Chapter 7!


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The man named Uzumaki Naruto

Olympus was not what he was expecting, in all honesty he was expecting modern advancement. It was a grand place, no doubt about it but he supposed he got his hopes too high and expected some sort of futuristic marvel.

Naruto looked to his fellow companion Thalia to see that she was amazed and in awe of her surroundings. Maybe it was a god blood thing because it did not have the same impact that it was apparently having for the young teenager.

He was not familiar with types of stone, that was his daughter's department, the pillars and houses that resided in Olypmus were smooth and majestic looking. If Naruto could say one thing, it was almost what he should have expected, Parthenon like buildings, all brand new, gold –at least what he assumed to be- decorated everywhere. There were vines and plants of all kinds that enhanced the beauty of the place. The people there, he'd rather not get into that.

Dionysius had pretty much ditched them, no surprise there but it did give them some time to look around. Thalia for the most part was excited because she was in Olympus and frightened because she was there to see If she even got to live.

"This place is too…how should I say it…" Naruto trailed off.

"mind blowing?" Thalia suggested.

"No, I kind of expected more, sure it's all fancy and stuff but it kind of feels… boring. Do you get it?" Naruto asked.

"Not at all." Thalia answered, if anything she felt more at home than any other place she'd ever been. 'It might be a demi-god thing' she thought.

"By the way, what's with the mask?" Thalia asked. She was wondering for a while why on earth he was wearing a mask that covered the lower part of his face.

"Ah. There's a very good reason for that." He said and continued to walk.

Thalia just stared at the man. "Which is…?"

"A very good reason I assure you." He replied, she was about to ask again when she saw his eyes turn into a weird U shape, how the hell did he do that?

"How are you feeling right now?" Naruto asked Thalia.

"Really really crappy with a side of shitstorm waiting to happen." Thalia grunted.

Naruto hummed, "Well said."

Thalia looked at Naruto surprised. "What, no motivational speech or cheesy line. No believe in me stuff either? I'm on the verge of a panic attack here!" Thalia proclaimed.

Naruto raised his eyebrow. "What? You wanted me to solve all your problems? Sorry, I'm the type of parent that will let their kid play with fire and let them get burned so they'll learn their lesson. I'll make sure that they can take on people stronger then them but smack them around before they get a big head. The only thing you need to know is that I have your back in case you decide to fuck it all and give them the finger."

Thalia was a bit put out by the answer but she could vaguely understand what he was getting at. "You can't hold on to their hands forever… is what you're trying to say right?"

"Exactly. So don't worry about it, if things start going sour, I'll deal with it somehow." Naruto said.

Thalia let out a sigh. "It's like you never take anything seriously." She said.

Naruto shrugged. "I already did everything I wanted in life. I came from being an orphan to talking to gods, everything in between was me becoming awesome. Right now I'm just making sure I go down fighting while leaving a legacy."

"That's kind of morbid." Thalia said.

Naruto shrugged. "a ninja's greatness isn't measured by what he accomplished in life but the way he died and what he died for. As long as my death meant something to someone, that would be enough." Naruto said sagely. It was one of Jiraiya's teachings and he would be damned if it didn't pull a chord in him. And by the looks of it, it meant something to Thalia too.

Thalia stood still when she heard Naruto's death speech. She really did not want to think about dying. But as much as she hated to admit it, she liked what she heard. A death that can change people, even centuries later. It was the kind of stuff hero's were made and born from.

She couldn't help but smile a little. What she heard was coming from a father, who was a ninja, and had demi-god children. Things just couldn't get more stranger yet she could tell that the man in front of her was a hero, maybe by his own right but that was what he was.

A bit of an idiot true but a hero nonetheless.

She couldn't imagine the type of chaos he would bring to the world. The guy was a walking enigma with a penchant for finding trouble, making fun of beings superior to himself and being a pain in the ass to those associated to him, and for some reason they were okay with that. They were okay being a friend to such a person.

Apparently she was one of those people.

