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It was starting to make me nervous.

"Do I have something on my face?"

She started and blushed. Since when did Lily Evans blush because she was looking at me?

"Uh no your face looks good, uh I mean your face looks fine."

Perplexed, I wondered what she felt about me. Did that mean I have a chance? Or maybe she was just messing with my head. I opened my mouth to say something but she slammed me against the wall and covered my mouth with hers. Fireworks exploded in my stomach, and I was seeing stars on the back of my eyelids. I put one hand on the small of her back and delicately cupped her face with the other.

Eventually, we pulled apart, panting for breath.

"You know, Evans, I'm pretty sure this is what we're patrolling for – to stop others from doing things like this."

"Oh shut up and kiss me."

"Not that I'm complaining or anything but –" the rest of my sentence was muffled by her mouth again. Breaking away reluctantly to gather some breath into my poor lungs, I leaned my forehead against hers. The emerald in her eyes were darkened with lust, an expression I was sure was mirrored in my eyes. "So… Where does this leave us?"


It was indescribably amazing. It felt like heaven on earth. In my previous 3 relationships, never had a kiss made me felt so many things, and yet still aching for more. Resting our foreheads against each other, panting to catch our breath, I looked at him. It was hard to believe that just a few days ago, I absolutely hated the guy.

"So where does this leave us?"

My heart jumped up my throat at that. I knew it. He no longer had any feelings for me. Unless he really was that daft? I doubt it. He was top of the class in transfiguration and Defence against the dark arts. And worse, this was all my fault. He hadn't asked me out at all since the Christmas of sixth year where I lost it in the Gryffindor common room, telling him I hated him with all my heart, and for him to never talk to me again. Of course, Slughorn paired us up for an assignment the next day, but even then we barely spoke. I had pushed him away. As I felt tears welling up, I heard his beautiful voice again. Hang on. Since when was even his voice beautiful?

"Does this mean you'll finally go out with me?"

"Hell yes" I smiled, "now shall we get back to rounds, Mr. Potter?"

"okay." And we continued, hand in hand.


I woke up with a giddy smile on my face. I still couldn't believe it. Last night, Lily Evans, THE Lily Evans shoved me against a wall and kissed me. And now we're going out. I was breezing through my morning preparations, when it hit me. Could it have been a dream? Almost frantically, I ran into the heads common room, to find Lily leaving her room as well.

"er… Lily… was that a dream last night?"

"Was what a dream?" she looked at me, confused, and kissed my cheek.

"Evidently not I guess. Breakfast?" I grinned, holding out my arm.


The effect when we walked into the Great Hall was instantaneous. It was almost like everyone had a James and Lily Radar. We hadn't even taken 2 steps when silence broke out with everyone staring at us, even the teachers. Suddenly, the entire hall (minus the Slytherin table) broke out into raucous applause. Did I just see McGonagall wipe away a tear?

"Am I dreaming?"

"When did the apocalypse happen?"

"Congrats guys!"

"Nicely done, Potter."

"Woooooh Prongs!"

"Thanks Padfoot," I mumble, rubbing my back that felt like it would collapse under the sheer amount of pats it had received. Looking around, I realized that Pads and Alice were the only ones of our friends who had actually recovered from the shock of seeing us not fight, let alone holding hands. He was grinning like Christmas had come early while Alice just had this knowing look on her face. Remus looked like I had just announced I wanted to become a woman, while Pete was doing his best to get his jaw to touch the ground. Marlene, Mary and Dorcas looked as if they were watching a muggle tennis match, eyes swiveling between the two of us, mouths wide open like Pete.

"Honestly guys. You were the ones telling me to give him a change. Now I've given him a chance and you're staring at us like buffoons," Lily admonished, pouring herself a glass of pumpkin juice.

"He. You. Arrogant toerag. What?" Marlene seemed incapable of stringing a few words together.

"Oh shut it Marly you're not making any sense," I chuckle, and set about eating my breakfast. Before long, class time arrives and we all head off to Defence against the Dark Arts. While getting another lecture about the NEWTs, I noticed a note flutter onto my desk

SB: So how did you finally do it?

