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As Leo and I head over to the restaurant, it's awfully quiet, and I can't bring myself to break the silence that has descended upon us.

And I'm sure, that even though I myself said that this isn't a date, that I'm blushing as red as a ripe tomato, since, well, I am with Leo, out for lunch.

I look over at Leo, who's seemingly deep in thought, and I wonder what on earth he could be thinking about. Then I see him glancing at me, and I blush harder. I try hard to fight it, and thankfully – by some physiologically defiant miracle – I manage to do so. He looks away quickly, and I see him shake his head. What's that about?

He looks at me again and I take it as an opportunity to talk to him. I look up at him and smile.

"I'm glad you feel better now, Leo." I say, and I get a tinge of red in his cheeks as a response. He's blushing? Why on earth would he be…?

"I'm glad too." He says, and we walk the next couple of feet in silence.

We're almost to the restaurant; the door is right in front of me. Just as I reach for it, Leo extends his hand at the same exact time and our hands meet, right at the door handle. His hand is on top of mine and I gasp, blushing, and quickly take my hand away from his. I look away, and he looks away too.

Then an awkward silence falls and we just stand there, staring at each other like idiots. I notice that his blush is as red as mine, and that makes me blush even harder. And that, in turn, makes him blush harder, but for what reason I've no idea what.

Besides, only Lucy-sama made him blush like that.

What the hell did they talk about back then?

Then he shrugs and opens the door for me. "After you." He says.

I smile in thanks and enter, and he follows quickly afterward.

Then we head to the receptionist – and I've got to ask Leo how we managed to get into such a fancy restaurant later – and she asks us if we've got any reservations. Leo talks to her and I find myself being escorted to a small table, with only two seats, with a candle as the centerpiece.

"How were you able to get a reservation to this place?" I ask him.

"Oh? This? I'm a regular, and besides, I'm Leo, the lion spirit, remember?" he says with a smirk.

"Right. I forgot about that."

We're quiet for a while then I remember, "Wait, regular?"

"Oh yeah. I go here often, you see."

"Oh. How often is often? And how come you've never taken me here before?" I ask him.

He opens his mouth to speak, but a voice cuts in. "Aries! Leo!" it goes, and it's coming closer to our table. We look up to see Aquarius and Scorpio, obviously on a date.

"Hey! Long time no see!" Scorpio goes, standing next to Leo.

"Hey, man." Leo says, fist bumping the scorpion spirit.

"Hey." I say shyly.

"So, Leo, you finally took Aries out to lunch here, huh?" Aquarius says, and Leo's expression says what she just said shouldn't have been said out loud.

Sensing the meaning behind the look, Aquarius says, "Oops," but she figures it's too late for that.

"What does she mean by that, Leo?" I ask him innocently.

Leo looks at me and tries to answer, but Scorpio beats him to it.

"Oh, didn't you know? This is where Leo takes all the girls he goes out with for dates!"

I blush, and try to speak, but "Oh," is all I manage.

Leo's face colors too, and it's Aquarius' turn to speak.

"Ah, I see this is your first date then. Good for you guys! You finally got together! See, Scorpio, I told you they'd end up together eventually!"

Leo and I blush harder and I try to speak, but Scorpio cuts me off.

"Well then, I guess Leo did have some guts to finally ask Aries out! And to think he'd never do it! And he loved her for so long too, right, Aquarius?"

"Yeah, ever since the whole thing with Karen Lilica, I think, but maybe even before that! Anyway, congratulations, you two!"

"We'll leave you to alone now, you lovebirds!"

Leo and I just sit there, blushing like tomatoes, and I finally find my voice. "But we're not dating. Leo just asked me out to lunch. As friends."

Leo backs me up, if not a bit too late, by saying, "Yeah. That's it."

Then the couple looks at us incredulously and says, "Really? Are you sure? Coz it looks definitely like…"

"We're not dating." Leo says firmly, and even though it makes me a little less embarrassed, it pains me to hear him say it, too.

"Yeah…" I add weakly.

Then the two excuse themselves to have their own lunch, and Leo and I feel awkward around each other.

"Well, that was embarrassing." I say, trying to sound humorous.

"Tell me about it." He says, smiling. "Anyway, should we order?"

"Sure, I'm starving." I say.


"Anyway, Leo, what did you and Lucy talk about back then?" I ask him, pestering him again about the subject.

"It's a secret for now, Aries." He says, and looks away, the emotion in his eyes something I can't interpret, but it looks like he's really troubled over something. Over what, I've no idea.

