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The End is the Beginning

"Mo graidh? Ya up?" Chibs called as he came through the door in the mudroom. The house was quiet, which was to be expected at two o'clock in the morning, but he knew Milla would still be up. His meeting with Alvarez had gone too long and he was just glad to be home. He took off his cut and boots and went to the kitchen. He knew Milla would have left him something to eat and he was starving. He saw light under the doorway and walked in, only to see his very angry wife on her knees on the kitchen floor scrubbing.

"If you want food it's in the fridge." She told him brusquely as she got back up on her knees and dropped her brush in the bucked at her side before she grabbed a sponge.

"Wha' happened?" He asked and Milla glared.

"Your dog happened. Wallace got into the red velvet cake I made for Mauve's birthday, ate it and most of the cupcakes. Then he proceeded to vomit and experience violent, explosive diarrhea on the floor. I've been cleaning for a good three hours now and the red won't come out." Milla told him as she barely paused for a breath and Chibs schooled his face to hide his grin.

"Where's the pup now?" He asked and Milla took a spray bottle from her side and sprayed the pink on the floor, her face still angry.

"On the deck, Kenny put him in the travel kennel with a blanket. Don't worry, your baby boy is fine." Milla glared at her husband who got down on his knees in the kitchen and took one of the extra sponges and started cleaning a particularly red spot.

"I'm sorry lovely. Why don' ya go upstairs and take a bath? I'll have the prospects come by and scrub in the morning." He offered and Milla stood and stretched.

"Sounds like a good idea but I feel more like having a shower. Join me?" She asked and Chibs got up from the floor. Leave it to his woman to give him a reward when his dog was the reason she was pissed.

"You look so beautiful." Milla smiled as she helped Ellie into her prom dress. It was this complicated corseted contraption made of black satin and red lace. A little provocative but part of the reason Milla let her get the thing was the fact that it was twice as hard to remove as it was to put on.

"Come on Mom, I'm not beautiful." Ellie blushed, still unwilling to take a compliment.

"Wrong, you're my Elliedoll and you're beautiful. You have your Mom's beautiful eyes, your Dad's smile. I know you rarely saw it but he had a great smile. You and Kenny are the perfect blend of both of them and they're watching you right now, beaming with pride. Just like Chibs and I are." Milla wiped a tear that had fell on her cheek and Ellie turned around to hug her.

"I love you Mom." Ellie whispered and Milla squeezed her tightly.

"I love you too, now let's get this on you so we can freshen your makeup and get your shoes on." Milla let go and took a deep breath before she had Ellie turn around so she could finish up with the dress.

Soon enough Ellie was all dressed and on her way downstairs to her boyfriend. Milla was ahead of her and smiled as she saw Chibs, Phil and Hap standing in a semicircle around Will Hale, Ellie's boyfriend and Jacob Hale's youngest child. Milla liked the boy well enough. He was respectful and treated Ellie like a precious jewel but he was still a boy, with a penis, and her mambear instincts didn't like that being around her precious baby

"Hello Will." Milla greeted as she got off the last step and Chibs moved back to let her into the semi circle. She looked back and saw Ellie talking to Espy so it was her chance to speak her peace so she moved closer to him and gave him a hug. As she hugged him she whispered in his ear. "Show her a good time tonight but keep your hands to yourself. I like you, don't fuck that up."

She smiled sweetly as she moved away from Will and inserted herself into her husband's side. Ellie finished her path and hugged Will who was brave enough to hug her back while her parents watched on, proud of the beautiful girl they'd raised. A few minutes later they were standing outside the den while Darlene took pictures of the couple from every conceivable angle. Too soon it was time for them to leave and Milla stood out on the porch and watched the limo Will rented for the evening drive off. She felt tears in her eyes but held them in until the kids were gone, then all bets were off. As she dabbed her eyes Chibs came behind her and kissed her head as he held her.

"Who'd a' thought seven years ago that we'd be seein' our girl go ta the prom? With a Hale?" He asked and Milla chuckled and he continued. "Ya did so well mo graidh. Ya raised 'er strong an' smart. She's gonna make it because a' you."

"It wasn't just me babe, it was us. We raised her right and built a strong family." She turned around and rose on her tiptoes and kissed him. "I love you."