JP: Exactly what are you on about my dear Padfoot?

RL: Quit playing dumb Prongs. How did you finally convince Lily Evans to go out with you?

JP: Because of my sexy face of course. And patrolling with her.

SB: What?

JP: yea we were just patrolling and she was staring at me so I asked her if anything was on my face, and she told me my face looked nice and then stuttered a bit then shoved me against a wall

PP: You got her to go out with you after she shoved you against a wall? I'm impressed

RL: It's not what he said is it Prongs?

JP: Well it wasn't hard afterwards…

SB: It may not have been difficult after she tried shoving her tongue down your throat, but knowing you, it was certainly still hard eh Prongsie boy?

JP: Shut up Padfoot

PP: Wait she kissed you?

JP: Yes Wormtail, haven't we established that already?

RL: No wait, you said that SHE kissed YOU?

JP: Uhhh yes?

RL: Wow

JP Thanks for the support Moony

PP: Nice going Prongs!

SB: That's my boy! Now boys, I think you all owe me 10 galleons?

JP: Wait what?! You guys bet on this?

RL: Prongs. Pretty much the whole school bet on this. Padfoot here was the one that thought you'd get together in the first month of school…

SB: Imagine the odds I'd have gotten for first night!


Sitting down in Defense against the Dark Arts, I was bored in 5 minutes flat. The same old NEWTs speech. Then, Alice sent a note to me [A/N Marlene will be bold and Mary will be Italitcs]

AP: Lily, what in the name of Merlin's soggy left sock

LE: Exactly what are you on about Ms Prewett?

DM: Ms Evans exactly why did you walk into the great hall this morning holding hands with JAMES POTTER?!

LE: er… why is his name capitalized?

MM: It's James Potter! You know, arrogant toerag?

MM: Selfish git?

AP: Stuck up, narcissistic barstard?

LE: Okay I get it!

DM: Good. Now explain yourself young lady!

LE: Alright guys relax. I guess I'd better tell you guys the whole story, starting from the Hogwarts Express.

AP: oh so we get to hear the explanation to Lily's moodiness then too? Great

LE: I was not moody!

LE: what's with those looks guys

MM: not moody?

LE: okay maybe a little…

MM: whatever hurry up and explain things!

LE: Fine, fine don't get your knickers in a knot. So basically you know how I went early to meet the head boy, who's James? I may have accused him of stealing the badge to talk to me, and bribing Dumbledore to give him the badge… And I may have implied that his parents' deaths led to him getting the money to do so…

MM: Oh dear Merlin. Lily you didn't

LE: I did. I know. I'm a horrible person. And I was going to apologize when Alice and Remus walked in.

DM: Lily we know James embarrassed you a bit, but that's way too far. Even for a Slytherin that would be too far.

LE: I know. So you guys all know how I was trying to get his attention and how I apologized in charms. Well basically we were patrolling and we were talking, and I started staring at him without realizing, and he asked me if there was something on his face, and I kinda got really embarrassed and told him his face looked good, and then in my confusion and embarrassment shoved him against a wall and kissed him…


MM: Lily Evans you mean to tell us that you KISSED JAMES POTTER?!

LE: errrr yes?

MM: Well you took your bloody time!

DM: All I can say is: Finally, Lils, finally. Now, guys, I believe u each owe me 5 galleons

LE: Hold up a second. You guys bet on this?

MM: Honey, I think you'd have a hard time finding someone who didn't bet on this

AP: yeah, Dorcas would be one of the few to think you'd agree to go out with him in the first week.

LE: Wait, if you guys bet on this why were you all so surprised?

MM: That doesn't mean we thought you actually would win it… or that it would be so quick

AP: Exactly. And Lily?

LE: Hmmm?

AP: I told you so.

At the front of the room, the professor looked up blinking, taking a pause from his revision of non-verbal spells. He could've sworn he heard the clinking of coins. Oh well, he shook his head, turning back to his lecture, he was sure Minerva had gotten more money than whoever had won their bets in this room combined.

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