"I feel that being with and around you will be troublesome." Thalia muttered.

Naruto couldn't help but bark out in laughter when he heard the young teen, startling the young teen. It was similar to something that Shikarmaru had told him a long time ago. He missed the lazy genius, cloud watching just wasn't the same without the guy. Time to stop being the student and start being the teacher. Was something he said. That guy knew he would need it in the future, how far those the guy think.

But it wasn't time to start being sentimental, it was time to protect his student, what kind of teacher would he be if he didn't.

"We're here." Naruto said, walking toward a huge golden door. He had been walking around it, just to help calm down the nervous girl, it was kind of hard to ignore the power in the direction anyways.

"Yeah." Thalia said.

"Ready?" He asked the girl.

Thalia nodded, slapping her cheeks to get psyched up. "Ready." Her previous nervousness gone.

Both of them walked towards the meeting place where the rest of the gods were, Thalia with a new resolve and Naruto with his face mask.

Artemis was nervous. Why? Because everyone already knew that she had a daughter and wanted to hear her reasoning. She had broken several laws, both official and personal yet she really couldn't find it in herself to actually regret it, if anything breaking those laws brought her more than what she expected.

Of course, she had enough influence to make sure that the gods don't attempt anything against her daughter, well everyone except Aphrodite, the women just did what she wanted because she was the 'darling' in Olympus.

Naruto could handle himself, it wasn't like she didn't give a crap about him, it was just that he seemed totally independent and he didn't need the help at all. She got the feeling he was hiding something big, and it was going to be revealed at the meeting. The man was so intriguing that she felt drawn to him.

Not love or simple friendship but something else.

Then there was the thing with her apparent step-sister. How she hated when her father couldn't keep his hands off women, then again he might have found a way around the 'no kids' rules, she doubted it though.

She could FEEL the absolute anarchy that was coming. She hated to admit it because some small part of her mind was already corrupted by Naruto but…

She was looking forward to the amount of chaos coming.

Athena was keeping her cool, calm and badass chick who you never mess with façade but on the inside she was a torrent of emotions. Her first thoughts were as follows: Why? Oh gods why!?"

When a goddess prays to another albeit imaginary god, that's when you know something big and all kinds of shit is going down.

First she found a nice guy, he was all kinds of quirky. He was smart-ish, his personality tended to clash with his intelligence and he had no real tact as he said a lot of things bluntly. But he wasn't afraid to try out something new, to experiment in cooking or science, he was absolutely fascinated by technology. He also wanted to go around the world and see everything it had to offer.

He wasn't her usual type, she usually went for the brainy type and Naruto was the opposite yet the same at the same time. He was goofy but kind, brave and loyal. However, the thing she loved about his was the shine of sheer ingenuity and brilliance that shined when it was needed that caused her to look in his direction.

He had actually turned out to be what she needed instead of what she wanted, the days during her 'engagement' were some of her happier moments.

She was devastated to leave him, when she talked to him after clouding his memories, it hurt. It hurt not to be remembered, the feelings that used to be there. She hoped that he would break through the mis but it was a pipe dream.

That was why she was so shocked when she realized she was pregnant, honest to goodness pregnant like a mortal. It was a shock, she was not expecting it but she was happy that she was having Naruto's child but also stricken with horror at the child's future.

She could have sped up the process but or once, she wanted to give birth the normal way, though she might have been influenced by her affection for Naruto and her emotions running amok.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she would love, albeit indirectly.

When she went to hand the baby to Naruto as per a stupid law…

Things went south.

Her little escapade with Naruto turned out to have put her in some sort of divine threesome where the man was utterly confused but willing and with two goddesses both in emotional turmoil because of the result.

She was sure what Artemis's intentions were, if there was any time to have a child, it would have been now with the prophecy and all.

She just hopes that Naruto and her daughter make it out of it alive and for Artemis's sake, her daughter too.

Oh and Thalia Grace. How silly of her to forget the reason for the meeting, but in all honesty, she expected her fathers action the moment he made the vow.

