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Temari walked towards the group of Chuunin with her heart in her mouth. This was the first time she would be out rightly declaring her 'relationship' with Shikamaru to their friends, and somehow the prospect of it scared her. Shikamaru looked at her with concern in his eyes and gave her hands a reassuring squeeze. Their plan was to walk by the 'rookie nine' cool and casually, while they held hands with interlocking fingers, to arouse the attention of the Chuunin. Temari took deep breaths to calm down her racing heart as she walked past, she didn't even know why she felt so nervous. Shikamaru was a natural. He kept his slightly exasperated expression on as they walked past the group, but at the same time he smiled tenderly at her, his eyes full of love. "HEY SHIKAMARU!" Temari grinned slightly at the voice of the annoying blonde ninja. "Hey... didn't you say you weren't going out?" Naruto asked.

Shikamaru nodded. "Yeah Naruto, we weren't at that point of time. But now..." He paused, giving her a look so full of affection that it melted her heart, "everything's different." Temari smiled back at him while Naruto looked between the two. Shikamaru sure is good at this, she thought as she watched a grin spread across Naruto's face. "All the best to your relationship!" He said, grinning cheerfully. "What relationship?" another voice asked, as Temari smiled to herself. Things were going better than planned. Naruto turned to Sakura and Hinata. "Shikamaru and Temari are dating!" he exclaimed. Shikamaru rolled his eyes. "Sure, announce it to the whole village, why don't you." Naruto smirked cheekily at Shikamaru before climbing onto a lampost.

"HEY EVERYONE, SHIKAMARU AND TEMARI ARE D-A-T-I...er... I-N-G!" Temari blushed slightly while Shikamaru face-palmed himself, then laughed softly, putting an arm around Temari and pulling her closer.

Sakura was beaming at them. "Oh, congratulations! All the best!" Hinata smiled shyly and added, "Yes all the best!"

A green blur almost sent Hinata barelling to the ground. Rock Lee stopped just an inch away from Temari and practically screamed, "OH THE BEAUTY OF YOUTHFUL LOVE! IT BRINGS TEARS OF JOY TO MY EYES!" He then started crying profusely, blabbering about "youth" and "love".

Kiba walked over and nodded to Temari then winked at Shikamaru. Shino just pushed up his goggles and asked matter-of-factly, "So, will the baby be part of the Nara Clan or be brought back to Suna?" Temari flushed red as Hinata quickly ushered him away.

At that moment, Chouji joined in with Lee's tearful congratulations, talking about Shikamaru's good taste, which only made Temari blush even more.

And then Ino walked into the commotion. By now, everyone knew of Ino's love for Shikamaru that was brought to a halt with her dating Temari's ex-boyfriend. Naturally, they held their breaths as Ino walked over to the couple. Ino smiled warmly and embraced Temari in a hug. Everyone let out sighs of relief. Temari was stunned by this gesture until Ino whispered into her ear. "Well played, vixen, well played. I took your guy so you took mine. You won't get him back though, he is SO over you. And such a good kisser." She released the hug, smirking and licked her lips once for good measure, sauntering off to find her boyfriend. Temari felt all the happiness from the plan fade away at Ino's words. How many timed had they kissed? How many times had Yuuko's charming lips been pressed against Ino's? How many times did those alluring eyes take Ino's breath away?

She jolted out of her thoughts at the feel of Shikamaru's breath on her neck. "Don't worry about Ino," he whispered, "look behind me." Temari subtly glanced behind Shikamaru, where Yuuko was hiding under a bush. He was easily recognisable, and so was the scowl on his face as he observed the couple. "No wonder why he never became a ninja." Temari whispered back chuckling softly. Yuuko still wanted her after all.


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