Resident Evil:


Chapter One:

The Arcadia

The Arcadia. A giant vessel, travelling across the world, once owned by the Umbrella Corporation. It was said to be a safe haven, a place for humans to go to, to avoid Umbrella's zombie outbreak which had devastated the world, eradicating most human life on the planet. However, when the humans arrived, they soon learned that this was not the safe haven they were promised but yet another one of Umbrella's research facilities run by Umbrella's CEO Albert Wesker. Inside the Arcadia the humans were tortured, experimented on and eventually, as the effects of the virus Wesker had injected himself with had taken their toll and were slowly destroying his own body, used to feed Wesker and keep his body stable. That was until Alice arrived accompanied by Chris and Claire Redfield and ended Wesker's control by blowing him up within one of his own Umbrella helicopters. Once the Arcadia had been secured, Alice released the hundreds of humans who had been trapped by Umbrella on the vessel, with the idea that she could start the world over and begin rebuilding. However, Umbrella had other plans.

Alice, Claire and Chris stood on the landing strip of the Arcadia as the sounds of Umbrella helicopters filled the air.

"What are we going to do?" Claire asked. Alice turned to Chris.

"We need to get this ship moving!"

"Those helicopters are coming in pretty fast" Chris replied. "There's no way we can out run them"

"Then we're going to have to fight!" Alice told them, drawing two machine guns. "But first, Claire, get the survivors inside, and try to find some weapons!"

"What about you?" Claire asked.

"I can buy you some time" Alice answered.

"That's suicide!" Claire gasped.

"Trust me" Alice smiled. "I know what I'm doing" Claire turned and fired her pistol into the air to attract the attention of the survivors.

"Alright!" she yelled. "Everyone follow me, we're going into the Arcadia!" the survivors made sounds of agreement and began to move into the open door of the Arcadia.

"I'll see what I can do about getting us moving" Chris told her. "Good luck!" he ran up the stairs which led to the control room. The helicopters were getting closer, Alice saw a weapon's rack close by, for once it seemed like luck was on her side as the only remaining gun was a sniper rifle. She returned her machine guns to their holsters and ran towards it. She quickly grabbed it and began aiming it. She had a clear shot of one of the helicopter pilots and fired, taking him down with a clear shot to the head. The helicopter began spinning out of control, crashing into two other helicopters, exploding on impact. Alice smiled and aimed the sniper rifle again; she managed to take down two more helicopters before the rifle ran out of ammo. She tossed the gun aside and waited for the helicopters to come in. As they drew closer she was able to fire upon them with her machine guns, killing a handful of troops before they started landing. But soon the Umbrella soldiers began to land, dressed in long leather coats, armed with assault rifles. Alice began firing at them and they returned fire, she quickly found cover as gun fire filled the air.

"Capture Project Alice!" exclaimed an Umbrella soldier. Alice rose up and shot him in the head. Suddenly, the helicopters began to open fire on the Arcadia. Several red canisters to the right of Alice exploded, sending her hurtling through the air. She crashed hard on the ground. One of her machine guns rolled into the ocean.

"Stop!" yelled a loud female voice. The gun fire came to an abrupt end. Alice held to her one remaining machine gun tightly as she stood. From a helicopter, in the centre of the fleet a slender figure in purple with blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She approached the troops with their guns pointing at Alice. Her purple jumpsuit was zipped up to her neck. She wore a belt around her waist, with two machine guns at either side.

"Greetings Project Alice" she said with a sly grin. Alice instantly recognised her, now that she was up close.

"Jill!" she gasped. "What have they done to you?"

"Silence!" Jill yelled. "You are to be taken back to the Ashford research facility in Alaska" she told her. "Failure to comply will result in your execution!"

"Jill, stop this!"

"Come with us Project Alice"

"Jill?" exclaimed Chris, as he left the control room. "Jill Valentine!" Jill looked up suddenly. Her eyes widened, before she shook her head.

"Chris Redfield!" she said with another grin. "You are to be terminated!" her soldiers pointed their guns at him.

"No!" Alice exclaimed she began firing her machine gun at the soldiers; Jill had already managed to jump out of the way. Most of the soldiers had fallen as Chris began to fire his pistol. The helicopters started firing again, explosions filled the air and Alice could not see. Suddenly she was kicked in the chest, she stumbled back. Jill emerged from the smoke.

"You brought this on yourself!" she told her. She tried to punch Alice, but she ducked and charged at her, bringing a knee to Jill's stomach Jill gasped. Jill recovered quickly and began swinging punches; Alice ducked and moved to avoid them, with difficulty. Alice quickly moved catching Jill off guard and grabbed her by the neck.

"Let them go, and I'll come with you!" she told Jill.

"Those aren't our orders" Jill grinned as she spun quickly and drove a needle into Alice's neck. Alice gasped as she collapsed onto the cold metal floor. Soldiers surrounded her. "Take her in" Jill ordered. "Kill the rest of them!"

"Yes ma'am!" a soldier replied. Suddenly the communicator on Jill's belt went off. Jill brought it to her ears.

"We have her" she said.

"Excellent" replied a female voice. "Bring her in immediately"

"Of course" Jill smiled as she turned off the communicator.