Chapter 3: Adjustments

One in the morning. Violet had made a date to meet with a boy at the train station at three. They weren't going to really do anything, just talk. On the train ride on the way here, she had discovered that they had a lot in common. There was no way that she was just about to go this entire two weeks without seeing him.

Since she still had some time, she decided to go out to the kitchen and grab a snack. One thing that she had learned from sneaking out was that if you were going to go without sleep, you had to at least eat. The energy had to come from somewhere.

She made her way out of the den and through the dark living room where she felt her way though to the kitchen. It was easy once she got there, there was a light in the fridge.

All the sudden, the lights went on, causing her to stand up and look towards Bob and Emily's bedroom. "Hey. Sorry I woke you. Wanted food," Violet flatly greeted and then turned back to the fridge.

Emily yawned as she walked over and sat down at the table. "What are you doing up?" she groggily implored.

"You want anything?" Violet offered, holding an apple.

"Could you get me the crackers off the top of the fridge?" she requested.

Violet grabbed the box and carried it over to her before joining her at the table.

"Thank you."

"Now, you asked why I'm up. Ever hear of jet lag?" Violet asked before taking a bite.

"You ever try being polite?" Emily quipped as she opened the box.

"I got you the crackers didn't I?"

Emily just glared to her as she took a bite. "Nora's very patient isn't she?" she inquired.

Violet sat back and smirked to her. "You came out here because you heard me and didn't trust me didn't ya?" she questioned.

"I just woke up. That's all," Emily assured her.

"Really?" Violet asked. "Because I'm about to severely judge you for trusting me."

"I have a hard time believing that you're that bad," Emily replied. In all honesty, she felt that this was just an image that Violet was trying to uphold. She was sarcastic, and she dressed dark, why not have the persona of a troublemaker to go with it?

Violet laughed. "Rosemary's thankful that she had her son rather than having to deal with me. I'm like Rhoda from the Bad Seed, just smarter. And as I'm sure your husband pointed out to Mr. Borden, I'm Linda Blair without a cure. Those are just a few remarks that I've heard so far," she explained. She was now really starting to wonder what Nora had told this woman about her.

"You don't have to fit that description," Emily told her.

"I fit it before anyone gave it to me," Violet informed her.

Emily sighed. "Are you wanting a babysitter?" she finally offered, getting too tired to keep going on with this conversation.

"No, I just believe that you deserve a fair warning," Violet answered and then stood up from the table and headed back to the den.

Emily sat there a moment and then got up and headed back to bed. There was something about this young girl. She felt like she had to help her, but she didn't know with what yet.


It was nearing five in the morning as Violet climbed off the elevator onto the fifth floor. The entire place was quiet, making her wonder whether or not she could be heard already. As quietly as she could, she went over to the door at the end of the hall and cautiously opened it.

There was no light, which was a good sign. She sneak into the apartment and closed the door behind her. No one there. Good. She let out a sigh of relief as she started back towards the den.

"Not again," Emily moaned as she quickly made her way to the bathroom.

Violet froze for a moment, hoping that she wouldn't walk out into the living room. After a minute, she continued to the den and flipped on the light.

"Hi Bob," Violet softly greeted upon seeing him asleep in the chair. There was no lying her way out of this one.

"What?" he jumped. As soon as he remembered what he had been doing, he stood up and looked to Violet. "Where, where were you last night?" he questioned, a little frantic.

"Well I wasn't here," Violet replied as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "I was just out, near the train station."

"What could you possibly have, have been doing there? You don't even know anyone out here," he implored.

Violet thought that it was a little funny to see him get worked up, but she bit her tongue. No use in getting him more angry. "I met a boy on the way here," she casually told him. "We met on the train and decided that we were going to meet each other."

"Is he nocturnal?"

"No," Violet laughed. "We just liked the idea of meeting late at night. It sounded more fun."

"Yes, I remember when I started dating Emily I would often pick her up around two AM," he remarked.

Violet rolled her eyes. "I don't think you understand."

"No! I, I don't!" Bob replied.

"Calm down!" Violet warned, keeping her voice hushed. "You don't want o upset your pregnant wife."

"Don't change the subject!" Bob snapped. He was about to go and say more to her, but froze. His eyes widened with fear as he registered what she had said to him. "What, what was, what was that?" he nervously asked.

Violet smirked, catching onto the fact that she may have hit a sensitive spot here. All she had wanted to do was change the subject. "Please, don't tell me you haven't noticed yet," she scoffed. She watched him, scared stiff with his eyes still on her. Violet's smirk faded from her face. "You really haven't noticed anything different about her? Maybe like the fact that she just complained about throwing up AGAIN? When she's fine during the day and at night, leaving her sick in the morning. Then there was last night, she woke up just to get a box of crackers. Any of this sound familiar to you, doctor?"

"I seriously doubt that she's pregnant," Bob said, more to comfort himself than argue with Violet.

