Dear Harry, Diagon Alley? What's that?

The diet is working pretty well I think. I have already lost over twenty stones! (AN: how big IS a stone?) Oh! And guess what! I have a date! Her name is Mary and she is so pretty! She was one of the ones that helped me so much after my parents died. She thinks they were done in by a car crash. Ironic eh?

So Ron likes Hermione hu? And you like Ginny? She is rather pretty... when she isn't threatning to hex your legs off...

That explains the ferret thing. NOW I understand! Thinking of becoming a prankster? Ya know... it would fit you. It really would. I can come? Great! You can show me that quidditch sport you are always talking about. I would also like to see some of the sites. Maybe that Diagon Alley? Aunt Marge is actually pretty remorseful about the whole letter thing now... but she still isn't sending you another letter. Oh and can you get owls in Diagon Alley? If so, I am bringing some money to buy one.

Aunt Marge is calling me. Gotta go.

Write back soon,

Dudley Dursley

Dear Dudley,

OH. MY. GOSH! Today has GOT to be the most busy day (and night) EVER!!! It might also be one of the worst...

Oy... where to begin... Well night before last I had a scar burner. It was about Voldemort going to capture Herm! I woke Sirius up and the two of us flooed to the Grangers and warned them. Heh Mr. Granger thought I was a robber... he had a gun...

When the Grangers had all gone into the fireplace and Sirius and I were getting ready to, guess who showed up. Go on guess! Fifty house points from you if you didn't guess Voldemort... I don't even think he really stopped to look at who he was putting the Cructias curse on. Yup that's right! Me again! I swear I am going for a record over here... "The poor sod who has had Cructias put on him the most" Ugh... I might be mistaken but I think it just might have hurt WORSE this time... Anyway Sirius reached out and grabbed the Portkey (it transports you to a pre set place) and shouted out the activation word almost before I had even managed to fall. I didn't really even notice anything until we were at Hogwarts and Sirius was holding me. I shook for a pretty long time after that, yup no doubt about it... Voldemort is getting stronger all the time. I did recover faster though... I guess the tutimen helped me there. Well Dumbledore found us and took us up to his office I remember being given a bunch of chocolate and calming down mister Weasley. They, of course, became quite alarmed when I never came back and had flooed Dumbledore to find out where I was.

Well some more things happened last night but I can't really tell you about them. I will tell you when I see you in person. Owls can be intercepted. I can tell you even less about the next day. Let's just say I found out something BIG about myself. I went to the burrow to tell Ron and Herm and (after more stuff I can't tell you about yet) found out Ron was under Imperious the whole time! In other words Voldemort now knows some very important stuff! I managed to free Ron then, since Voldemort knew and would almost certainly be comming to try and kill me... again... went to warn Herm while Ron got his family out. While I was with Herm Voldemort attacked. I managed to get away but not before he hit me with Crucaitus again. I swear I am going for a reccord! When I finally got to the house everyone was gone. I have never been that scared in all my life! There was blood on the floor and it certainly looked like there had been a strugle. I heard a scream from upstairs and practically flew up there. It was Ginny. One of the Death eaters was trying to force himself on her. I warned him once.

Then I killed him. Sirius burst in and tried to portkey us all back when Voldemort came in the room. He hit me with a binding spell so that I was thrown away from the Portkey and chained up. He told me he wanted something of mine and until I gave it to him he was gonna keep my friends. That something he wanted from me will not only kill me if he gets it, but will screw over both your world and mine more than they already are. I supose you heard about that muggle that was killed, Sara Jones? Well that was Voldemort's doing. And mark my words there is more where that came from! Voldemort wants to whipe out all muggles and muggle borns. When you think about it, it sorta reminds me of the Holicost where all the jews were killed. Well if Voldemort gets his way, muggles will either be dead or slaves worse off than house elfs, muggle borns will be put to death, and I guess the pure bloods that don't suport him will be used as breeding or something. Sum it up to, the world will NOT be a good place to live in. I can't let him win, I just can't! Luckilly I don't have to make that choice right now.

Voldemort left me saying and I quote, "Have fun getting out of those chains." a real comidian he is... Anyway it was the type of chain that blew it'self and the person to smitherines if you used magic on it. I will tell you how I got out when I know that we can't be overheard or compromised in anyway. Yeesh I sound like some military guy. It's just about that bad over here. Voldie is back and everyone is scared to death.

I portkeyed back to hogwarts and Dumbledore saved the day! He brought the both of us back using a time turner (something that lets you go a little back in time) and we got Ron and Hermoine out of there. ....They used the Cruciatus curse on my two best friends... ok... NOW I am pissed. Let's just say the Death Eaters nose made a very satisfying cracking sound when I broke it. I took my friends back to Hogwarts and let Dumbledore deal with the scumb. Dunno what happened to them, don't frankly care as long as it was bad and involved either dementors or dragons. I hate death eaters...

I explaned everything to Ron and Herm, and started training with Dumbledore. I think that we might just call you over here so be ready for it. Watch for another letter I am gonna try and convince Dumbledore that being my only blood relation left you are in enough danger to merit a protection of some sort.

Well I'm bloody tired, it's been a bleeding long day and I am gonna get some sleep. Thank God for dreamless sleep potion.

Cheers from the safest place in the wizarding world,

Harry James Potter

PS. Blimey that was long...

Dear Harry,

GOOD LORD HARRY! You sure you are alright? I mean jeeze!

I've already packed a few things. I can leave whenever you send word. You sure you are ok? And what do you mean a secure location? You did sound like some military guy! Is Ginny ok? That's one of the Weasleys right? I can never remember how many of them their are... What about those friends of yours? That nut Ron, and Hermione, are they ok? I can't wait to see you so you can explain all this! Voldemort would wipe billions of people out? Really? Rather hard to do it I would say, especially since we have technology and all. Don't forget about the nutron and hydrogyn bomb. I've hired me a tutor for school. Think it is paying off? Aunt Marge says I will be an A student at Smeltings next year. I would be happy with no Ds or Fs. How do you usually do in school Harry?

Am I really in that much danger? I hate to admit it but I am more than just a little scared at that idea! I frankly don't wanna die Harry. Please hurry with convincing Dumbledore, who is that anyway, a teacher, to get me and hopefully Aunt Marge some protection. You may not like her, but she is good to me.

Well I can't think of anything else to say, I hope you and all your friends are ok and I hope to see you soon.


Dudley Dursley PS. See? I'm learning proper letter endings and beginnings!

(To read this letter sign your name Here. ____________________) Dear Dudley,

Hope you are good and packed cause I am comming to get you tommorow. I am not gonna say what time or anything or how I am getting there. There is still a chance that someone could intercept and read this letter. Everyone is just fine, even Ginny. Sirius and Remus have turned both into major pranksters and drill sergents. Dumbledore is the headmaster by the way, and the only wizard who Voldemort is known to fear.

Something very strange is brewing... I'm not sure what. Snape came back with important information but before he could tell it the effects of a deaging curse took away the memory. The guy is gonna keep getting younger until he is not even born. I don't like the guy but... ouch. Voldie musta found out that Snape was a spy... Poor guy... I pity him but... I REFUSE to change his diapers!

You've got a tutor eh? Good on you!

It's been pretty quiet around here, my pet Merkel has turned slightly annoying... I will explain later, but... sept for that.

Ah goodie, time to find out what animageus I am now. How can I contain my excitement? Wish me luck!

BE READY TOMMOROW! (Look out for strangers and rats with silver paws!)

Your concerned cousin,

Harry James Potter