Everyone needed a release eventually.

Steps led up to a central courtyard. Past that, the throne really isn't the right word to describe the place, it was huge!

Massive columns rose to a domed ceiling, which was gilded with moving constellations.

Twelve thrones, built for people that were the size of an expanded sized Akimichi.

They were arranged in an inverted U. An enormous fire crackled in the central hearth pit.

Naruto calmly walked up to what seemed to be enormous sized people.

Seriously, they were huge, like the size of Gamabunta!

He immediately recognized Dionysus, Athena, Artemis and Hestia- who was standing at the side-, and Hermes but the rest he could make an assumption of who they were.

Sitting in the middle of the U shaped thrones were the three major gods, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus, they're symbols marked by the thrown they sat on.

Apollo was the rather flamboyant looking guy, easy to tell because he was Artemis's twin.

Demeter was easy to sense because of her close ties to nature.

Hera was easy to identify because of her well known vindictive nature, that and sshe was sending Thalia the evil eye as they walked in.

Ares, easily identifiable by the feeling of bloodlust and frankly the man made no effort to hide his 'ruggedness'.

That only left Hephaestus and Aphrodite, husband and wife as they say but with the emotions he was picking up, it was mostly in name only, and the feeling was mutual.

All of them watched as both Naruto and Thalia, who was a downright mess not expecting the gods to be giants, walk into the room.

There was silence.

"Sup." Naruto said.

The silence continued.

"Yo." Hermes replied.

"How've you been?"

"Pretty good. You?"

"Not bad."

"Okay." Hermes said.

"Cool?" Naruto said. "Cool."

The silence was broken.

"Please stop with the casual greetings! It's embarrassing to even hear you say them." Apollo screamed.

"Well what does one say when they meet gods?" Naruto asked. Thalia was just gaping at the blond for his nonchalant behavior. She had nerves of steel but even she wouldn't talk like that to gods.

"Usually mortals greet the master of the home, in this case it's Zeus." Athena replied. (I can't remember if that's what they do or not)

"Okay. Hey there Zeus. Nice place you got here." Naruto said.

"That was just awful." Apollo replied.

"That's what she said." Naruto countered.

"Oh! You got burned!" Hermes yelled.

"Enough!" Zeus shouted, the sound of Thunder was heard loud and clear.

"Go on Thalia, introduce yourself." Naruto elbowed the teen.

"O-Oh yeah." Thalia stuttered from hearing the thunder, loud things make everyone jumpy. "Hello umm… Father…Lord Zeus…Sir…Any of the above." Thalia tried to be humorous but it wasn't as affective as she hoped.

"So you're Zeus's little spawn. And here I thought that we agreed not to have any children. Care to explain this Zeus?" Hades asked the king of gods.

"I have no need to explain myself to the likes of you." Zeus replied.

"Well whether or not you need to, you broke your vow, what justifiable act would make you think that was acceptable?" Poseidon asked his brother.

"Ten bucks says he was horny." Naruto added.

"That's a sucker bet." Hephaestus said.

Thalia elbowed Naruto. "Even if he was, he's still my father." Zeus smiled at that while Hera glared at him. "I bet he's awesome enough to not kill me and give me some awesome power, right dad?" She asked.

Zeus looked uncomfortable.

"Well, you can't blame a girl for trying right?" Thalia shrugged, partially accepting she might die today.

"Ooh, I like her, she's nice and sassy but a bit too much black." Aphrodite commented.

"How about letting them introduce themselves." Hera pointed out. Causing the typical family chaos that always seem to go on when family members got together, to be cut short.

Thalia coughed a bit and cleared her throat. "Thalia Grace, apparent illegitimate child of Zeus."

"Naruto Uzumaki, former Ninja and Father of Annabeth Uzumaki, daughter of Athena and Tsuki Uzumaki and daughter of Artemis." Naruto said.

"Wait, hold on, you're a ninja!?" Ares cried out, that was BS in his book.

