Hotel Transylvania

Chapter 3: Welcome to the Hotel; Meet the Guests

That Night

Haunted Forests

The darkened forests seemed empty and lifeless; the kind of thing anyone would expect a place like a Haunted Forest to be. Until a taxi cab carriage car sped through the darkened forest. It looked like a revved up Hearse with a vampire bat hood ornament on the hood of the car. It sped through the forest, at crazy speed, like a maniac was driving in the car. As it went down the path in the forest, strange monstrous shadows hopped, crawled, slithered, or ran after it, almost following it, as more similar cabs followed after the first one. As it reached an end to the forest, a secret passage way opened up, allowing the car to go down a darkened tunnel. For about fifty seconds, the cab reached the end, and down a stone bridge way, leading to none other than Hotel Transylvania.

Although instead of its usual dead appearance during the day, at night it was much more lively. Gargoyles, witches, and other flying monsters were coming in by air. Hearse cabs were pulling into the valet driveway, allowing monsters to walk towards the front revolving door. The lights were bright, but not too bright to be seen by human eyes. Even though the place was livelier than it was during the day, the place was kept secret as best it could.

The first cab pulled up towards the driveway, as the chauffer got out of the driver's seat. It was actually a headless horseman, with a jack O'lantern for a head, and dressed in a usual chauffer uniform. On the sleeve was the Hotel Transylvania insignia, which was an H merged with a T. the driver walked over to the passenger's door, and opened it, allowing its occupants to exit the vehicle.

Suddenly, in a huge tidal wave, a humongous litter of puppy werewolf kids poured out. They were all boys, with black shirts on, rhinestone collars around their necks, and a few appeared to have ear piercings. And only one girl with pigtails, a pink rock shirt, and one pearl piercing.

However, one werewolf who looked to be about nineteen jumped out. He had a slim medium build to his body, covered in brown fur with a crème underbelly, puffy forearms, and had a fake silver pendant around his neck in the shape of a werewolf. He wore a pair of black running pants with gold line trim on the sides, a white under shirt, and a black hoodie vest with gold trim on the sides, sleeves and hood itself, alogn with a pair of goggles on his slicked back mane of hair, and a pair of yellow eyes.

"Here, Mom, I got ya," he said as he helped out another occupant out.

She was a female werewolf, of thirty years of physical age, a flip helmet haircut, with the same color fur as the young adult werewolf, with a slim figure… except she was pregnant. She wore a lovely sundress, big enough for her pregnancy, as the boy helped her out the cab, "Thank you, Will, sweetie."

"No, problem, Mom," Will escorted his mom, but called out, "Dad, you comin'?"

"In a minute," someone from the cab called out, "I gotta pay the driver." As Will and his Mom walked to the entrance, the last werewolf popped out. He was a werewolf of brown and gray fur, in his forties, physically fit, with yellow eyes, and a bit worn out. He wore a bluish white button T-shirt, blue pants, and a black belt. He looked like a number cruncher, and pretty worn out, even for a wolf man. He pulled out the right amount for the cabby, and mumbled as he handed the horseman the payment, mumbling, "Yeah, it's a mess back there."

As the wolf man family walked towards the entrance, the cab became surrounded by slumping zombie bellboys. Once they were close to the cab, they smashed into it, moaning like the zombies they were. As they smashed holes in it, they began to pull out the luggage, escorting it in as they slunked on by. But they stopped for a moment… as a female zombie past them by. Once she was away from them, they acted all goofy, making themselves look good, or hooting or moaning out for the girl's attention.

"HEY!" Nero shouted at the door, getting the zombies' attention, as they jumped back to work, even as she shouted, "YOU'RE HERE TO WORK! NOT OOGLE THE FEMALE-ZOMBIES, PERVERTS!" And stormed back inside the hotel.

One of the zombies looked tohsi friend, and mumbled, "Ard-arz."

"I HEARD THAT," Nero shouted, startling the zomibes again, "AND I UNDERSTAND ZOMBI-NESE!"

