This Chapter is a Flashback, mostly

Kim's pain was fading but it was replaced by cold, hard betrayal. It all started at lunch talking to Grace, Sophie and Olivia


"So I entered our Band into the talent show in 3 days" Sophie told them confidently

"WHAT?" Kim choked

"Come on we're great" Sophie said

"If you're sure" Olivia nervously said

"Don't worry, Olivia, we are really good" Grace reassured her, "and talking of being nervous When are you going to ask Jack out, Kim"

"Yeah" Sophie added

"I don't like Jack" Kim lied

Olivia gave her an "I really don't believe you" face

"Okay, maybe I do but he doesn't like me"

"Are you joking me, of course he like you" Sophie scoffed

"Go get your man before he's taken" Olivia Added

"Okay, I will ask him now" Kim sighed

Kim looked over at Jack talking to the other wasabi warriors

She looked back at her friends and got up and walked over towards him

"Hey guys" Kim greeted

"Hey" they all replied

"Well, um Jack..."


Donna was running over to the table

"Hey Donna"

"I was wondering do you want to go out"

Milton's, Eddie's and Jerry's jaws dropped

"Umm sure" Jack said quite surprised that the most popular girl in school just asked him out.

"Great" and walked away

"Gotta be faster than that, Kimmy" she whispered in Kim's ear

Somewhere in Kim broke

"What was it, Kim?" Jack asked

"Oh, nothing important" Kim said and walked back to her friends and slummed in her chair

"I can't believe that" Olivia muttered to the rest of the girls "Donna Topin is so stupid, so she can act and she's pretty. She mean and self centred"

"Your right" Grace and Sophie replied

Kim gave agreeing grunt as tears pricked her eyes

She looked back at the table where jack had been sitting. Jack was getting up and walking out, Milton, Eddie and Jerry had disapproving look on their face and staring at Jack. Grace noticed too.

"Looks like some people also don't approve of Jacks new girlfriend!" she whispered to me

Next day

Kim was running to school and ran straight into Donna

"Be careful where you're going, Ant" She growled

Kim went around her.

"Oh, Jackie, there you are?" She said in a fake high pitched voice

Kim muttered darkly to herself and walked into school.

"So what song are we going to do for the Talent show" she asked the rest of her band on the way to Band practice

"Don't know" Grace said "Any ideas, we have two days"

Sophie shrugged her shoulders "it will have to be good, Donna doing a scene from some play and she tends to win it"

"Well I have nothing" Olivia said as she picked up her drum sticks

Sophie picked up her guitar and Grace sat at the keyboard.

They practiced for a while

"Hey, has anyone seen my phone?" Kim asked "I don't have it"

"No, we will help you find it" Sophie declared and everyone looked around the room

"Sorry, It not here" Grace sighed

"It doesn't matter" Kim said "I was getting a new one anyway"

She and her friends headed towards the lockers when she saw Jack and Donna there and debated continuing. Sophie had to literally pull her over to her locker to get her books.

"Kim, if I'm late again Mr Mason will kill me" Sophie complained getting her own books quickly as Kim stood there frozen and Jack turned around and faced her. Sophie couldn't, at first see why till she looked at Jack. He had fury in his eyes blazing.

"Um... Kim we should really be going" Grace muttered nervously

We all tried to pull her away from Jack, which was hard because she was completely rigid.

"Well, it was nice seeing you, Jack, but we really better get to Math" Said Olivia who looked as scared as Kim, tugging harder at her arm

"On the count of three, we run" Grace hissed "1...2...3"

All four girls took off and didn't turn around till they were at the door to math

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Sophie stated

"I...i.i.i don't Know" Kim stuttered

"Neither do I" Grace said "but I think I know who's behind it"

"Donna" Olivia Growled much out of character

*End of flash back*

Sorry if this is bad I'm not too good at story writing partially grammar, I'm 12 people