"Fine." I say, giving up.

"Anyway, where do you want to go next?" he asks me.

"I don't know, why don't we walk around first?" I tell him, and we pay the bill and leave.


We walk around the park, and even though I've stressed multiple times that this is not a date, I can't help but think of it like that, and it doesn't help when Leo suggests the next thing we do.

"Hey, look at that, they've got a promo today. The tickets are 75% percent off! Why don't we go?" he asks.

He, of course, is referring to the cinema, and I say yes, not knowing that the promo would be…

"Uhm, two tickets for the promo today?" Leo says, offering to pay my ticket as well.

"Oh, you mean the one for the couple's Valentine special? Here." The girl at the booth says, giving us the tickets.

I'm blushing. I had no idea this was for a Valentine's theme special! We look at the movies they're featuring, and they're all romantic comedies. I look at Leo and he's blushing as well.

"Well, it's pointless to let it go to waste, right?" he asks, referring to the tickets.

Shrugging, we decided to go in.

"Oh, wait, I forgot! What's a movie without popcorn, right?" Leo exclaimed.

"Sure, sure, let's go." I say, grabbing my wallet.

"Nope, I've got this, Aries. My treat." He says, stopping me before my wallet is out of my bag.

"Oh, sure." I say, biting my tongue after, thinking to myself that this is not a date.

Soon enough, we've got our popcorn and we're sitting in the dark theater.

The area is noisy, filled with couples talking to each other, some are smooching, some are snuggling, and the others just look plain old sappy.

Leo and I look at each other awkwardly and try to smile, then he directs me to a couple of seats, then we sit down.

The movie starts.

And I can't help but think about how this is so much like my life.

It's about this girl, and her best friend. Her best friend is a guy. They grew up together and have been best friends since forever. The girl's name is…Alice, I think, and the guy's is Ben. The girl is kind of weak, and Ben has always been there to defend her.

Now, they've been through thick and thin. When Ben lost his parents, Alice was there to comfort him. When Alice (she was an orphan, you see) was adopted by someone who kept on abusing her, Ben always took care of her.

They're older now and they've separated. Alice and Ben have no idea where the other is. Ben and Alice meet unexpectedly as enemies, when they meet again in high school and they both joined this team. And even though they've missed each other –

And I look away from the screen as I feel something warm closing in on my hand. I freeze, unable to look at my hand area, and I stare embarrassedly on my popcorn.

Is that?

No way.

Leo is not holding my hand…

Is he?

I take a deep breath and look, ever so slyly, at the armrest, to see if Leo is really holding my hand. My heart is racing, and racing, and racing, and then I see.

On top of my hand…is Leo's, resting ever so slightly. It's almost just hovering there, unsure whether or not it should be laid on my hand or not.

And I think I stared too long because Leo makes a sound and says, "Oops, sorry." Then he quickly snatches his hand back, away from mine. He won't look at me, but in the dim light of the screen, I think I see him blushing. I hope it's not obvious that I am, too.

What was that about, I wonder?

Now then, back to the movie. Somewhere along the line – since I did miss some parts with the whole Leo and my hand thing – they're back together as best friends. It's obvious that Alice is in love with Ben, but Ben is clearly in love with this other girl who they work with.

Sounds familiar? Of course, it's not exactly like my story, but it's close.

The movie ends when Ben realizes that the one he really loves is Alice, and Alice manages to tell Ben that she loves him, too.

Oh, if only my story would end like that. I doubt it, though.

The lights are turned on and I stretch my limbs.

"Well…that was…" I say.

Leo nods and we walk towards the exit.

We're quiet (again), and I think about the whole deal with the hand thing. Was that an accident? But it was longer than it would normally take if that were just an accident…if it were just that, then wouldn't he have withdrawn his hand immediately?

Oh well.

Leo walks me home. We're quiet, again, and we're already at my front lawn.

"See you tomorrow then, Aries." He goes.

"Yeah." I say.

"We should do this again sometime." He says.

I nod.

"Well, good night." He says.

"Good night." I reply. A part of me is expecting something to happen, a kiss, a hug, something.

He just stays there, and I stare at him, waiting for him to do something.

Then, he moves. Not away, closer. He moves closer to me, closer, and closer, until he's only a breath away. I close my eyes and lean and wait for contact.

But nothing happens. I open my eyes to an embarrassed Leo, looking away, blushing. I blush too, and fumble for the doorknob.

"I should go inside now…" I say, before slamming the door shut.

What the hell was that about?


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