Inside the Hotel

The inside of the hotel was just as lively full of visitors and customers as it was outside. Inside, monsters of all shapes and sizes were conversing with one another, or getting a room. There were gill men, the fish people that were remembered from Creature of the Black Lagoon, goblins and trolls, and the occasional orcs. Gremlin people as well, including living skeletons sitting down and conversing with one another. A blob monster or two, and sasquatches, or Big Foot monsters, even yetis were walking about, almost filling up the whole Main Lobby. There were even mummies and witches, as well as a few zombies who weren't part of the staff, all conversing with one another. Even Nera was having a hard time, trying to do all this at once; this was one of the days the ditzy redhead vampire couldn't handle all by herself.

Luckily, all that was made easy, as Dracula and Lucretia walked down the stairwells, with each in their hands, keys to guest rooms. But Dracula stopped in the middle of the Main Lobby stair well, as he announced to one and all, "Everyone! Welcome once again, to Hotel Transylvania!"

As they reached the bottom, a skeleton mariachi band started playing, uplifting the moods. Dracula and Lucretia began passing down keys to the occupants, as the Count announced, "Human-free since 1989: the safest location. Take an itinerary. I have personally designed the table of events this whole week. And leading to dis Saturday, my daughter's 118th Birthday party extravaganza."

"Thanks, Count," a Gremlin and his wife smirked, as he took a key, "We always look forward to coming here every year. The safety and all."

"Yes, you and your wife have a good evening," Dracula waved, seeing the married couple go. As he watched all around with a smile on his face, his mood seemed a bit… saddened, at the sight of so many couples all around.

Lucretia took a look on the Count's face, and sympathetically looked to him, asking, "Thinking about Martha again?" Dracula sighed, looking up at Mavis' painting. This being a sign that she had hit the nail, and decided to comfort her brother-in-law. She placed a hand on his shoulder, "If she were here, she'd be happy to see the Hotel running so smoothly like this." She then turned his attention to her, as she smiled, "I know I am."

Dracula smiled at that, as he patted his heart, "She's always here, Lucretia."

"SIR! SIR! SIR!" a suit of armor shouted, running towards the two vampires. He stopped to them both, as he stood at attention, and reported, "We have an urgent problem in plumbing!"

"Plumbing?" Dracula asked, and then looked serious, "On it!"

Lucretia nodded, and called out, "Mr. Ghouligan!" And then a slumping zombie plumber dragged in, as she looked to the armor, "Where's the problem?"

"There's a clogged toilet in room 348," the armor pointed out, as well as to the occupant that followed him.

They all looked behind them, and saw a huge hulking figure, covered in brown fur, and had big feet. Dracula reassured the resident, "It's okay, we all have stomach problems, Mr. Bigfoot."

Suddenly, the pack of mini-wolves ran inside, running a rampaging amuck all over the place. The kids were hopping up and down on the organ, gnawing at some of the walking skeletons. And a few were 'marking' their territories. The wolf man walked in, along with his wife and son, Will, as he scolded, "Hey, kids! You're supposed to make mom and dad miserable."

"Dad, relax," Will reassured his dad, "They'll get tired easily, and go back to gnawing on your tail and ears."

The wolf man groaned sarcastically, "That's reassuring."

One of the wolf boys was gnawing on Dracula's cape, but was picked up by the Count, as he cocked an eyebrow, "Now, now. No roughhousing in the Main Lobby, Wilbur. Dis is a hotel, not a graveyard."

The little werewolf boy mumbled, "Sorry Uncle Drac and Aunt Lucretia." He then let go and ran off with the others.

"Wayne! Wanda! I'm so glad you made it ere," Dracula greeted the wolf couple, and then patted Will on the shoulder, "William, you made it as well. I was concerned you couldn't make to my leetle ghoul's party. What with Coolege on you bowled platter."

"He wouldn't have made it either, if he didn't skip out of his make-up classes," Wayne scolded his son indirectly.

"Hey," Will shot out, about to argue with his dad, "You're the one who signed me up for those classes. It's not my fault I don't have any interests in number crunching."