"I just said I was."

"Holy shit! You have two demi-god children! From Athena and Artemis!" Apollo yelled out, not believing what he was hearing.

"Yes, congratulations Apollo, you have niece."

"I have a niece with a ninja parent!" Apollo cried out in triumph before realizing something. "How the hell are you still alive!? I'm pretty sure Artemis would have killed you by now!"

"She chose to give birth as far as I know, her reason's are her own which I'm sure she'll tell us today." Naruto looked at Artemis who nodded.

Athena looked relieved because as far as the other gods knew, Athena gave birth in her normal way. Naruto picking up the signs of her relief decided to match her story.

"You broke your vow!" Zeus proclaimed.

"Yes." Artemis said, it was the truth after all.

"Then please explain why?" Poseidon said, cutting off Zeus.

"For a number of things." Artemis stated. She hoped everyone was understanding. "The first reason was because of the prophecy." She saw a lot of them flinch while Thalia and Naruto looked curious. "Yes, that prophecy. There was no telling what would happen and we need all the help we can, it is about being prepared and not caught unaware." She said.

"Now that just killed all the fun out of this." Aphrodite pouted.

"But that does not answer why you chose to consummate with a mortal." Hera replied.

Artemis just shrugged. "When I decided I was going to have a child, I decided to have it the mortal way, because it might be the only real flesh and blood daughter I'll ever have."

"But why choose this guy?" Apollo said, pointing at the masked blond. "No offense to the guy but I'm sure you could have done better than some masked weirdo." Apollo stated.

"Say the people who can literally shape shift into anything they want." Naruto retorted.

"What's with the mask anyways, are you like all disfigured or something?" Aphrodite asked, imagining sickening scars or worse, fish lips. Ewww!

"You want to see what's under my mask?" Naruto asked. He got a lot of nods.

"Okay." Naruto said, as he started to grab the sides of his mask.

"Under my mask is…" He said, slowly grabbing the fabric of the mask.

For some reason everyone was holding their breath. It was kind of stupid but after watching him walk in with a mask, and not saying anything after a certain point it's just awkward to mention it afterward.

Naruto pulled the mask down revealing…."Another mask." Everybody would have face planted the floor if it were an anime but unfortunately it isn't so most of them chose to glare at the blond ninja.

Athena was shaking her head in exasperation, to prank a god, she should have seen it coming honestly. She knew the blond better than everyone except his daughters.

Artemis cracked a small smile watching everyone's faces, she did have a sense of humor, otherwise her twin wouldn't have been Apollo but after watching Apollo literally go through the book of pranks along with Hermes twice over, it got boring. To see both gods look stupefied at being pranked, priceless.

Thalia was laughing, she had already seen the blondes whiskered face and she had no idea why he wanted a mask. But after watching the gods all fall for a simple yet outrageous prank, priceless.

"I think it would be best to get back to our reason for being here." Athena stated, although she silently acknowledged that so far, it has been the most passive meeting yet.

"Indeed. Now, why the hell are there still ninja around! I thought they became extinct." Zeus asked or rather demanded from the blond ninja.

"They are or were I guess. Or rather they were in this dimension." Naruto stated.

"What do you mean?" Poseidon asked. Athena's eyes widen a bit, as she seemed to finally start following a trail of thought.

"I'll say this bluntly, I am from another dimension. Or is it alternate reality? It doesn't really matter, the fact is, I am here, not from this planet and not an alien." Naruto said, gazing at an disbelieving audience as well as Thalia who's mouth was opening like a fish.

"That's just ridiculous! There is no way that is possible!" Apollo shouted, more awestruck then disbelieving, after all, he was the god of Prophecies, he should see this shit coming.

"Of course it's possible. The fact that you gods can't die already defies the laws of impossible. A dimension hopper is hardly impossible. I'm living proof." Naruto said.

"You should not be here. Your existence might mean the destruction of ours as we know it." Hades stated.

