Chapter 4 – Confronted

Tara's POV

I am sitting at a table at Gloria Jean's waiting for Christian, who is up at the counter, to order and bring it back over to me. After this we are going to the movies then the beach.

I am wearing a deep green bralet top and coral pink skirt with gold sandal heels, coral pink feather earrings, a gold butterfly head band and a bangle with light coral pink, green and white charms. I am also wearing a heart neck lace that Christian brought me. (Link 4 outfit on Profile)

Christian ordered me an Iced Coffee and himself an Iced Mocha. I wonder what Kat would be doing now? Sleeping, probably. It is pretty early in Kat Time. I laugh when I think about my friend sleeping half the day through.

I am pulled from my thoughts by a guy, who looks a little older than me, with bright red hair and when I say red I mean RED, not orange, RED, sitting down beside me at our table.

"Um…Do I know you?" I ask curiously and annoyed by the fact he thinks he can sit where ever he wants.

"Sitting with my girlfriend," She in a duh tone and puts his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him.

"Um….. excuse me but I have a boyfriend and it's not you," I say as venously as I can, which isn't very but it's the thought that counts.

"Come on Hottie, let's skip the talking and go to my apartment where we and go full force and do it!" HOTTIE! Now I recognise the voice! It's the creep who called me the other day!

I am too scared to reply. So I manage to get out a "…..One….sec…." then slip out of his grip and run over to Christian who has just pick up drinks.

"That's him!" I say loud enough for Christian to hear without the guy I left at our table to hear.

"Who's him?" Christian asks without a clue as to what I am going on about.

"The guy…" I say pointing to the guy at our table with his phone out and he is now texting, "He is the one that called me the other day. I swear…"

Christian hands me the drinks and tells me "Stay here," I nod and watch as he walks over to the guy occupying our table.

"Hey! Mate!" Christian calls. The guy looks up from his phone and is let with Christian's fist.

"That is for what you said about my girlfriend…."