Chapter 4: Recap

"I remember every wand I ever sold Mr. Potter, and it just so happens that your wand has the phoenix feather of the only two phoenix feathers freely given to me by a fire phoenix. Your wand is the brother wand of Mr. Riddle right there."

Tom tensed before relaxing and pulling Harry out of the shop. After that they were tense for a few moments before Harry said.

"Brothers" Tom smiled and took his hand.

They went through Obscurus books, Whizz hard books and other book shops and went through practically every shop. They decided to try Trilfitt and Tattings for Harry's school robes and they briefly stopped by Sugerplum's Sweets Shop for small confections and sweets before they decided they had enough and went back to the orphanage.

That night as Tom held Harry loosely in his arms he thought of the connection that they share. He held Harry tighter, it was a sign, a sign that they were meant to be together somehow.

Chapter 5: How?

What happened? How did this happen? How did it all come down to this? All this fighting, in the end the reason was diminishing one by one. The survivors were grim and anguished, how can they live again?

Harry stood back as he finished his work, all around him there were ruins, carnage, and general destruction of the once great wall of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sad and solemn eyes stare at the ground for an innumerable amount of time before he heard the distinctive sound of an almost silent 'pop' of apparition.

"Harry…" The newcomer murmured, his red eyes taking in his lover's defeated aura. Harry tensed for only a moment before he relaxed and excluded a tired sigh.

"What is the use of winning a bloody war when you only get destruction as the reward?" Harry said conversationally, not expecting an answer as he turned to look at his love Tom Riddle.

Lord Voldemort was silent as he thought of the consequences of his actions, his hands clenched as all of this destruction was the fault of his broken mind. The Horcrux had taken too much from him, it had taken his beauty, his soul, and his most precious treasure; his mind. Harry had helped him; he restored his souls instead of killing them, now the only Horcrux left is Harry himself.

He was thankful of his lover for giving him back his mind. While all the Order sought to defeat him, his little love fought to save him. And as he thought back on the war and the pain, it was already too late.

The war had taken almost everyone, the light and the dark both suffered serious casualties, casualties so great that it is next to impossible to rebuild again. It would take time, and generations to even create a proper government again.

"Are you really going to go through with this plan?" Tom whispered as Harry prepared himself for the ritual.

"I have to" Harry said as he walked towards the Dark Lord, he raised a hand palms up and offered. "Join me, please." Lord Voldemort was silent for a few moments before he reached out and accepted the hand. They both stepped towards the ritual circle; they both laid their palms outside the circle of chalk and chanted.

"Mon kun y glasir Iil unf, li hasef jhi knoat kuh." Harry murmured before taking a handful of salt from his pocket and started laying down the runes.

"Juno ki y gidl gui ni pous r ruis, fileafs zigxc." Tom took out a small ritual knife and placed a small cut on his finger then handed the knife to Harry as he did the same. They both placed a drop of blood in the ritual circle and they could feel the wind pick up around them. It took only a few moments before they both disappeared and with them the materials for the ritual and the ritual itself was also gone. No trace could be found in the great hall and it showed no life whatsoever.

Harry could feel his bones melting and it was agonizing but he couldn't scream. He could see Tom beside him, also in pain before they could feel a tugging sensation on their navel and the familiar sensation of squeezing in a tight tube before they both landed on their feet. Disoriented but conscious they noticed that it was dark.

Harry took in the familiar streets and houses of the cookie cutter neighbourhood. No. 4 Privet Drive stood in front of them like a looming nightmare from Harry's past before they heard the unmistakable sound of a baby's cry. They shared a look before they walked towards the sound that was coming from the doorstep.

Every step Harry took he could feel the rising tension. As they neared, they could see the basket, a blue blanket covering the small baby inside. Harry knelt and uncovered the small head. Wide emerald green eyes looked back at him as the baby cooed softly at his presence. Harry's eyes drifted upward towards the tell tale mark of the lightning bolt scar.

