Eyes followed the car as it drove up in front of the school. Heads turned and even more people stared as the driver stepped out. She could only be 25- with flowing brown hair that had streaks of red and gold in it where the bright sunlight hit it. She removed her sunglasses with a flourish, throwing them carelessly behind into her car, shutting the door and sauntering forwards. She walked well, considering the killer heels she was wearing. She was, you could say, "dripping with swagger" as she practically danced into the school.

Strolling through the corridors, every single guy did a double take when they saw her. She was undeniably beautiful; flawless. Everything from her pale complexion to her blue eyes screamed beautiful and wealthy. She came to a halt in front of a door with a sign that read "Miss McCauley- Head teacher". Knocking, and hearing the "Come in", she opened the door and entered.

"Ah, Miss Evans. Come right through."

The speaker was a man; with dark shoulder length hair. He dressed unusually, with a dark cape that fell around his tall frame. He was hovering by a door that led out of the office. A flustered looking woman with big, kind eyes and rather large front teeth was sitting at a desk. They had obviously just been talking, and even more obvious was the fact she fancied him, he fancied her, and neither of them knew it. Resisting the urge to smirk, Miss Evans followed the strange looking man through the door

"Wow…very…um…Goth…it's nice…" she lied, as the man closed the door behind her and she took in the dark walls and cobwebs.

"Family traditions."

He invited her to sit down. He sat opposite her at the desk.

"So Miss Evans-"

"Mrs Evans"

"Mrs Evans. What makes you want to be a teacher at Garside?"

"It seems like a good school. No other particular reasons"

"And you're applying to be an English teacher…?" he asked, checking some paperwork


"Any particular reason for that?"

"I've always loved the subject. Such beautiful stories have come from it, other worlds you can escape to…"

"Hmm. Well, you seem able. You've caught me at a bad time- I haven't printed off the forms, so if you could come back some time tomorrow…?"

"Of course" Mrs Evans rose fluidly and gracefully. Shaking his hand, she left back through Miss McCauley's office.

"Ugh. Breathers." The Count muttered, whipping his hand off his cape.