"Come on, you two," Wanda stepped in between the two, "This is supposed to be our only time together this year. That and holidays." She then patted her tummy, "If not for me, then do it for the imminent arrival."

Wayne and Will looked to each other, and sighed in defeat, as Will shook his dad's hand and admitted a truce, "Well, okay. If only for the new litter coming in."

Wayne nodded, "Same here." But he pulled his son in, and whispered a plea, "But pray that it's only one this time. And that it's a girl."

"And don't worry about the litter," Lucretia reassured her friends, "We'll clean up the mess, free of charge." She looked to where Nero was, and nodded to her.

The raven haired vampire shouted, "HOUSEKEEPING!" Suddenly, a squadron of witch maids flew in, cleaning up the mess with nonstop speed.

Just as the mess was cleaning up, zombie bell boys were carrying three packages; one was big enough to be nearly eight and a half feet big, the other one six and a half, and the other one, was a sized box for perhaps a five'seven" size. Leading the zombies, appeared to be a zombie girl of sorts.

She had light blue hair and pale gray skin. Her appearance was very studious and she wore "nerd" glasses. Because this girl was of zombie heritage, she had trouble with facial expressions and tended to slouch and stand in awkward positions. Her eyelids also blinked one at a time, rather than at the same time. She wore a black, red and white striped off-the-shoulder shirt with elbow-length sleeves under a white camisole with a cherry pattern and red trim, as well as fishnet sleeves under her shirt that wrapped around her hands. She had a black and white piano belt with a square skull symbol belt buckle, which she wore with red strappy shorts and tie style knee-high sneaker boots. She also wore pink zipper earrings and a green headband.

Will looked to notice the zombie girl and smirked, as he zoomed over, howling, "Ghoulie!" He stopped at her, getting her in a tight hug, as he playfully swung her around, "Ghoulie Yelper, you walking dead reject! How's it moaning?"

Because of her physical limitations, she only spoke 'Zombie', which was moaning and groaning, as she answered, "Nraaaagh."

Will hooted, "Oh, that's so you. Helping them out." As he swung her around accidentally, knocking the big box and the average box over.

The bigger box crashed near Dracula, as the body parts of an eight ½ foot tall humanoid popped out. He was male, and had Black hair with gray streaks, with yellow eyes, and blue skin, as well as having visible stitches all over his body. His body was massive and strong, made only for the strongest body parts of several big guys. He even wore a blue business suit, white button up shirt, red tie, and big black boots. This was the Frankenstein Creature, or Frank for short.

His head rolled over to the Count, as Dracula picked it up and smiled at his friend/brother, "Franky, my old friend. I'm so happy you and your family made it." He then smirked, cocking an eyebrow, "Still traveling by mail, as always, Mr. Cheapo."

Frank sighed, as he confessed, "Ah, it's not a money thing. I just can't stand planes." He mumbled, "The whole plane engine-exploding thing, you know."

"Yeah, yeah. We know," Wayne pointed out, as he mocked, "Fire! BAAAAD!" And both Dracula and Wayne had to laugh at the frown and impersonation. Once the laughter died down, Wayne asked, "So how's the family?"

"Oh, they're doing great. Eunice is still, well you know… cranky. And Frankie's… " he stopped as he looked around, "Frankie! You alright, honey? Where are you?"

"I'm in here," a female voice spoke out from the regular sized box, as Ghoulie opened it, pulling out the body parts of a teen girl Stein.

The teen Flesh Golem's physical age was that of a fully-grown girl in her late teens, at the age of eighteen. Also, despite been a monster made up of parts from different people, she had been created with a well-balanced, attractive body, unlike her father and mother. She had long white hair that ended at her lower back, with black streaks, similar to the Bride of Frankenstein's hair. Her hair had white streaks that were more straight and natural-looking, and was styled with a side fringe that covered her forehead held with a clip. She had light, mint green skin, and had a condition known as heterochromia which gave her odd-colored eyes - one green, one blue. Though the heterochromia was more likely gained from being assembled from multiple bodies, rather than a case of hereditary genetics. She has visible stitches all over her body, most obviously near the joints of her limbs, around her neck, and across her right cheek. She also had two bolts fixed into her neck, which allowed her to absorb electricity to use as energy to keep her body working. Even though her body was in pieces, she wore a green and black plaid dress, with the dress ending at her knees, with a white collar and organdy puff sleeves. For accessories, she wore a black polka-dotted tie with a silver Skullette pin, a black studded belt with a lightning bolt buckle and a chain, blue Skullette earrings and blue and silver bracelets. Her shoes were in black and white stripes that match her hair colors. This was Frankie Stein, the daughter of Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein.

