Rya finally finished unpacking everything that she had brought with her and was currently lay on her queen sized bed, she loved her room but was yet to check out the rest of the academy, swinging her legs off the side of her bed she picked up her PDA shoved it into her jacket and then started to make her way out of the dorm room.

"Don't forget six o'clock," Alexis reminded Rya, she saluted in her direction showing that she had heard what had been said, it didn't take too long before Rya had gotten lost and was stood looking around trying to find a sign or anything that could show her where she could possibly be. Luckily enough in the distance she could clearly see Jaden running towards her, she grinned and waved her arms in the air until he finally reached her.

"Hey you wanna look around the academy with us?" Jaden asked beaming at her as Syrus finally caught up to him and fell to the floor trying to catch his breath.

"Sure thing but let's not run I don't quite want Sy to die on his first day here," Rya smiled at Syrus who regained his strength and stood upright.

"Thanks Rya," Syrus said as the three of them began to walk.

"Hey, it's no problem that what friends are for right?" Rya smiled down at him before noticing Jaden begin to speed up.

"There's a duel going on." Jaden stated randomly.

"How do you know do you have some freaky sixth sense or something?" Rya asked laughing.

"No I can smell it," and with that he was off, Rya ran after him leaving Syrus to slowly jog behind them calling out for them to slow down.

"Wow would you look at this," Jaden said in amazement at the Duel arena in front of them.

"Hey what are you doing here, this is the Obelisk duel arena no Slifers allowed," a guy with turquoise hair said, Rya recognised him as he was hanging around with Chazz in the dorm.

Syrus began to nervously pull Jaden out of the arena and began stuttering excuses towards the two guys stood in front of them causing Rya to sigh at him.

"Well in that case one of you two should duel me, I can be a guest duellist," Jaden says grinning causing Syrus to nearly have a heart attack.

"Hey look Chazz it's that kid that beat crowler and that loud mouth from our dorm," the other guy said causing Rya to finally notice Chazz sat in the seats above them.

"Hey there I'm Jaden," Jaden waved cheerfully up at Chazz. "And he's Chazz was it?"

"His names Chazz Princeton, he was the number 1 duellist back at duel prep," the Turquoise guy said.

"Yeah he'll be the future King of Games," Rya sniggered at that looking up at Chazz whose eyes remained on Jaden.

"It's impossible for him to be the future King of games cause that's what I'm going to be," Jaden appeared confused when the two guys started laughing at him.

"Hey knock it off Jaden could beat Chazz any day," Rya yelled causing Jaden to sweat drop.

"No one asked you for your opinion loudmouth," this voice came from Chazz himself. "Maybe the Slifers right he did beat Crowler after all and his legendary monster it must take some skill to pull that off."

"You know it!" Rya yelled only to have Syrus jump and cover her mouth as Chazz sent a glare in her direction.

"Or maybe it was luck, let's find out right now," Chazz said smirking at Jaden.

"Bring it!" Jaden yelled.

"Well isn't this lovely," Alexis had suddenly appeared behind the group and at that point Chazz completely changed,

"Hey Lexis you here to watch me mop the floor with this loser?" Chazz said all this in a silky voice making it very clear that he liked her,

"I'm here to remind you of the welcome dinner that you're late for," at this Chazz and his two friends left the arena. "That includes you Rya."

"Okay, I'll see you guys around just message me okay?" Rya gave them a thumbs up before she too left the arena.

Rya smiled wide eyes at the food that lay in front of her and began to dig into it almost immediately she couldn't help but smile as the many delicious flavours began to run down her throat, unfortunately her enjoyment was very short lived as Chazz sat down across from her at the table. Rya expected some sort of witty comment off him so she swallowed her foot and began to prepare a witty comeback, she kept her eyes on his suspiciously only to be completely ignored, and Chazz was looking straight past her upon turning around she saw Alexis on the next table laughing away with her friends. Rya turned around fuming at Chazz which he quite obviously didn't notice.

"You know if you want to stare at Alexis go stand over there and do it don't sit in front of me and stink up my fresh air," Rya yelled at him causing him to jump out of his trance.

"What is your problem loud mouth, jealous?" Chazz's face had gone bright red as he notices Alexis staring his direction.

" No I just want your head out of my way," Rya grumbled, she made her dislike for Chazz very obvious and she smiled as Chazz's friends tried to pull him away from the scene but he refused to budge as his anger got even greater.

"The only reason you're in Obelisk is because you're a girl not because you have actual talent, you think you do but it's obvious you a waste of space you loud mouthed loser so do us all a favour and stop disgracing the Obelisk name and go somewhere else, all you're going to do is get in everyone's way," Chazz said smirking at her.

"Really Chazz? Because you like many people don't get in her because of the family name everyone knows that's why you're here not because you actually did well in the exams you washed out in the written exam didn't you?" Chazz glared at her.


"That's it you two break it up!" the stern voice came from Alexis who was stood with Zane looking down at the two.

"But Alexis, she-"

"I don't care both of you just get out of here," Alexis pointed towards the door.

"But Alexis-"this time it was Rya's turn to try and get herself out of it.

"Just listen to her," it was the first time Rya had heard Zane speak and he came across as someone she wouldn't want to mess with so Rya set down her fork and got up from the table and left the room followed by Chazz.