Chapter 2 – Crisis Averted

Bella's POV

The door is too far away, I will be lucky to make it there in time let alone then into the water outside. I look around the room and my eyes fall upon the Zane's office. I am sure he wouldn't mind.

Quickly, I run to the door and fiddle with the doorknob for a matter of microseconds before I quickly fling it open and dart inside. No one is in here. I slam the door shut and take about a step and a half before crashing onto the hard floor.

"Ouch…." I mumble and rub my sore elbows that were injured in the fall.

Suddenly I hear the door fly open. I bite my lip and wait for someone to yell mermaid. But I don't. Instead I hear a kind voice.

"Are you okay, Bella?" I instantly recognise the voice as my loving boyfriend's and turn to see his concerned face.

"Yep, just make sure no one else comes in," I say. He nods and turns and locks the door then goes and fetches me the towel Zane keeps in hear in case one of us transforms in the café.

I smile as Will passes it to me and I take it and begin to dry myself.

Once am dried off and back to normal, I sit next to Will on the couch. He still looks tense and angry.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue," I say to Will causing him to look at me. He lifts up my legs and places them cross his own. I smile at him.

"What a jack ass that guys was," Will says angrily.

"I know, but don't worry about him, he's probably gone now." I say trying to settle my over protective boyfriend.

Will just punches his fist into his palm, obviously not finding any comfort in my words. "If he comes near you again, I swear I'll." I cut him off.

"Don't worry about him," I say as I move to straddle Will. "Focus on me," I say and I go into kiss him.

Our lips crash together and Will's hands find my hips. While mine tangle in his hair. He lifts me off his lap and lies me down on my back on the couch before climbing on top of me.

Will's tongue slides cross my bottom lip. Begging for entrance. I grant it to him and he slides his tongue into my mouth and feels every inch of it. His hands slide up and down my sides, feeling every curve. Slowly he slides his hands up into my shirt.

Then Bam!

The door opens.