me, they gave me the love of a mother, they gave me the unfaltering faith of a father, they even gave their lives for me, and more… even beyond death." Naruto said.

"Beyond death?" Tsuki asked.

Naruto gave her a smile. "You'll find out that in life, there will be many things that seem unexplainable or even impossible. My parents did those impossible things to give me advice beyond death. There love for me… it was immense. Their trust in my was staggering, their dreams that they passed on to me were incredible. I took up those dreams with open arms, and I know that wherever they are, be it in heaven or Elysium or even if they are watching over me, they are proud of me. Just like I'll be proud of whatever you two chose to do in life."

"Really?" They both asked.

Naruto nodded. "Yup. If there's anything I want you two to remember it is this. I will always be proud of you, no matter what you two do. Whether it be good or bad, it was your own choice and as long as it was your own choice, and can follow it without regret and be able to look at me in the eye, I will be there to support it. That's the kind of love that a father will give to his children."

He was tackled to the ground by two happy girls. They love their father, he wasn't a silent father, nor a strict father, he was a father that told them upfront that he loved them no matter what. Over the last few days, they admitted they were confused as to how to think of their father.

He was a ninja, he acted different then what he normally did around them. They had assumed that it was his normal personality around people. They actually thought that they were stopping their father from having friends. But that was not the case. To their father, his family meant everything.

They felt rather silly. They watched their new father fight monsters, protect them and be goofy around new people, they felt that their father was drifting apart from them. But they were wrong. The new dad and the old one were the same, he was the same loving father they knew and loved. There father had his own life even before them and now he had a new one. He was an only father raising two demi-god children, he had responsibilities. But all he asked in return was that they live their lives and accept the decisions they made and he would support them 100%.

They couldn't have asked for a better father then him.

Dionysus otherwise known as Mr. D and Chiron stared at the new visitor of the camp. All that they could tell was that he was some kind of human and that he radiated power, very controlled power. They could only tell because he had an amazing grasp of his own aura or presence. The man was not normal, they could both agree on that.

To Naruto's side was Thalia who was looking around, an old habit she picked up from her days off wandering around. She looked for any danger even in safe places. Naruto stood still, with his eyes closed for a minute before staring at Chiron and Mr. D. No danger from what he could sense.

Thalia was fidgeting somewhat, right in front of her was a god who was most likely bound to kill her and the 'trainer of heroes' Chiron, no doubt both of them could kick her ass, lightning powers or no lightning powers. She couldn't help but think when was she going to catch a break.

Naruto was assessing his potential enemies, he could take out the centaur with some effort, he was sure. The god however would take more lives around him than he would like. As much as he hated to admit it, this was no place for arrogance or pride, he did not want to harm the kids in the camp. Especially with his kids and technical step-children in the Athena cabin. He refused not to not consider them his children.

"So you two are the ones causing all the trouble in Mount Olympus…" Mr. D trailed off.

Naruto and Thalia nodded, it was true after all.

"Not to mention the chaos that happened when Artemis claimed Tsuki." Chiron said.

Naruto nodded. He expected it honestly, it wasn't the first time he had seen that kind of chaos. A lot of the kids in camp were staring at Tsuki in amazement and awe while some looked angry at the fact that Artemis broke her vows. He could sense a sort of political battle coming, and he hasn't been court-martialed too many times to count to not pick up a lot of things about politics, he hated it but it saved his ass more times to count.

He was already expecting the worst, he hated to even think about it but if it was to save his daughter and save Thalia he'd bullshit everything and let them verbally beat him.

But he wasn't going without a fight.

"You two have been called to Mount Olympus to figure out this mess. Good luck. Remember to watch what you say." Chiron said, worried about what might happen.

"Don't worry, I'm sure everything will turn out fine, right Thalia?" Naruto asked the young teen.

"A-Ah! Yeah… right." Thalia trailed off.

"Thalia?" Naruto asked.

"Ah! It's nothing. Just kind of tired." Thalia said.

Naruto gave her a pat on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile. Thalia smiled back, the girl smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. He could tell she was worried, she was basically walking up to a judge and jury to see if she would live and her father was the judge. If there was any time where a kid should feel despair, it would be right now.

Mr. D took the time to transport them to Olympus, in the meantime, Naruto was deep in thought.

Things were getting really complicated now, he couldn't just go charging in and beating down his enemies anymore. He had no allies and his family was vulnerable. If he had to, could he save a lone girl from her fate? Could he protect them if he had to face every god? Did he even have a choice in the matter?

Could he handle the weight of his new responsibility?

He didn't know, it was like fighting the Juubi all over again. Powerless to save everyone, could he grit his teeth and let what might happen go through? Could he stomach the sin's that he might cause if he didn't.

He didn't know what to do…

He didn't know..

'…I believe in you.'

'Naruto… You're going to experience a lot of pain and suffering. Remember who you are! Find a goal… a Dream… And don't stop trying until it comes true!'

That's right…

That's right….isn't it.

Since when did he care if the situation was complicated…

Since when did he care about looking selfish or arrogant…

He always did what he wanted didn't he?

He never gave up on trying to make everyone happy…

He wouldn't let the people that mattered to him down…

Even if the so called gods opposed him, he would settle for nothing less…

That's the kind of person that Uzumaki Naruto was… that's how the person named Uzumaki Naruto always did things, and that's how it will be.

Let them call him an idiot. A Knucklehead. Naïve. Foolish, even Stupid…

He'd prove them wrong!


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