He took out his wand and casted a warming charm on the basket before he held the handle then stood up. His eyes met Tom's who was a few feet away and inclined his head towards the baby. Tom hesitated before walking forward; Tom looked at the baby and took in his cherubic features. He raised a hand and softly caressed a chubby cheek, the baby cooed at him before yawning then closed his eyes.

"Lets go" Tom said then wrapped his arms around the two in front of him as they slowly faded from sight.

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Marie Dosanne was the head caretaker of St. Mary's Orphanage and while it didn't give much money, it was enough to place food on the table, the numerous tables in the orphanage that is. She had no family left so she considers the children and the other caretakers her family instead.

Marie had just finished giving the children their dinner when she heard the doorbell ringing. She sighed and walked towards the door, she opened it just a crack and noticed no one, confused she opened the door wider and noticed a small bundle of blankets set in a basket on the steps in front of her. Shocked she looked around frantically for any signs of a parent and only saw two men talking with each other across the street.

She sighed as this always seemed to happen and took the basket. "Caroline! Help me here!" she shouted for another caretaker and Caroline immediately appeared. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"There's another one, prepare a cot for the little one." And as Caroline nodded then went to work she poked around the basket, as most have names around there somewhere. She found a note and an envelope inside.

This boy is Harry James Potter; he was born on July 31st.

Please take care of him.

She shakily took the envelope and opened it; she gasped and had almost dropped the basket when she saw the amount of money inside the envelope. Her eyes were filled with tears, they would not fear hunger for a few more years. She set it aside and looked at the baby. "A beautiful baby, you'll be a heartbreaker, I can tell."

Around the corner unbeknownst to her, little Tom Riddle saw the sight. Hands clenched in curiosity.

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"Do you think this will work?" Harry said in doubt as he looked on from across the street.

"Of course, if anyone can change me, it's you." Tom said in confidence with a small smirk at his lips.

They both started to fade as the price of their ritual started to take effect. It wasn't that bad actually, they are just spectres now, onlookers. They will stay that way for the next seventy years or so till they reach their once present time.

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Tom and Harry stood in front of the red steam train for Hogwarts, Harry was so very excited he was almost skipping. Harry had developed a plan of sorts; he knew of Tom's plan of someday changing the world, either in the shadows or on the front line, and decided to help as much as he can.

Tom had explained to Harry that he had followers and companions. Tom didn't want Harry to be in Slytherin because of the discrimination; Tom had many enemies already and would rather not have Harry too deeply involved in the conflict. There was no way that Harry would NOT be involved as is.

Tom grabbed Harry's hand and they both found an empty compartment. Harry would occasionally slip his hand into his pocket to ensure James the Teddy Bear was still there. Harry caught sight of the bracelet he made for himself, it was similar to Tom's bracelet and it would always bloom with different flowers. His magic enhanced ears could hear the pitter patter of shoes as the students go by, he got bored after a moment and decided to explore.

He told Tom that he had to go to the bathroom and slipped out. His face was blank with emotion before he saw another student with a small mountain of sweets in his arms. He schooled his face to be in an adorable way and slinked forward.

"Excuse me, but can I have half of those sweets." He said pushing the magic into his voice. The boy burrowed his eyebrows and said. "Sure why not?" And gave the half to Harry, while he giggled and left the confused boy behind Harry counted that as a success. He placed them in his pocket for the moment and continued to look around the train.

"Well what do we have here, a firstie." Harry tensed for a moment before turning around looking innocent. There stood three familiar looking boys, Abraxas, Theodred, and Tobias. The three looked shocked to see him before they all lost the nasty demeanour and grinned at him happily.

"Are you lost?" Tobias asked.

"No, no, I was just going back to our compartment."

"Oh ok" There was an awkward second before Harry smiled at them brightly and whispered.

"Go back to your compartment and stay there." He sneered slightly as they dumbly nodded then turned away. It was said that someone of high magical power can overcome the voice magic, and Harry knew only Tom could overcome his magic. He looked outside a window and decided to go back to Tom.

He slipped back into their compartment and dumped the sweets on an empty seat before placing himself beside Tom. Tom raised his eyebrow but didn't comment, this always seemed to happen with Harry and learned to ignore it, like the solid gold watch Harry brought a week ago.


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