Dear Dudley, Dear Harry
Here they are, the letters between Dudders and Harry!

AN: READ CHAPTER THREE OF TUONO PARVULUS FIRST!!! (This is a companion fic. It won't make sense otherwise.)


Dear Dudley,

Life sure is full of surprises, both good and bad. Tonight was a VERY good surprise! The
Weasleys and the rest of my friends threw me a huge birthday bash! I got so much stuff! It was also great to see all my friends again. They treated me like they always have and that, was a relief. I know I am gonna get a lot of pity looks and scared looks when I go back to school. At least now I know they won't be from my friends.
The food was wonderful and I actually got a present that topped the Firebolt I got from
Sirius a few years back! Ron and Herm chipped in to get me a snitch. (A snitch is one of
the balls for Quidditch, a wizard game that I play. The snitch is a little golden ball with
wings, the game is played on brooms, that the seeker, yours truly, tries to catch. Except
for that the game is a bit like foot ball (AN: member to england soccer is foot ball) There
are several rings or goals that the chaser tries to put the quaffle into, and the keeper
defends the goals. Another difference is that there are beaters in the game. Beaters are
hard rather big balls that have been charmed to fly all over the place during a match. Team members of the same name knock the beaters away from their team mates and, more often than not, toward a member of the opposite team. Once the snitch is caught the game ends.)
They say that I am the best seeker in 100 some odd years, but I doubt that.
The rest of the Weasleys got me this cool necklace that is actually a protective charm.
Professor Dumbledore got me an egg. I don't know what it is yet but I can't wait till it
hatches! Just as long as it isn't a Scrute. (ask me later)
Sirius and Remus got me a pensive! (A bowl with silver liquid that records your memories) And guess what memories they had already put in there!?

Give up yet?

ok I will tell you.
Memories of my mum and dad! I can't tell you how precious that is to me! Finally I can
sort of get to know my parents! Yeah the pensive definitely tops the Firebolt!
I'm pretty sleepy so I'm going to bed. For once I don't think I will need the anti dreaming
potion. Sirius and I are going house shopping tomorrow and I can't wait!
How are you and Aunt Marge?
Write me soon!
Harry James Potter

Dear Harry,
Nice to see you had such a good time while I was attending my parent's funeral. Why
weren't you there? And what do you mean by scared or piteous looks?
Memories of your parents eh? Well magical presents seem pretty cool at the least. Where is this school of yours anyway? I've never heard of it outside of you talking about it. An egg? Your headmaster gave you a chicken? And what in the world is a Firebolt? Come to think of it... what is a Scrute?
Aunt Marge and I are as well as can be expected considering that my parents and her
brother are dead. No I don't blame you. I did try to though, can't blame me for trying.
Though I don't know why you just left them there, with mom screaming and all. I blame that Voldemart that is after you. Explain this to me, Why is he after you? I mean why?
You're just some four-eyed kid with messy hair that probably isn't that powerful yet. And also, why did he have to plow through my family to get to you? I just don't understand it.
Write back soon I am confused.
Dudley Dursley


Listen I am sorry for your loss but I get so few... Oh just forget it. I couldn't go to the
funeral because I am being protected. I am hardly allowed to go to the bathroom without
someone following me and making sure I am not whisked off to God knows where to
make yet another narrow escape from Voldemort. (Heh you still don't say it right.) I don't mind though. Having my head almost split open from the pain and enduring the Cruciatus curse again isn't on my to do list at the moment... I wonder why. As for the reason he wants me 6ft under, I don't understand it all myself. Perhaps it is that I am "The one that got away" if you will. But something tells me that there is more to it than that. Professor Dumbledore has been hinting at it. Says he will tell me when I am "old enough." I feel at
least forty already!
Just to make sure you know the whole story, on October 31, 1981 Voldemort came to my
house to kill my father and me. (The reason I know he wanted me in particular is because I remember that night. I didn't at first now I do. Don't ask.) Because of my mother giving
up her life for me I survived the killing curse. (Again don't ask cause I don't KNOW
how!) After that I became famous in the wizarding world. They call me "the boy who
lived" Dumb name hu? The result of this is that I can't walk down the street without
someone staring at my scar. The scar is a mark that was left by the killing curse. The scar
also hurts whenever Voldemort is close by or feeling especially angry or murderous.
Needless to say I now have a constant headache. It is also a very rare mark and is a way of identification. I am seriously thinking of putting a sign on my forehead. YES IT'S A
I also dream about what he does. NOT pleasant I assure you.
A firebolt is a very fast broom (the best). A scrute is a scorpion like creature with a bad
As to why your family was killed when he realized I wasn't there. He hates muggles (non
magical people) MORE than your parents hated wizards. I am sorry that they are dead
Dudley but they didn't care about me a whit. Having your own relation saying that they
hoped you get more of the Cruciatus curse and my friends dying right in front of me
didn't exactly endear me to him. I never hated them but I wish things had been different.
Also, I tried to get them out didn't I? But I wasn't about to get myself killed for them was
I? Or did you want me to?
PS. not that you care but Sirius found us a house to live in.

Dear Harry,
All that really happened to you? I mean you weren't just bluffing to get attention all that time? Bugger... What is the Cruciatus curse? I've heard about it before but I don't know what it is. I'm... sorry... My mom was screaming when that wizard said that and pointed his stick at her. Was that Voldemort? (HA spelled it right!)
Listen... Harry... I'm... I'm sorry for saying those things. I just miss them you know? I'm sure you do understand. Of all the people that would understand you would. I guess the reason I tried to blame it on you is, well I can't hurt Voldemort. He is way too strong for me to try. I hate him, like I know you do. You, I could hurt and I am very sorry for saying it was your fault. It isn't. Cedric wasn't either. You must know that.
You are really good at giving people guilt trips you know?
Umm How's the new house? And what happened with your godfather? I mean why was
he put in prison and all?
Oh! I forgot to tell you, I now own Grunnings. Father left it to me. I have asked the vice
president if he will run things until I graduate and learn the ropes. The insurance finally
came through so I got replacements for all my old things.
Write back soon,
Dudley Dursley