Maka shivered underneath the blankets as Soul pulled them up and over her. "I told you that going out in the rain was a bad idea, Maka."

"It never rains in Death City!" The meister whined. "It had been so long since I had seen any I couldn't resist!" There was a blush playing on her cheeks that wasn't caused by her fever.

"Yeah, the bookworm couldn't resist going out in the pouring rain while we're on a mission to destroy a prekishin, yet she can resist playing basketball with her friends every time." Soul joked.

Maka swatted at him, but her arm fell short. Soul chuckled and gingerly picked her hand up by the wrist, flopping it against his face. "Feel better?" He asked.

"Thanks, Soul," she muttered with a smile as she burrowed down into the blankets. "Kid, Liz and Patty were out looking for the same prekishin, have they found it?"

"Naw, they came in and crashed a while back. You were still asleep. It took a lot of effort to keep Patty quiet enough to not wake you!" Soul leaned back, laughing.

"At least Black*Star isn't here. I'd never get any sleep then!" Soul suddenly grew serious, and placed her hand under the blanket with the rest of her.

"You do need sleep, Maka. We're going to beat Kid and the girls to that kishin egg, wouldn't be cool if you got sick for nothing."

Maka giggled slightly from the blankets. "Besides, if we don't Kid'll just have a symmetry attack!"

Maka blushed even more as Soul wrapped the blanket around her tightly and bent to place a small kiss on her forehead. 'I'm never going to get used to the fact that he's my boyfriend now and everyone knows it!'

Soul lingered for a second before he turned off the light. Before the door shut he called over his shoulder, "Get better, Maka. I love you."

Maka's voice was quiet, she was already well on the way to going to sleep. "I love you too, Soul."

Liz and Patty were sleeping in the bed, Kid on a symmetrically placed sleeping back. The shinigami lay awake staring up the ceiling, acutely aware of how asymmetrical the room was. A few minutes passed as he lay, twitching occasionally from the effort it took to repress the rapidly growing symmetry fit.

He did not want to keep Liz and Patty awake, the two weapons were already exhausted from the jet lag and then an entire day spent searching for a prekishin that they hadn't found a single trace of. He sighed.

"Kid, would it help if you slept between Patty and me?" Liz's tired voice called out from the bed.

Kid took a moment to think. Yes, part of his problem was with having other people sleeping in the room with him. He wasn't symmetrical with them.

"It may, Liz."

"Then try it. I need to go to sleep sometime soon and you fidgeting every five seconds is keeping me from that!" Liz said irritably.

Kid realized he was blushing as he climbed into bed between Patty and Liz, but after a moment he realized that Liz knew him better than he thought. Even though the room was horribly asymmetrical the area he was now in was in the middle of the room, so the mess was symmetrically on both sides of him.

"Thank you, Liz." He whispered quietly, but the weapon was already asleep.

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