Hey guys sorry this isn't a chapter. But this is just a note to let you know I do have an update planned soon I've just been really busy with some personal stuff. I had planned on updating a couple of weeks ago but then uni practically buried me and now my Nan is here in the country for the first time in 4 years so I've been spending some quality time with her. I have exams over the next like three weeks but I PROMISE to have a new update by then (So you can expect updates before November 3rd 2016). If I don't you have my permission to like hound my inbox big time.

In other news I'm redrafting the story Steam Engine, which is why It's been so long between updates on anything... I just wasn't feeling good about the story and I feel like i'd rushed it a bit so I've gone back and revised everything and now I'm just working out the kinks and creating new content. With the shuffle the chapters have become longer so my plan is to write enough to replace the number of chapters that are already up. I am working on it as much as I humanly can so you'll see that make some huge changes (the 19 chapters that are up have been condensed to about 11 so far with the new content I've written but nothing has been changed or uploaded yet! Give me a couple of weeks)

On a side note to that I've also been working on another JILY story. Yes I hear you all groaning like "Lauren, love you can't even keep the stories you've already got regularly updated what about Bold Thorns huh?" (I've been working on that too btw I've been busy as hell) But hear me out okay. This new story is going to be steam engine, but told from a Lily's view and so thus will have a lot more Jily in it if that's what you're into. With so much of steam eninge's plot already planned out and written my end the JILY version is coming along nicely. But if you have any title suggestions for me PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE AT THIS STAGE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO CALL IT.

And finally as a last note I have A BIG THANK YOU to make. Not only for my loyal readers and reviewers of this story and my others but to the absolute gem who I found out recommended me to the jily archive on tumblr. I'm honestly so speechless over it. I'm just scrolling and bam there's an ask recommending me. It gave me butterflies. Plus I've had some new favs and follows since the post was made so yay hi to the new comers!

So anyway love you guys updates are on the way. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A REVIEW OR PRIVATE MESSAGE ME (or hit up my tumblr page that's cool too) they're like cyber cookies that make you happy :)

Lauren x