"Come on, we promised the kids some junk food and stories. We can' disappoint 'em." He told her before he kissed her then she unwound her arms and began to move toward the house. Before she got through the door he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. "Love ya."

One Year Later...

"It's really done? All of it?" Milla asked as she crawled behind Chibs on the bed and draped her arms across his shoulders.

"Aye, no more guns, no drugs an' no more pussy. We're legit now." He said as he took a breath, then let it out. "This is good fer us mo graidh, good fer our family."

"You don't need to convince me babe. I know this is best for all of us." She kissed his cheek before she moved back and started rubbing his shoulders. "So how're the other charters transitioning?"

"We're having some problems with SAMBEL, but they'll be comin around. We're legit now but it'll be awhile before the transition is complete." He rolled his shoulders under her hands before she moved forward and ran her hands down his chest.

"Wanna fool around? Get more of this stress out?" She asked and Chibs moved far quicker than a man his age should have and pinned her to the bed.

"Yeh're gonna be the death of me woman." He growled before he brought his mouth to hers. She might be the death of him but it would be a damn fine way to go.

"This what ya want?" Happy asked Milla as she sat on a chair by the pool table with her shirt rolled up to her shoulder and she looked at Chibs and grinned.

"Yeah, I'm sure." She told him confidently and he looked at Chibs.

"You still want this done bro?" Happy asked for permission from his President and friend who nodded.

"Aye, I want my mark on 'er an' I want 'er mark on me." He told Hap as he pointed to a spot on his chest where Happy was going to mark him with Milla and Mauve's names.

"A'ight." Hap said before there were no more words spoken as he inked a switchblade with Chibs' name on the blade. It had been a long time coming but Milla felt it was only right to get her man's name on her. She'd only recently gotten rid of the last marks Juice had left behind so it felt right to do it.

As soon as she was done Chibs took her vacated chair and she sat next to him while she watched Hap ink her name on her man's skin and felt pride. He'd linked her name with Mave's on Chibs' chest and put two entwined rings on the top. It was perfect and as they laid in bed once the tats were done they spent a lot of time studying each other. Proud to wear each other's mark.


One Year Later...

"I've been thinking..." Milla started to speak but her voice trailed and Chibs looked up from his saddlebag to raise an eyebrow.

"Tha's never good...What were ya thinkin' mo graidh?" He asked and Milla smiled as she crossed the room and pressed her body close to his.

"I was thinking that since things are going so well for us and for the Club that now would be the perfect time to try for another baby. I want another child with you." She explained as she ran her hands down his chest and he smiled before he kissed her gently and held her hands in his.

"When I get home we'll talk about it lovely." He kissed her again before the sound of bikes rumbling outside got his attention. "I've gotta go. Kiss Mauve goodnight fer me an' give Espy an' Robby hugs. Tell 'em all I love 'em"

"You got it, love you." She kissed him again before he moved away, grabbed his stuff and went down the stairs. Once he was gone Milla sat on the bed and smiled. They'd have another baby soon and the thought made her almost giddy. Her life had turned from shit into something great and soon it would be even better.

Milla sat on a chair in her daughter's dorm room and dabbed at her eyes. She didn't want Ellie to see her tears and think she was upset. Yes, she was sad to see her daughter leave home but she was also insanely proud of what Ellie had accomplished. To think a girl from her upbringing would get a scholarship to Stanford University to study Pre-Law was astounding.

"Hey, Mom, Cherise wants to take me to the coffee kiosk. Is it ok if I go?" Ellie asked as she poked her head in the door and Milla smiled as she stood.

"Of course it's ok baby, you want me to do anything since the prospects have pretty much everything unpacked and set up?" She asked her daughter and Milla shook her head.

"No, Mom, you've done so much already. I'll be back soon, then we can go out to lunch before the orientation." Ellie told her as she smiled wide.

"Sounds great sweetheart, have fun getting to know your roommate." Milla told her before Ellie's blond head disappeared again. As Milla moved to the bed to finish making it her phone rang and she smiled as she answered. "Hey you."

"Hello lovely, how're things with Ellie?" Her husband asked and Milla sat on the bed.

"It's good, Ellie's got a pretty nice room and she's getting along with her roommate. None of the prospects fucked up so everything should be fine." She told him as her smile turned sad when she found a picture of the kids with Donna and Opie and her heart hurt.

