Little Harry James Potter was always considered the most adorable toddler in the orphanage, he had big innocent green eyes, a shorter than normal height, with a healthy pale skin. All the while Tom Marvolo Riddle, a tall and graceful child with a handsome face was considered the scariest out of all the orphans, even the older ones.

But, what boggled their minds was that, they were always together. Like brothers, they are more content to be in each others' presence than in anyone else's; in Tom's case, only Harry. They had all found out, after bouts of crying, whimpering from Harry and hateful glares from Tom, that you just can't separate them.

Tom was Harry's protector, even if their age gap was only a year. He protected Harry ever since he saw him be found by the matron outside the orphanage at one and a half years old. He snuck inside the baby's room and with his curiosity he peeked at the baby. The baby was sleeping but cracked an emerald green eye and cooed at Tom. Tom was awestruck he stretched a chubby hand and touched a soft cheek.

Baby Harry gave an open mouth grin, showing his toothless gums and cooed loudly. And Tom knew at that moment that he had to protect this precious piece of innocence. He felt connected, whole. In just a simple gaze, he was drowning.

When Tom turned ten he got a mysterious visitor named Albus Dumbledore. He claimed to be working as a Professor in a prestigious boarding school for gifted children. The man said their school is offering a scholarship for Tom, apparently they had seen his brilliance in a contest he participated a year earlier or as the story was told to the matron.

Harry was utterly heartbroken at the prospect of being away from the one he considered his closest friend and brother. He locked himself in their room, and refused to come out. Tom was trying to coax Harry with a teddy bear that had a size bigger than Harry and the same size as Tom. He had bought it with his pitiful allowance and used his magic to enlarge the teddy.

"I'll write to you every day and when you're lonely just hold on to this bear." Tom said. Harry tried to knock the bear out of Tom's outstretched arms.

"NO! I don't want a bear, I want you! Why can't I come with you?" He half sobbed half asked.

"You will when you're eleven, they can't accept anyone younger than eleven." Tom reasoned softly.

"But you're ten!"

"In a few months I'll be eleven."

"Iz still nut fwer." Harry sniffled.

"I know. If I could I'd rather have you there with me." Tom said and crushed Harry in a hug.

Harry's sniffles were still heard but Tom stood from his kneeling position and left. Harry continued to stand there tear-stained as his best friend walked out the orphanage.

Tom had to physically restrain himself from looking back. Afraid that if he would see the emerald gaze filled with tears would make him start to doubt himself. But he knew he had to go, to learn all he could so he could protect Harry, take care of Harry, and provide him with everything he'll ever need in the future.

"C'mon little one." Marie, one of the caretakers ushered Harry to his bedroom.

"Go rest and come out once you're better."

Tom looked up; eyes dull as he took in the sight of witches and wizards, bustling about with their trolleys. He passed a tall blond man with his nose in the sky, he ignored the man's sneer and dragged his second hand trunk in the train and tried to find an empty compartment. He found one near the back and settled himself for a long ride.

He stared at his second hand trunk and placed a hand on it and closed his eyes. He felt his magic tingle as it moved through his body to pool at the palm of his hand. The beat up trunk slowly changed and now in its place is a sleek black trunk. He knew he was different, even with the wizards. He is powerful, he is clever, and he will change his life from the dump that it is and make a better future, for him and his Harry.

So Tom gazed at the Great Hall with uninterested dull eyes. He vowed to learn everything, from the shockingly clear sky where the roof should be to the floating candles that keep the hall alight. And as he stood in line to be called, he caught the gaze of the transfiguration professor. Dumbledore gazed back with twinkling eyes and smiled. But he dimmed slightly as Tom continued to stare blankly.

"Malfoy, Abraxas!" Tom blinked as a miniature copy of the blond man from earlier stepped up towards the tattered hat. It took two seconds before the hat shouted. "SLYTHERIN!" He continued to ponder about which house was best for him before finally his name was called.

"Riddle, Tom!' Ugh, Tom. Why not Thomas, or something less plebeian for a name, he quickly walked to the hat, unaware of how the school was struck with his gracefulness. He placed the hat on his head and it slipped down to cover his eyes. "Well now, quite powerful. A great thirst for ambition." He was surprised but didn't let it show on his face. "You are, only loyal to your friend Harry Potter." He gritted his teeth and let the Hat continue his charade. "You'll do great in Ravenclaw, but with your ambition, its best to put you in SLYTHERIN!" as Tom took the hat off; he heard a faint 'Good luck' and walked towards the silver and green table.

The table was silent.

He ignored the sneers and scowls of his Slytherin classmates. He quickly rose in status as the most clever in their year. But even then his year-mates continue to belittle him, for being a S;ytherin and a half-blood.

It wasn't until halfway through the school year that Abraxas got a gift from his father. He immediately went to their dorm with the package. Tom couldn't care less. He finally went up their dorm and found his dorm mates all huddled near a tank. He heard hisses and approached the tank.

'How dare you humansssss, I am ssssss a queen. Don't you lay your filthy ssss hands on me ssss.'

'Do not ssss mind them, my queen ssssss. They are mindlessssss cattle.' He hissed back.

His dorm mates stood in shock. "Y-you can speak to him?" Abraxas asked. Tom narrowed his eyes at them. "She is a queen of her species." He snapped.

"You are an heir." Abraxas breathed out.

"Heir of what?" he asked.