Sting and Lucy Eucliffe's Children

Sting was a very happy and proud man as he walked his children towards the local hospital his 12 year old son Tsuyoi who happened to be the spitting image of his mother was looking at him if he was crazy while holding his 7 year old sister, Layla by the hand who's brown eyes blinked at him owlishly "Onii-tan what's wrong with daddy?" she asked timidly as their father looked like he was going to burst into song, her brother smiled at her replying "He's just happy because Mum has had are little brother and sister making him a daddy again" his sister nodded content with the answer.

As they reached their mother's room they could already hear voices on the inside Sting opened the door to reveal their mother sitting in the bed while talking to their Auntie Weiβ and Uncle Rouge, Sting had walked over his eyes brimming with joy as he bent down to kiss his wife's forehead "You've done it again Lucy" he said happily, his wife giggled "Sting dear meet your new son and daughter, Kasai and Hisa" their mother replied beaming handing Sting his son for the first time and her eldest his new sister "remember Tsuyoi it's your job to keep them in line for me" her son sighed and nodded showing his delighted sister the new addition to their family.

Sting beamed at his wife and kissed her gently murmuring "I'm glad I stole you from Salamander's guild and made you my mate" Lucy laughed kissing her husband on the cheek "And that's not the only thing you stole was it?" she told him mischief gleaming in her eyes as he answered "Damn Right!"

Ah! Finished I was so worried about doing this pairing! I hope you guys understood my little innuendo at the end ;) I love you all and thanks for supporting my stories :D



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