Author's Note: This is a series I started on The Bennett Diaries way back in May (right after 3x21 aired). It is based on the premise that Klaus remained desiccated. The 'chapters' may seem short but that is because they are more like individual drabbles that all connected together. Having gotten about 12 of these written so far I can tell you that now the average length is just slightly less than 1000 words. Also, this doesn't mean that I have given up on Uneven Ground – I just figured the more Klonnie the better!

The Balance of Things

Part One

Summer is beginning to make itself known.

She can feel it in the air, the first touches of warmth brushing against her cheeks as she walks side by side with Sophie, Carla, and Rosie - her study group, her friends. A few hours' worth of work is clutched to her chest and there is an easy chatter amongst them as they descend the steps of the library.

At the bottom, Bonnie pulls away. They are headed to the coffee shop. Or the student lounge. Or some other place that is infinitely more fun than where she is going. "Sorry guys, but I have a chemistry lab to write."

Not a spell to perform.

Not a life to save.

A college lab report.

It all sounds so…normal.

Bonnie Bennett has had nearly eight months of normal. She has yet to get used it, yet to totally settle in - but it is coming, she is working on it. One day she will wake up, and her first thoughts will be of what she will eat for breakfast not - watch your back today, Bonnie. The nightmares will stop. The events of Mystic Falls will one day just be an unpleasant pit stop on her overall journey of life.

(At least that is what she tells herself).

She arrives back at the dorm to find it mostly emptied out. It makes sense - it's a Thursday night, people are ramping up for the weekend. She heads down the hall only to stop when she finds a sock on the doorknob.

Brandy - her roommate and the one blight on her otherwise normal year (though she supposed a slacker roomie with an overactive sex drive was quite normal).

Bonnie sighs. She is going in no matter what state Brandy and her boy du jour are. She has blown off something fun to do chemistry - and do chemistry she shall. She'll just grab it off her desk, sit in the common room and hope that it is a quickie and not an all-nighter.

She is on red alert for tits and ass the moment she opens the door but instead finds Brandy in the center of the room. In her clothes. No man in sight.

"Sock!" Brandy protests.

"Homework," Bonnie retorts tossing her American Lit on her bed. Brandy's latest choice is in the bathroom - the band of light from underneath the door is obvious in the dimly lit space. The water is running. She has maybe 10 seconds to gather her things before she has a face she might later link to sounds (the walls are paper thin - not that that seems to matter to other woman).

She is throwing things into a bag when the door opens. Damn, face match is going to occur.

"Ah, the roommate. I was wondering when you would show up."

Bonnie freezes. Her blood has run cold and there is a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

No, no, no, no…this just isn't possible.

He is nothing but a husk, a hollowed version of himself. He is wasting away in a storage unit in some backwater town.

(He is not behind her - she has to tell herself that, right?)

It takes everything she has to turn around, to cast aside all that progress, all that normal. She has sucked in a breath, and seems reluctant to let it go as she takes him in. Healthy, smirking, and wiping his hands with her towel.

"Hello Klaus."