Amy was right, The Doctor realized, straightening his bowtie after exiting the TARDIS and looking up at the gray overcast sky. He had no idea why the weather always seemed to be at its worst on days like this.

Especially at graveyards. The Doctor smoothed any remaining wrinkles in his tweed coat, ducking back inside to grab the bouquet of flowers, before emerging for a second time and softly closing the door behind him.

The cemetery was peaceful this time of year. The sweltering summer months had turned into the crisp fall, and a cool breeze tickled the grass, causing goosebumps to prickle The Doctor's skin. Of course, the fall weather wasn't the only thing that was giving the nine hundred and counting Time Lord a sudden attack of the gooseflesh after all.

Shouldn't have come. Shouldn't have come…. Turn around…. Turn around!

Still his feet plodded on. Past the graves that dotted the field both large and small, some elaborately decorated and others small stones only about a foot high. The Doctor crouched next to one large one, that was painfully, painfully familiar.

In Loving Memory

Rory Arthur Williams

Aged 82

Amelia Williams

Aged 87

How long had they been gone now? The Doctor closed his eyes, his hearts pounding in his chest. Tears beginning to burn behind his eyelids. He wouldn't cry. He dared not cry.

Amy and Rory. His best friends. His in-laws. Gone. Gone forever. He missed them terribly, so much it felt as though his hearts would explode from his chest.

Perhaps it would be better. He'd lived far, far too long. Despite being the master of time and space, it was moments like this that made him feel so, so incredibly small.

"Ponds." The Doctor said with a thin smile, struggling to retain his composure as hot tears threatened to fall down his face.

"I was just in the neighborhood, so I figured I'd pop by you know? Nothing wrong with that is there?"

The Doctor set the bouquet down beside their gravestone, one hand weakly grasping the cold marble. He didn't move his hand, but he let it remain there for a moment, absorbing the cold, drinking it in.

This is real. This is my reality. My own fixed point in time.

Amy and Rory are, for all intents and purposes; dead.

The Doctor finally opened his eyes. Amy and Rory's names staring back at him from the marble stone.

"Well I'm not one for goodbyes, so…" The Doctor stood slowly, stepping back a few feet from the grave. "I'll see you around then. Dunno when I'll be back, but I promise I'll make sure to pop round again when I do."

He felt cold and suddenly pulled his tweed jacket closer to his thin body. He glanced around the empty cemetery.

"You were the greatest friends I ever had. You were more than that. You were my family, and I will never, ever forget either of you."

He told his feet to move, screamed at them to move, but he couldn't. For all the dread of wanting to come back to this place, now The Doctor suddenly found himself unable to move his feet.

"Doctor? Doctor?"

The Doctor turned, and noticed the young girl sticking her head out of the doorway of the TARDIS, waving him over.

"Doctor- there's a call for you- something about Ood's taking over Macy's, so I guess we should get going?"

The Doctor looked back at the blue box that had been his life for so many years and nodded with a small smile.

"Alright, alright I'm coming Jenna."

The Doctor gave one last smile, touching the gravestone tenderly before turning and trotting back into the TARDIS.

In a few moments the familiar whirring could be heard, disturbing nothing but a few leaves on the trees, before the blue box vanished into the crisp autumn sky.

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