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"Oi'll do tha," Mungojerrie asserted firmly, taking his paw off of Munkustrap's silver shoulder and walking to his sister, picking the calico up with ease. The calico tom wasn't quite as strong as Munkustrap- what training had given 'Jerrie, Munkustrap had gained, and continued to gain naturally. But Teazer wasn't that heavy- and seeing as it was 'Jerrie helping her out, her squirming and protesting ceased. Careful not to hurt her, Jerrie turned to their parents.

"Wheh're we goin'?" Jerrie asked. Skimble and Jenny led the two calicos into their den, Munkustrap followed behind. He intended to stay and ensure that neither Macavity or any of his cronies came after Mungojerrie or Rumpleteazer. Setting 'Teazer down on the makeshift medical table, Jerrie ruffles hid sister's headfur and whispered in her ear so Jenny, skimble and Munkustrap couldn't hear.

"Sorreh fo' bein' such ah bastahd, 'Teaz," Jerrie whispered, grinning. Teazer smirked and whacked her brother on his shoulder.

"Tha's for bein' such a jehrk. Than's, thouhgh," 'Teazer grinned, not even bothering to keep her voice down. As a result, their parents and Munkustrap raised their eyebrows simultaneously, but didn't press the matter further. THey just put it down to the standard sibling banter.

They saw it in all the tribe siblings- Electra and Etcetera, Munkustrap and Tugger, Demeter and Bombalurina... Even Victoria and Misto, though rarely.

"Right, out," Jennyanydots ordered, practically shoving the tribe protector and Skimbleshanks out of the door. 'Teazer got up to follow, but the yellow and orange queen pushed her back down.

"Not you."

Teazer pouted slightly, but stayed silent and didn't protest. She couldn't be bothered fighting with her parents today- an almost unheard of occasion in the Jellicle Junkyard.

"Foine, foine," Teazer replied quietly, sighing and putting her chin in her hands huffily. Jerrie shot her a smirk, but 'Teazer quelled it with a sharp 'Shut up' glare.

Jenny crossed the room to the cupboard in the cormer, and withdrew two cloths,, a bowl, bandages and antiseptic. Teazer hated it for the sharp stinging pain that accompanied the antiseptic, but it was best. Jenny was always over cautious.

Teazer groaned when she saw what Jenny had brought to help treat her cuts and injuries. Jerrie privately thought the mahor damage was more mental- no matter how much antiseptic was used, it wouldn't heal the scars and lack of confidence in her mind.

"Muuuummmmmmmmmm.. Oi'm no' a kittehn," Teazer whined, but Jenny just ignored the small calico, taking one of the cloths and soaking it through with the bottle of antiseptic. Wrinkling her nose in slight disgust at the smell, Jenny quickly pressed the antiseptic-filled cloth to a long, deep looking gash on the calico queens cheek. It had to be quick- otherwise, the ex-henchcat would just swipe the cloth and run away. In all honesty, however, 'Teazer really wasn't in any condition to run anywhere. Or fight, to that matter.

'Teazer hissed, but didn't try to run away. Part of her fight had diminished during her incarceration in the past few days, and she just didn't care. Jenny smiled and patted her daughters headfur, fairly pleased at her reaction. The rest of the day flew by in this manner- Jenny treating her daughters various wounds, 'Jerrie watching and teasing his sister whenever he saw an oppurtunity.

A few hours passed, and 'Jenny finally deemed her daughter fit enough to go out of the den and talk to her friends.

"Go on then, run along," Jenny smiled encouraginly, pushing her daughter in the direction out of the door.

"Mungo, you go too," The Gumbie cat ordered, and Jerrie stepped up to leave too.

'Teazer looked round in protest, not at all wanting to go out and talk to her friends. Why ouldn't she just stay inside and act like a Gumbie at for the day?

"Right," Jerrie spoke, putting an arm round the slightly shivering calico queen and practically dragging her out of the den.


Macavity slammed his paw down on the table, yelling furiously and incoherently at the small group of sentries in front of him. The HIdden Paw was enraged at his own stupidity- he should have known the Jellicles would attempt to cause a diversion... His own son! His own son's magic- and Macavity had risen to the bait: an extremely rare thing to do.

And he'd temporarily lost Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer in the process.

"Get out!" Macavity screamed at the assembled group of henchcats, who quickly scattered and left the room faster than lightning.

He'd get them back. The Napoleon just had to figure out one thing... How?


Demeter and Bombalurina were hanging out by the clearing, practising a dance they wanted some of the other queens to join in with at the next ball. Well, Bomba wanted it more than Demeter- Demeter was too shy to incorporate an entirely irrelevant song into the Jellicle Balll.

Shaking her headfur out, Bomba was about to run through the choreography when the scarlet queen caught sight of 'Jerrie and 'Teazer. The first thing the scarlet queen noticed was that 'Teazer looked awful: Depressed, quiet, mopy and covered in gauze. The two sisters knew she'd just been rescued from the notorious Hideout.

"Jerrie! Teazer! Come here!" Bombalurina and Demeter called, waving them both over. Jerrie looked around and caught sight of them, and immediately came over. As did 'Teazer, closely behind her brother.

"Hoiy!" Jerrie exclaimed enthusiastically, pleased as hell to be hanging out with Bombalurina. Teazer just rolled her eyes and smiled slightly. Demeter and Bombalurina she could deal with- they were alright. Demeter was a bit of a scaredy-cat, but the young calico queen felt like she really wasn't in any position to judge anybody right now.

"We're learning a new dance-well, I am," Bomba declared, beaming. Teazer rolled her eyes slightly, but they were downcast so the scarlet queen didn't notice. Knowing Bomba, the dance would probably be extremely sensual, and sensual definitely wasn't 'Teazer's forte right now.

"Let me show you!" Bomba added, running and pressing the play button on a discarded junk stereo.

She put her hand on her hip and adopteed an attidual facial expression.

As the short bit of intro music started, Bomba called, "5,6,7,8," and started.

They call me Laquifahh



The same words played over and over again, and Bomba's dance was leaning towards looking more funny than skillful.

Teazer started to giggle, enjoying the song and the fun dance routine. Bomba finished with a grin, and Teazer actually joined in with the clapping. For the first time that day, she marvelled at just how good it was to be home.