Chapter 6 - A walk in the park

Sam Pov

"Freddie im going to hit you seriously , put me down." " no way princess puckett." .. yeah so here I am on freddie's back and he isn't going to put me down., "Sam just enjoy being taller." seriously benson if I was feeling better i'd seriously kick your butt right now. I was waiting for his comment and now it came"haha puckett well I guess im lucky then."

"Okay now your going down." "what." before I could register what happened I was now lying on the grass., with him beside me.,"Freddie do you ever feel like running away from it all." I asked him, He turned his head quite fast at that remark.,

I definately ready for his answer which was involving me being stupid but it never came,"Honestly Sam, I have thought about that.", okay I was not expecting maybe there's more to freddie than I never known."

"Sam, I was so angry at myself, the truth is sam, when we used to fight and biker, the truth is I strangely liked that, it was fun, but sam you knew more than anyone else about me even if you didn't realise it.", "what do you mean freddie." I sat up to face him and looked into his eyes. "Sam it's you, your the only one who understands me who knows who I am, and who I want to be, you never changed when I dated you, look we both know carly Sam."

"Yeah ofcourse we know Carly, she's both our bestfriends,.", Freddie took a deep sigh,"Sam what I mean is , you still insulted me even when we dated, you never changed when we dated, and I like that., Carly she did sam, she acted to weird with me and I hated it by far." This was such a shock, I couldn't believe these word were coming from his mouth."Freddie I didn't know you thought that."

"Sam I knew you hated sappy so I never told you anything like that when we were dating , and that everything you've been through."

I didn't know how to respond I thought he'd went back to carly and whats just saying that but now im certain that hes telling the truth so I replied"thank you freddie for everything and."

opps im mean, cliffhanger. what will sam say back?

will she pour her heart out to him or will she not let him back in. find out tomorrow which is saturday.