Her head smiled to Ghoulie, "Ghoulie, I wanna thank you for helping me and my family get here. Even though you had to ride the HDS delivery truck alogn with us."

Ghoulie shrugged, "Naaaawgh."

"The seats were that comfortable?" Frankie eye browed, and smiled. "Well, I'm just glad the trip wasn't too taxing on you." She then spotted Will, and smiled, "Will! You're here too, that's just great!"

Will grabbed her head, and smirked, "Hey to you too, Frankie. When's Mr. Cheapo gonna stop sending you guys in packages and start driving, or at least book a flight?"

Frankie frowned, as Ghoulie went over to put her back together, "It's not a money problem, Will. My dad's just very nervous around planes and cars." She then shied to look away from her friend, "Though I can't blame him either. If either engine from either vehicle would explode…"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it," he nodded, and mocked her just as his dad mocked hers, "FIRE! BAAAAD! MRAAAAARGH!"

Frankie just frowned, "I never said that in my life." But then she eyed Ghoulie… and noticed that her skirt was being pulled up, as she blushed crimson and shouted, "GHOULIE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Don't lift my skirt up!"

But they noticed Ghoulie wasn't even touching the skirt, as she tried to assemble Frankie's arms on. The trio also noticed the same thing… happening with Dracula's cape, as it was floating in the air, as Wayne and Frank looked in equal confusion. Then suddenly, the Count Jumped, shouting, "AH! Who pinched me?"

The same thing happened with Frankie, as her body jumped, before Ghoulie assembled her left arm. Frankie blushed, "Who groped my butt?"

Even Ghoulie jumped, as she looked around, shouting, "Graaah! Uaaaaah!"

As Frankie's body attached her arm, and walked voer to her head, Frankie gasped, "Somebody pinched you? And then groped your butt?"

"Okay, who's doing all this" Will asked, and then yelped, as he threw Frankie's head back onto her body. He turned around, growling, "Who yanked my tail?"

"Alright, who pinched me?" Dracula interrogated, as the others looked around.

"Guilty," nobody answered to Dracula, as only a floating pair of glasses appeared, "You're irresistible, Drac."

Dracula and the others grumbled, as he groaned, "Yes, Griffin the Invisible Man, very good." He then joked, "Great to… 'see' you! AHAHAHA!" And the others joined into the laughter.

Griffin shook his head, as he folded his glasses, going completely invisible, "Ha, heard that one before."


Drac recovered from getting slapped in the face, and took a swipe at Griffin, who wasn't hit, as he taunted, "Missed me!" Dracula extended claws out, as he took a swipe at him, but kept hitting empty air, as Griffin taunted more, "Missed me. Missed me. Missed me!"

Finally, Dracula sighed, as he shook his head in defeat, "Alright, you win." He then pulled out a piece of bacon as he handed it out, "Here, hold dees bacon."

The Invisible Man accepted it, but asked, "Wait, why am I holding bacon?" And then suddenly, the wolf cubs all pounced on him, making a visible outline of the man, as they gnawed at him for the bacon. "AAAH! OHH! AGH! NOOO! GET THEM OFF!"

The three teen monsters watched the playful sight before them, but Frankie then had to ask, "Wait, if that was Mr. Griffin, then that means…." Frankie then jumped again, as she shielded her butt, "Stop groping my butt, Billy!"