Violet held up her hands in defeat. "You're right, I could be wrong," she admitted. "I mean, I am just a young girl. My Aunt was staying with us last year when she found out that she was pregnant, you know, doing basically the same exact thing that Emily's doing right now, but you're right, I know nothing and it's all a lie. Everything's still okay in the magical world of Bob land over there."

"She would've told me if she even thought she was," Bob argued, again, more for himself.

Violet raised her eyebrows. "Well with the way you're reacting now with just a mention of a chance, she might want to wait until she's sure," she stated.

Bob just turned and started to leave the room. His mind was now elsewhere. As soon as he walked out though, he turned back into the room. "You're still in trouble!" he warned.

"Ground me," Violet instructed. "Deny me everything like you told me not to go out tonight."

Bob was about to say something, but stopped a second. "We never told you that you couldn't go out. You, you never even asked," he told her.

"I'm sure it was implied somewhere that I couldn't go out at three in the morning," she reasoned.

"Right," he said, still thinking about the fact that he might be a father. "I'll, I'll uh, I'll talk to you in the uh, the morning," he stated as he went to leave.

"Sweet dreams daddy," Violet said, causing Bob to briefly stop. "Just remember, your little angel could grow up to be like me. You might want to keep that in mind."

Bob didn't even look back to her, instead he just went ahead and went back to bed. He crawled into bed next to his wife who had already gone back to sleep. He watched her for a second, wondering if there was anything to what Violet had mentioned. Maybe? He knew that she was in trouble and wanted to distract him, but could there be more to it?


Bob sat on the couch as he read through the paper.

"Morning," Violet grunted as she headed to the kitchen.

"It's noon," Bob corrected her.

Violet stopped and glared to him. "And I was just about to like you," she informed him.

"I'm crushed," he dryly replied.

"Bob!" Emily called out as she quickly walked out of the bedroom, carrying her purse. "There's ten dollars missing from my purse. Did you by any chance take it?"

Bob looked to her, slightly offended. "Why, why would I take money from you?" he questioned.

"I don't know Bob. It's the only option left and I felt better thinking that it was you going through my purse rather than a stranger," Emily answered.

"No it's not," Violet stated and then went back into the den. Bob and Emily exchanged looks during the brief moment that she was gone. "I snuck out last night and had no idea how much a cab would cost," she explained as she handed the money back to Emily. "I only had five, but that ended up being enough to cover it, so it's all there."

Emily stared to her, widened eyes full of surprise. She didn't know what bothered her more, the fact that Violet stole from her, or the fact that she didn't seem to care. "I don't know if Nora forgot to tell you this, but you can't just take money when ever you want!" she nearly yelled.

"Hey, you got all of it back. I personally don't see what the big deal is. Besides, I'm already grounded for sneaking out. What more do you want? A double grounding?" Violet replied.

"You stole from me! That's against the law Violet!" Emily informed her.

Howard opened the door and casually walked into the room. "So what's going on?" he implored.

"Howard, we're uh, we're sorta in the middle of something here," Bob explained to him, turning to him.

"Hey Mr. Borden," Violet greeted before Howard could ask any more questions.

"Hi Violet," he responded.

"Got any daughters?" she asked.

"Nope, just my son Howie. Why?"

"Just thought for a second that it would be really cool if you had a daughter named Lizzie. That's all," Violet explained.

"Why?" Howard inquired.

Emily rolled her eyes. "Nothing Howard. Now could you please go home and come back later?" she requested.

"But all I wanted..." Howard started.

"Bye Howard!" Bob cut him short.

Howard slightly flinched. "Fine. I'll come back," he said and then left.

Emily and Bob both looked to Violet who had started playing with her hair.

"What?" Violet asked, looking up to them.

Emily sighed. "You think you could go wait in the den for a minute?"

Violet shrugged and headed back into the den. She knew that they were going to talk about her and she knew what they were going to say. She was a bad kid, and they didn't know what to do with her. She had heard it all before.

Bob looked up to Emily, Violet's words still ringing in his head. It wasn't that he would be upset if Emily were pregnant, but he didn't want a baby now, especially after Violet's warning. He didn't want to say anything yet though. If anyone was going to bring it up, it would have to be Emily, and she should be sure of what she's saying. There was no need for excess stress right now.

"What do you think we should do?" Emily desperately implored.

"Well," Bob began, trying to keep his thoughts on Violet. "Uh, last, last night she did ground herself. And she's, she's uh not ours so maybe just tell Nora and let her decide."

Emily sighed. He was right, she wasn't technically theirs. Yes, they had to watch her for a couple of weeks, but it wasn't truly up to them to discipline her. That was up to Nora when she got back home. "We'll talk about it later. I promised Carol that I would meet her for lunch," she said as she headed for the door.

"Bye honey," Bob said, watching her as she walked.

"Bye," she replied as she headed out the door.

"You wanted to ask her didn't you?" Violet inquired, leaning against the doorway to the den.

"Did not," Bob stubbornly argued before going back to his paper.

Violet laughed. "Just let me know what I'm supposed to do for my punishment," she instructed before turning back to the den.