Naruto rose his eyebrow, he saw the king of gods just waiting to strike him down, he idly pointed at Thalia which brought a lot of slight body reactions, very subtle for most people to notice, but not for a ninja.

Naruto couldn't suppress a smirk coming "So there is not anything else that might cause the world to end. No prophecy or something along those lines?" Some eyes widen slightly. Others shined with panic.

There it was.

Something was coming, and it meant there own demise.

"Besides, I never wanted to get involved in the dealing of another world. I knew there was something going on and I tried to stay away, which is totally opposite of my usual personality, and make a bit of myself and live a perfectly peaceful life with a family here. I had no intention of ever dealing with gods, but unfortunately, it seems through either Fate, coincidence or some other power decided I had to come into the picture." Naruto said.

"That was when I made my appearance, right?" Athena pointed out.

"Yes. In order not to get sucked into your world, I suppressed my powers completely, making me seem like a normal mortal, except with awesome stamina and body due to my training. Athena not knowing I was a ninja took an interest in me, and the rest is history." Naruto concluded.

"And with Artemis?" Hera asked, she was really interested in how the man hating goddess became attracted to the blond ninja.

"It was mostly a favor to her, I was training in the middle of nowhere when we ran into each other, we traded insults, tried to beat the other and then eventually left it at that to get back to our lives."

"A few months later we met up to continue our little challenge but with different rules, she asked me or the favor a week later, saying that she could not explain why. It isn't the first time I gave someone a child though." Naruto said, shrugging.

"What!" Everyone cried out, more prominently Artemis and Athena who couldn't help but feel a bit betrayed despite the circumstances.

"Back in my world, there was a priestess that I met on a mission. One thing led to another, I proved her entire world view was wrong, and shattered it to bits and she asked me to bear her children. It was part of life in our world, we live short lives, each of us had a duty to our homes." Naruto said. Honestly, he would and could have been with Shion if he wanted to but Shion thought it would stop him from fulfilling his goals.

"But that still doesn't really explain why she chose you." Apollo said.

Naruto hmm'd, he knew why of course. "In my home dimension, I took up a brutal training regimen that killed all but a few. It involved harnessing the energy the world, Nature. Of course, the type of energy you might be thinking of is different from what I am using but it applies. Artemis loves Nature, she is closer to it than most gods, because of my training, she did not hold me to the same level as she views men instinctively, and being the only male she did not hate, it was only natural that she would be infatuated with me eventually.

"In other words, everyone else was on her hate side while I was neutral at worst, potential lover at best." Naruto concluded.

"Now that just sound like bull shit." Ares cried out.

"Believe what you want. I've never been one to convince people with words." Naruto shrugged. He was more of the 'Prove it with your actions' kind of guy.

"So what are we going to do with Zeus's child?" Hades said. "Apparently I can't kill her, and she's being allowed to live. Remind me again why we took the oath if we were going to break it anyways." He said sarcastically.

"It seems a bit cruel to kill her for something out of her control." Aphrodite said.

"I agree, the girl has done nothing wrong other than existing." Artemis said.

"She is family, besides, if anyone should be at fault it is Zeus." Hestia chirped in.

"Kick him in the balls!" Ares roared.

"I second that motion!" Hades and Poseidon cried out.

"Wait!" Zeus yelled.

"Let the motion be carried out!" Hera declared, she would admit to herself that her cheating husband deserved at least that much.

"Hol-!" Zeus started but was cut off when he felt immeasurable amount of pain between his legs.

Naruto just had to whistle, that was a clean hit, equal force to a curve stomp, that would hurt like hell. "Impressive."

Aphrodite just walked –though it looked like strutting- back to her seat. "It was nothing, I've had plenty of practice."

Hades and Poseidon took pleasure in watching their brother get kicked in the balls, just like every other sibling would when confronted with the same circumstance.

"Now, let us decide what punishment Zeus will get at a later time." Athena said.

"Wait, I thought that kick in the balls was his punishment." Hermes said.