Suddenly, like a ghost, somebody materialized among them, looking all smirked with his arms crossed. It was a boy of about eighteen years of age, physically, monster age unknown; slim but fit figure, more like a skate boarder. He had an icy blue skin tone which looked almost white, gray eyes, and his short but baggy hair was a dark shade of blue now that he was visible. His basic outfit was a blue beanie, a blue stripped hoodie which faded to gray, a white belt, a splatted blue and white pair of jeans, and blue and white skater shoes. This was Billy, son to the Invisible Man; an all-around prankster, and somewhat outcast.

He chuckled as he crossed his arms, bouncing his eyebrows at the girls, "Guilty as charged. It's hard to resist teasing you girls like that." He then nodded to Will, "Good seeing ya, Willy."

Will groaned as he taunted, "Yeah, but it was great… not seeing you. AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"

Billy scoffed a laugh, and then frowned, "HA! Never heard that one before." And then disappeared from sight.


Will was double slapped by the Invisible Billy, and started the all-out war between the two. Will tried to take a swipe, but hit only air, "Ha! You missed me!" Will's claws extended out, and he furiously swiped the air all around him, hoping to hit something, as Billy taunted, "C'mon, Will! You swipe like an old alpha male."

Frankie and Ghoulie only watched, as Will was losing this battle, as she asked her zombie friend, "Why doesn't he just sniff him out? He'd catch Billy easily."

"Nraaaagh," Ghoulie answered.

Frankie looked shocked at that, "Hay fever?"

Will stopped, huffing and puffing, as he looked to the girls, "Happens when the seasons change."

Ghoulie stepped out, and moaned out, as Billy, who was still invisible, smirked, "Ah, you're finally giving up, eh? Knew invisible men were better monsters." She then pulled out what appeared to be a sandwich, as she handed it to the invisible boy, as he took it, "A token of surrender, eh? Thanks." But then he sniffed it, and gulped, "Oh, no. Is this a ham sandwich?" Suddenly from behind, the sandwich, and its invisible owner, were swallowed up by a slime monster, as he pleaded, "AH! WAIT NO! PLEASE, I'M STILL ALIVE! HEEEEELP!"

The trio just chuckled at this scene, until Frankie stopped the blob, "Okay, spit him out, Steve. Please?"

The green blob finally spat him out, as Billy was covered in goo, and reverted back to visibility, as he groaned, "This beanie was a gift from my dad."

But before anyone else could laugh, a huge sandy wind blew at the front door, gaining everyone's attention. The winds swirled and swirled, as a huge dune of sand began to form at the door. The dune got higher and higher, just as the winds began to form at the top. And then, a huge booming voice shouted, "HERE COMES THE PARTY!"

And in a flash of sand, two individuals appeared. One was a mummy, portly with stubby legs, green flaming eyes and a large mouth. Behind him was another mummy, of the age of twenty, though he wasn't portly, but well built, like a body builder. He wore an Egyptian tunic around his waist, with a gold sash around his waist, a wrist band on his left wrist, acting like a watch, which it was, and wore a ruby red beanie, and had green eyes as well, with an equally big mouth. The Bigger Mummy slid on his stomach, towards Dracula and the other adults. While the other mummy pulled out a board looking like an Egyptian Ank tablet, and slid over to the young adults.

"Murray, my dear friend," Dracula greeted the Mummy Murray, with a hug. But then pulled way, as he berated him, while rubbing his fingers together, making grains of sand, "De sand, Murray! De SAND! Always with de sand!"

The larger mummy appeared behind the four others, as Billy cleaned himself off, and embraced them all in a group hug. "AHAHAHAA! You guys," the bigger mummy howled out, "You all made it!"

"Good to see you too, Moto," Frankie smirked, ignoring the crushing feeling.

"Yaaagg," Ghoulie moaned out, with a stretched out smile.

"How's it goin?" Billy squeezed out, trying to get out of the grip.

"Glad to see you're still upbeat as ever, Moto-Moto," Will noogied his mummy compadre.

Suddenly, another knight zoomed past them, going straight to Dracula and Lucretia, as he reported, "SIR! MADAM! We have an urgent plumbing problem!"

Dracula stopped interrogating Murray about the sand, and asked, "Another plumbing problem?"

