Chapter 1- Hugs, Kisses and Briiiiiiiiiiing!

Tara had been working harder than ever lately and Christian was determined to distract her and bring some fun back to her life.

Christian found Tara in the studio. Again. That was about the sixth time this week. She was prancing around the room in her point shoes unaware that Christian was watching her. Slowly as the music drew to an end Christian wandered in and Tara fell out of final Grand Jeta. Tara ran her finger through her hair and huffed, disappointed by her failure. She was unaware Christian had entered so she was really surprised when someone wrapped their arms around her waist.


"Little jumpy aren't we?" Christian half stated half rhetorical questioned. But before Tara could respond Christian had snaked his head over her shoulder and crush his soft lips against hers. Tara turned in his grip to face Christian and he didn't object.

Christian began nibbling on Tara's bottom lip when a:

'Briiiiiiiiiiing!' Called from her bag.