Artemis rolled her eyes, "If breaking a vow made on the river Styx resulted in a stomp in the crotch, then it would be a meaningless vow. Besides, the 'motion' was done for the giggles."

"So, this was mostly just a formality." Naruto concluded, nodding to himself. He'd been in many meetings such as this before, it wasn't like he was a shonen manga hero and could expect to be let of scot free for breaking the rules, he was in a military dictatorship after all, good thing he'd been in so many he could catch loopholes.

Athena nodded. " It is procedure. Everyone's broken their vows eventually, we decided to be more mature about it."

Ares snorted, "Before we just slugged each other black and blue, civility sucks."

"Then this meeting is-" Artemis was interrupted.

"Wait a second, I think we all forgot about something." Ares declared.

"What is it?" Aphrodite asked her off and on again fling.

"About ninja-boy over there." Pointing at Naruto.

"What about him?" Poseidon asked.

"He came from another dimension. He apparently has some kind of powers. How do we know he won't become our enemy." Ares said, causing everyone to tense.

Naruto had to hold back a snarl. He could feel Ares influence trying to provoke him, if he hadn't had everyone look down on him at the start of his life, then he would have reacted but he had ironclad control of his emotions when he needed them, and right now he was in enemy territory for all intents and purposes.

Zeus, who already recovered from the groin attack voiced his own opinion. "Indeed. You are a threat to our way of life. Why should we let you live?" Zeus said, with a clear declaration of a threat. Zeus was a paranoid F-er.

Naruto turned to Thalia. "Thalia, It'd be better if you go outside, things might get a little bit dangerous." Naruto told the teen.

Thalia nodded, she was safe now but she was worried for Naruto, she did not want to be the one to tell his daughters that the gods killed him because they thought he was a threat.

This was it.

This was the moment that would decide how and what would happen to his life and everyone related to him.

He stood alone, in the face of gods, all who, with a word would descend upon him.

But then again, he's faced gods, demons, madman and primordial's! This was not a time to back down!

"Why should you let me live? That's funny, because even gods have tried to kill me before, and I'm still here, so what makes you think you can kill me?" Naruto questioned.

"What arrogance!" Yelled Hades.

"It's not arrogance, its confidence. I'm from another dimension, I know all your powers, all your skills, all your pasts. On the other hand you know nothing about me! You know nothing of my past, my world, my power! I am far above what you call demi-gods! I am not bound by your rules, by your authority! Before even trying to take my life, tell me, why should I listen to any of you?" Naruto exclaimed.

"Because we can destroy you! Not even death will protect you from us! You are a mortal, eventually you will fall!" Zeus yelled.

Naruto laughed, oh the irony. Everyone looked at him like he was insane. "Mortal. Looks like I overestimated you. You can't even tell a mortal from something else."

"What do you mean?" Hestia cut into the conversation, whom was standing in the background.

"I am not completely mortal, yet at the same time, if I die, I will become something that will pose a threat to Olympus." Naruto said.

"Then what are you?" Hades said, gritting his teeth.

"I am what people would call in my world a pseudo-Bijuu, an imitation Tailed beast. Tailed beast were made by dividing the power of the primordial god of my world. They became part of nature, an existence that was a necessity. Many things happened and my body started becoming one of these creatures. If I should die, I will be reborn, and my power comes from nature, which would mean the very world would bend to my will.

Imagine it, every single life, wiped out, do you know what that will mean?" Naruto asked. Everyone was looking at him horrified.

"Without anyone to worship you, you will cease to exist. That is your flaw in your existence, however I will continue to live. However, that will only happen as a last resort, that would be the result if lets say you decide to kill my daughters. Get it? I don't need to win, I just have to make sure that you lose." Naruto stated.

The big three and Ares were pissed but they had to give the semi-mortal their begrudging respect. Athena was pretty impressed with what he said, with him it was a different set of rules. There was no death match between them, instead it went from 'You are dead, therefore I win' to 'He is alive therefore he will win'. He made sure to give them the worst case scenario and give them an ultimatum and a defense for his family.