"Where's the situation?" Lucretia asked.

"Well, uh… all around the Main Lobby," the armor confessed.

Suddenly, valves and pipes began exploding, nearly flooding the main lobby enough to make waves. Suddenly, coming out of the front revolving door, was a blast of water, shooting into the main lobby at high speed like a torpedo. As soon as it reached out of its end of the lobby, out shot up from it, another young adult monster. It was a Gillman, the missing link between man and fish, or rather a Gill-boy physically around seventeen, thin but physically fit and he had jungle green scaly skin. His fingers and toes were webbed with yellow webbing, and on his forearms and calves, were webbed fins. On his back were two lizard-like yellow and green fins that folded out. On his head were two yellow fins folded to look like he had a mop head of blonde hair. He had sort of two small yellow lures over his blue eyes, making them into sort of eyebrows. He wore a black wetsuit, with sleeves that stopped in the middle of his biceps, and the legs stopped under his knees, that had blue trimming on the outer parts of the sleeves and legs, and on the shoulder and thighs, as well as under and atop the turtleneck, and the zipper. There was even a blue like that went under his ribcage and that was on his shoulder in a line, going front his shoulder blades to his nipples. Around his waist was a phany pack belt, and around his wrists and ankles were blue wet bands.

He shouted at the top of his gilled lungs as he pounced at Moto. "SURF'S UUUUUP!" but suddenly, Moto grabbed him in mid air.

He then roared right into his face, "AAAAAAH!"

"AAAAAH!" the fish boy screamed right back, unleashing three tentacle tongues at his friend.

But then the two hugged each other, as they both laughed aloud, with Moto chuckling out, "I luv this guy!" He pulled the Gillman away as they were now face to face, as Moto smirked, "Gil! You smelly fish; how ya been?"

"Oh, you know me, keeping it real," Gil shrugged, but then they both felt a darkened presence behind Gil, as they looked behind him… and saw Dracula, glaring at them both, as the gillboy gulped, "Oh, Count Dracula… hey."

Dracula continued to glare them down, as he asked, "You kidding me. Right in my lobby?"

"Sorry," Gil apologized.

Dracula broke his glare, and then shouted, "HOUSEKEEPING!"

Suddenly, the water drained out, as Nellie opened a faucet, allowing all the water to be drained out, as well as the sand. As things were settling down, Frank, who was being put halfway together, which was put with his head on his arm socket and his right hand on his neck, scooted over to the kids.

"Hey, guys," he whispered, "Check this out." And then concentrated hard… on his legs to get up, and sneak over towards Murray's direction.

Frankie saw what was going on, and pleaded, "Dad, please… don't embarrass me."

"So the directions Dracula gave you worked out?" Lucretia asked Murray.

"Yeah, they worked out all good for me," Murray replied, both not noticing Frank's legs sneaking up behind him all stealthy, and then stood up behind the mummy, "Gotta admit too, the hotel looks off the hook."


Murray went wide eyed, as did everyone else around him, as a big green gas cloud appeared behind him. Dracula slunked over, glaring at him, as did Lucretia, who glared back to the mummy, "You're kidding. In the lobby, Murray?"

"I-I swear Drac, that wasn't me," Murray did his best to clear his name, even though he acted rather embarrassed about it. He loked to Lucretia, "Lucretia! You believe me don't you?"

She sighed, and looked to Neros, who shouted, "HOUSEKEEPING!"

A witch flew past them, and with a chimney blower, sucked up the thick stinky green cloud, and brought it over to the fireplace. She blew it in there, and stepped back, as an eruption of green flame shot out, nearly scorching the spot. Murray looked at that scene in embarrassment, and spotted a female mummy who saw the whole thing. "I swear, I was not the cause of that," he confessed, but she didn't believe him, as she walked away.

Everyone just had a huge laugh at all that, until a small spider appeared in front of Dracula, and spoke out, "Count! It's ready!"

