Angela. Her name was Angela.

The moon was full and bright; illuminating the leaves as the light spilled through the forest. Bertrand sighed, closing his eyes slowly. This was way to big a coincidence. It must be her. But…

She was a breather. She had a heartbeat. It sounded strange – slightly off, but it was there. And she had walked straight through the sunlight without even flinching.

It had to be her though, though. Who else had a scent as intoxicating as that? Who else had hair that glowed like fire? Well, obviously he knew someone else with hair like that, but still…

The eyes. He knew her eyes. They were hazel. A rich shade with a thousand different colours in it. They weren't blue. Not that it really mattered, but he had loved her eyes.

Evans. Harry Evans. Yes, he knew him. And yes, he disapproved of him. He thought so highly of himself. He had gone to that training academy with him. Always mocking him. 'Nessie' he'd used to call him. A play on his surname, Du Fortunesa.

Hmm. She had recognised that name. Well, of course she had! If this was her, then yes. It should ring a bell.

Why hadn't she said anything? Was she waiting for him to make the first move? It had been years since they'd seen each other. Maybe he should say something first.

But she was a breather! How was that possible? If so, then why was she married to Evans? He was a vampire; he would have told her everything. But she already knew. Had she forgotten? Could that happen?

He growled suddenly in frustration. A bird in one of the trees above him took flight. He dragged himself up from the ground, brushing the dust from him. He walked in a dream-like fashion through the semi-darkness.

Now that he knew she was alive, it was impossible for him not to be thinking about her. He would give anything to be able to hold her in his arms one last time. He hated this. This confusion. This waiting. He was the sort of person who got what he wanted. It wasn't always given to him, but he knew how to persuade someone.

He wanted to be able to tell her everything. How much he missed her. How much he was sorry. To ask her how she'd been. All alone.

Something had happened. Something had made her forget who she was. Who he was. He had to help her. He needed answers.

And who better to get them from, than Harry Evans…