It was a wonderfully well played move.

As expected for the man she fell for.

The whole, 'I could destroy you' thing was also a bit of a turn on, but one couldn't blame her, it was the first time someone held that power over them…. And she was a bookworm and everyone knows that bookworms are some of the most kinky-est people around. (A/N made up but added for comedy, seriously, everyone is always serious when gods come up in the books, not my style)

Artemis hated to admit it but she thought it was –for the lack of a better analogy- ballsy, as crude as it may sound.

Hestia wasn't sure what to think on, how threatening he was, the extent he would go to, or the fact that he would only do it if they threaten his family.

Everyone else took it in stride, they weren't arrogant enough to think that they could face Naruto but they weren't so petty that they would attack his family. Besides, at one point or another they all thought they deserved their permanent eternal rest, because or their actions or simply craving death.

"Fine. Do as you wish, but remember that your actions will have consequences." Zeus might have been arrogant but he was not a fool, going up against an opponent with unknown skills could be dangerous, and having one that was capable of actually killing them was bad, there was no need to press unwanted buttons of the blond ninja.

Naruto nodded, "I accept the consequences of my actions." He's been reckless before, it has caused him friends and allies before. It might have been there choice to die for him but it was still a kick in the crotch to know that they died to protect him.

Naruto was standing in a near empty meeting hall in Olympus. Thalia had gone and talked to her father, while Naruto simply waited. If he knew anything about women it was that they expected an explanation about their actions.

As if on queue, Artemis, Athena and surprisingly Hestia came in followed by an ever curious Hermes, a giddy Aphrodite, a carefree Apollo and a rather laidback Poseidon.

"How can I help you godly gentlemen and women?" Naruto asked.

Apollo, the guy with no tact said it bluntly, "What's up with your world? I mean, who gets the chance to find out about an alternate world and passes it up. Right?"

Everyone nodded, it would be interesting to find out.

Naruto nodded, figuring that it was curiosity of the unknown.

"My world was a world ravaged by war, it never really stopped until recently. Despite the lack of technology we have here, our world was different, we learned to harness our own bodies energy which let us do many things, the energy was called Chakra." Naruto said.

"Wait? Chakra? Like that Indian thing?" Hermes cut in.

"Something along those lines. I looked in on that and we have something similar called the inner gates but that is besides the point. Chakra is the combination of spiritual energy and physical energy merged together. We gained this power after the teachings of the Sage of Six Paths, the man who held a primordial god at bay." Naruto said.

"Oh you have got to be shitting me! That's just…weird and impossible!" Apollo said.

"The word impossible is for those that didn't bother to try hard enough. Our primordial god, the Juubi, made my world what it was today, lakes, continents, basically it ravaged our world until it was contained. But it's power saturated the land and evolved us. So in theory, we are all demi-gods who can have the potential to at least reach the level of power a god has. Though not many reach it for obvious reasons."

"What kind of power did your people acquire?" Athena asked.

"There is bloodline techniques which are only available through birth. Some use Ice, some use wood, some are capable of using their own bones as weapons. There is Taijutsu or hand to hand combat, Genjutsu, illusionary techniques, Ninjutsu or ninja techniques which involves the elements. Those are the very basics of our power. There are more like weapons techniques, Sealing techniques, forbidden techniques or even space-time techniques. It's only a matter of how much effort someone puts into creating a technique."

"That is a bit unnerving." Artemis concluded. To think that one could get so strong by training and learning.

"The reason not many achieve that level of power is because we lived in a jaded world. For a long time, everyone was divided, everyone fought against everyone. Even eight year old children were expected to fight fully trained adults. It wasn't until around a century ago that a military government was formed, Clans got together and made their own villages. Each village fought for resources, for missions, for dominance."

"Man, your world sound like some messed up place." Hermes commented.

Naruto shrugged. "We work as shinobi. We knowingly walk alongside death. We see our friends and family and those we protect die in front of us. But that is what Shinobi are. Those that endure."