They all looked up, young adult and parents alike, and saw that the spiders had webbed up a sign, saying…


They all smiled at this, all encouraged about Mavis' birthday coming up soon. Even Billy, a somewhat outcast to them all, was smiling at the upcoming event. It wasn't everyday anybody was able to celebrate a coming-of-age birthday, especially when that someone was the daughter of the Great Dracula. "Oh, if only Martha were here to see this," Wanda confessed.

Dracula just smiled, as he patted his heart, "She's always ehre, Wanda."

It was time for the big announcement, as Dracula stepped up to the podium, for everyone to here in. "Everyone, my friends, I bid you welcome," He addressed everyone, as he went on, "Another successful year of business, as well as another wonderful birthday party for my daughter, Mavis. For which, I am eternally grateful for all of you to attend and celebrate with me and her." He then went serious, as he pointed to a projector screen, "As well as another year of refuse and safety… FROM THEM!"

The room went dark, and the screen went on, as everyone gasped to see a slideshow of their most dangerous nemesis: humans. The pictures were all of tourists, but then went to one of a fat man eating a subway sandwich, as Dracula explained, "Our latest scouting party revealed that de humans are becoming fatter… so that they can overpower us." It then slid over to two humans wearing skimpy outfits, "And dey are wearing less clothing, allowing dem to have more movement to strangle us, decapitate us, and stuff our heads full of candy."

"Um, excuse me, excuse me. Uncle Dracula," Frankie stepped up, just as her father finished putting himself together.

Sighing, Dracula looked to his niece, "Yes, Frankie?"

She took a deep breath, and fiddled her hands, as she asked, "I just don't see that happening. I mean, how do we even know that the humans even remember us? Let alone still behaved the way they did a hundred years ago."

"I'm glad you asked dat question," Dracula nodded, snapping his fingers, "We've also have found several documentary films of their recent practices in monster hunting." Suddenly, the screen came alive, with clips and scenes of horror films, with the humans slaying the monsters. This in turn caused all the monsters to gasp, scream out in terror, or faint from watching this montage of atrocities. Then Dracula stopped the video as he then explained, "And we've also learned that they show these documentaries… IN PUBLIC AS MESSAGES OF HATRED!"

Ghoulie moaned out in disgust, "EEEUUUWWWECH!"

"I know," Frankie gasped, "That's just vile!"

"I know, but dey weel never find us here," Dracula encouraged all, as he shouted to a cute picture of a boy eating ice cream. "Evil villain you will never win!" He then smiled to everyone, as he made his way to the elevator, "Okey-dokey, de fun starts in five minutes, and I'm just going to see my leetle girl."

Frank chuckled at that, as he called out, "She's not so little anymore, Drac."

"Yes, she is," Dracula shouted, and roared out, "RAAAWWWR!" And reverted to normal again, as he took the elevator.

With everyone just standing there, the remaining box shouted, "Frank! Are we at the hotel or not?" Suddenly, the box shot open, as a bluish pale head was held up by a skinny hand with pink nine inch nails on it. She was female, in her thirties from physical design, with a 'Married with Children' raven black hairstyle with a white streak in it, as well as a purple headband on it, yellow eyes, and stitches on her entire body. She was physically portioned well, wearing only a black pencil skirt, and a violet turtleneck purple sweater. She was Eunice, the Bride of Frankenstein.

"Frank! Did you book us a Dame Deu Massage?" she nagged out for all to hear, "Did you get us a table at Hunchback's? Did you do anything at all…?"

But the box was slammed shut, as Eunice continued to argue, while Griffin sat atop the box, as he smirked, "You're welcome, everyone."

Next Chapter: Father and Daughter Chat; Shadow and Light Meet

Voice Cast:

Will Wolfman: T.J. Miller

Frankie Stein: Amanda Seyfried

Moto the Mummy Boy: Phil Lamarr

Gil: Greg Cipes

Billy the Invisible Boy: Will Friedle

Ghoulie Yelper: Miley Cyrus

Lucretia: Drew Barrymore

Also the films used in Dracula's montage of Hunting practices are the Monster Squad, John Carpenter's Vampires, Land of the Dead, Van Helsing, the Mummy Remakes, the final scene from the Wolfman, and Resident Evil.