"How're you holdin' up?" Her man asked and Milla chuckled. Leave it to him to see beyond her facade.

"I'll be fine but it's hard. I just don't know how I'll handle it when it's time to leave her here." She told her husband who chuckled.

"Yeh'll survive darlin'. Jus' remember how proud ya are of 'er." He told her and Milla smiled widely.

"How do you always know how to make me feel better?" She asked and Chibs chuckled.

"Because I love ya. Now go on an' finish helpin' Ellie, then come home. We still have a baby we need ta make." He said and after that they said their goodbyes and Milla did as she was told. She did as much unpacking as she could while she waited for her daughter. It was going to be hard to say goodbye but she could do it, especially since her baby had earned it.

One Year Later...

"What happened with Espy?" Milla asked as she stood at the island in the middle of the kitchen and transferred the cookies to the cooking rack. and Chibs sat down at the table with Mauve on his lap.

"I told ya, she beat up a boy fer callin' Robby a nigger an' sayin ya didn' know who his Da is. She's got in-school suspension." He explained and Milla moved to the sink and washed her hands before she joined her husband and babygirl at the table.

"I know what happened baby. What I want to know is what you think happened to her today that made her go nuts. Normally, she just verbally beats down the kids." Milla explained and Chibs leaned down and kissed his daughter's dark hair.

"I guess the little bastard's been on this all week. Espy says he's got a beef with her because she's smarter than him." He told her and Milla sighed.

"Makes sense, his family's filled with elitist douches. Robby heard what happened." Milla told her husband who raised his eyebrow and she continued. "He's surprisingly ok about it. I guess he got that ladback thing from Juice. He did ask if I felt sorry enough to get him a subscription to National Geographic though."

Chibs chuckled with his wife while Mauve looked between her laughing parents with a confused look on her face. She looked so cute that Milla moved forward and planted a kiss on her cheek before she moved up to kiss her husband gently.

"I told him we'd get him the magazine and take him to the museum Sunday. What do ya say Daddy?" She asked him and Chibs smiled.

"I say we better go Saturday. The sea life exhibit is only open 'til then." He told her and Milla nodded.

"Sounds great." She continued to smile at her husband and they chatted for a while longer before Milla left to help Robby with his homework and talk to Espy about what happened.

While Mila talked to their daughter Chibs took Mauve into the den and set her up in the corner with toys while he watched some tv and enjoyed a cigarette. He smiled to himself as Mauve started playing with her tiny Dyna and settled back into the cushions. He never thought he'd ever be this content with his life. He had a good family, a good woman and he didn't have to fight and scrabble to survive. This was his dream and now he was living it.


Three and a Half Months Later...

"Hey baby." Milla greeted her husband softly as he entered the hospital room. "Meet your son."

Chibs didn't say anything as he walked to the bed and kissed his wife's forehead before he kissed his son's. He gave her a smile then took a deep breath before he could speak.

"How're ya doin? I'm sorry I wasn't here fer ya." He apologized and Milla smiled at him and shook her head.

"No need to be. We're both healthy and your son is strong. Looks like he got more from you than your name." She smiled and Chibs kissed her before he took his son in his arms and held him.

"Ya hear that m'boy? Yer Ma thinks yer like me. I don' know how good that'll be in the long run but I'll try my best to live up ta it, ta be a good Da and ta make ya proud ta have the name Filip James Telford." He told little Fillip Jr. as he kissed his head again. "I love ya son."

He felt his eyes mist up as he looked at his son then the tears fell as he moved his eyes to Milla who was sniffling quietly from her spot on the bed. He moved further up the bed and moved his hand to Milla's face while she pressed her cheek against his palm and smiled through her tears. Ten years ago she thought her life was over, that nothing was ever going to be good again but he had proved her wrong. With his help she'd moved past her pain and they'd built a life together. A life she dreamed of when she was thirteen and fell in love with a gruff, but kind, Scotsman. As her tears stopped she ran a hand over her son's head and looked at her husband, her eyes shining with emotion.

"I love you baby." She whispered as she placed her hand on his and he turned his smile to her. His eyes said it all and as he moved to kiss her Milla sighed in contentment. This life had been her dream so long ago and now she was living it.

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