No one really had anything to say about that, there isn't really anything one can say that can change an entire culture view with simple words.

"But who were you? You said you could fight us. There's no way you would be forgotten with that much power." Aphrodite said.

Naruto gazed at the love goddess, figures someone like her would see something like bonds.

"I was someone who left their mark in the new era." Naruto said with finality.

The gods were left pondering what he said.

A Hero

Carrier of Longings

Bringer of Hope

Who walks in the face of death

Who stands strong under any circumstance

With burning will that never fades

Who fights diligently for the ones he trusts

This is a hero…

The days roll on

And the past shifts to future

But his name lives on

Leaving its mark in the new era

In a world of confusion, his name surfaces once again

This is a hero…

Who etches his mark in history

And his name is-

Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto set the book down. The tale of Uzumaki Naruto was part of a larger series that included The tale of the Gallant Jiraiya and other spin-offslike Tale of two sons and The Avenger compiled in a book. It was written by his daughter, the one he had with Shion. Apparently she gained the power to look into the past as well as her mother's clairvoyance abilities.

The books were sent with the toads, with a note saying 'To the father I never knew but loved all the same.'. The books were one of a kind, only for his eyes apparently. His daughter had written them to show Naruto all sides of the war, the stories of those who died and the things that people fought for.

He hardly knew what was going to happen from now on. Right now, things were neutral with Olympus, leaning towards hostile. Thinking back, it was almost the same.

The higher ups deemed him a loose cannon, someone who would harm them. Konohagakure was the same. But he climbed his way up, little by little, he became an asset, he became acknowledged. And in the end they gave him the title Rokudaime Hokage, just before his trip through space and time.

He proved it with his actions. He did it once, he can do it again.

But first, he needed to clear some things up.


There was shuffling heard with a clanging of glass bottles. Naruto could vaguely hear the sluggish movements of steps coming closer to the door. The door swung open to spread the stench of heavy liquor that permeated the house. Naruto blinked at the rather hang over women.

"Mrs. Grace?"

"Yes?" She muttered.

"This is about your daughter, Thalia Grace. I think it would be better to discuss this indoor." Naruto said, drawing a sharp look from the older female Grace.

"O-Oh, sure. C-Come in." She muttered.

"A child needs their parents love' Naruto told himself.

"Gwagh!" A muffled scream was heard as the near human like creature vanished into gold dust.

Naruto had been looking for any strange signs around town, and if a giant staring intently at a young black haired green eyed boy that reminded him of a certain god, then he might have just hit a jackpot.

Walking towards the boy, the boy stared intently at the man. He thought it was funny, the lines on his cheeks, that it made him look like a cat.

"Hello little guy. Can you tell me where your mom is?" Naruto asked, already knowing it was a female.

The boy nodded, pointing at a rather attractive women with straight brown hair and blue eyes, he could already pick off the smell of various candy on the women.

"Thanks kid. Name's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto told the boy, extending his arm.

The boy shook his arm, "Percy Jackson. Nice to meet you Mr. Cat."

Naruto's eye twitched, either the kid was a bit stupid or the kid had balls. "You too brat."

Naruto started walking toward the women, who as soon as she noticed him reacted.

"O-Oh it's you." She said, taking a step back.

"Easy, I'm not here to hurt you. Rather I'm here to help." He said, trying to pacify the women.

"Help?" She asked.

"Yes. I can take a pretty good guess at who his father is and I'm sure you know what's coming." He said drawing a nod from Ms. Jacksson.

"You're not here to take him to the Camp, are you?" She asks hesitantly.

"The Camp? No, I'm here to make sure he survives long enough to know what's going on and make his own decision. I know, you worry about him but these are decisions that he will have to make, keeping him in the dark will only hurt him more." Naruto responds.


"Believe me, I know. Why don't we discuss this somewhere else. My name is Naruto Uzumaki by the way." He said.

"Sally. Sally Jackson."

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