Chapter NineThe Escape.

"Project Alice I presume?" the bearded man said with a grin as he helped Alice up.

"It's…just Alice" Alice winced, still recovering from her battle with Wesker.

"Fair enough" he smiled. He held out his hand. "Name's Barry Burton" he said with a grin and Alice shook his hand. "I was leading this rescue mission, though I admit, it didn't go as well as I had planned" he shrugged as he returned his silver Magnum to its holster. "What matters is you're safe now" Alice stumbled and fell onto Barry.

"I…I can't go on" Alice gasped. "He…" she fell to the ground. Barry got down on his knees beside her.

"I'm sorry Alice" he said with a genuine look of regret upon his aged face. She felt him stick a needle into her arm.

"W-what are you doing?" she yelled. She was feeling herself getting stronger, and she knew something bad had happened.

"It's a sample of the T-Virus…you need it!"

"W-where the hell did you get that?" she screamed.

"Not important" Alice felt the strange sensation of bones repairing, she was regenerating, it felt good, but now she was bonding with the T-Virus once more.

"Why did you do this?"

"You cannot deny that you needed it Alice, you would never have recovered otherwise!" Barry urged. "We need your abilities to finally destroy Umbrella!"

"Y-you're using me!" Alice growled. "What makes you any better than Wesker and Umbrella?"

"Unlike Umbrella Alice, I am sorry for what I've done. But I assure you, when all this is done, we will cure you"

"I could kill you"

"Then do it, then help your friends destroy the organisation that has ruined this planet!" Alice was no better than Wesker now, she was once again an abomination. But Barry was right. At least she could use her returned powers to assist in the battle with Umbrella. She stood up feeling much stronger.

"We need to get out of here. We have to find the others!"

"Agreed" Alice looked behind Barry, the ground was empty apart from several blood stains.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. Barry turned to see what she was looking at. Moments later they heard a noise and watched as one of Umbrella's helicopters rose into the air, no doubt containing Wesker. Alice withdrew a pistol and began firing, but it was no use. Barry fired several shots from his magnum, but again it was a hopeless effort and Wesker was able to escape.

"Looks like we'll have to deal with Wesker later"

"No!" she cried. "We have to stop him now!" she wasn't sure why she had become so fuelled by vengeance but suddenly she no longer cared for the team. She knew it was due to the T Virus and she could not fight it. "You have a helicopter, we can follow him!"

"Alice, it's too late, we have to leave"

"No it's not" Alice replied. "If we defeat Wesker now, then it's all over!"

"Alice he's gone" this was a fact that Alice had to reluctantly accept.

Jill struggled in the Tyrant's hand, her weapon had fallen to the ground.

"H-help!" she gasped, not wishing to share the same fate as Ada Wong. She cried out as the beast tightened its grip. Sheva tried to shoot the Tyrant, however her wound prevented her from doing this. Chris and Claire fired at once, damaging the creature's eye and it dropped Jill. Chris ran to her and got down on his knees beside her. The Tyrant began to swing his mutated arm around blindly, Chris lifted Jill and carried her from the beast.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm…fine" Jill replied. "I just need my gun" she ran to her machine gun and lifted it, preparing for the battle to resume.

"Look out!" Sheva groaned as the Tyrant's massive arm came crashing towards Jill. Jill ducked and avoided severe damage.

"It's regenerating!" Leon yelled, the Tyrant's eye was beginning to repair itself and Leon emptied his handgun on the creature. The beast roared and without hesitation ran at Leon, its sharp claws pointing at him from its mutilated arm. Leon was busy switching to another gun to fully take into account what was happening. However, before the beast could make contact, Chris had successfully leaped into the air and moved Leon out of the way, causing the Tyrant to get its arm stuck in the wall. Claire took advantage of this opportunity and used the last of her ammunition to fire directly at the Tyrant's head. Matt stood up and was able to help Sheva get away from the creature before the grenade exploded. The entire top half exploded, spraying the group in the Tyrant's blood. Its legs collapsed onto the ground, leaving the giant arm embedded within the wall.

"Ada!" Leon ran to the mangled corpse of the former spy and held her in his arms. Chris placed his hand on Leon's shoulder.

"I'm sorry" Chris said in a low tone. "She will be missed" he turned to his sister. "We couldn't have done this without her" Leon could not help but shed a few tears, but he was able to hold most of them back. The sound of footsteps was heard and the group turned to see Alice and Barry.

"Alice!" Matt exclaimed and he ran to her and embraced her. "I'm glad you're alright"

"Barry!" Chris gasped at the site of the resistance leader. "I thought those things"

"It's going to take a lot more than a few B. to put Barry Burton down" Barry laughed. Leon stood up.

"Luther and Ada are dead" Alice looked at him with a stunned expression.

"W-what?" she couldn't believe what she'd heard.

"That" Leon gestured to the remains of the Tyrant. "That thing killed Ada. And Luther" he paused for a moment. "You don't want to know what happened to him"

"My god" Alice stood still and didn't say anything.

"Barry, can you get us out of here?" Chris asked.

"Yes. I've got a helicopter ready, it should do" Barry answered.

"Good" Chris turned to see Claire supporting Sheva and Leon carrying Ada.

"She deserves to be laid to rest" Leon retorted to an unsaid argument.

"That is the least she deserves" Barry sighed, disappointed by the amount of casualties brought about by this mission.

"Let's go" Alice ordered. The group made their way out of the chamber, leaving the horror behind.

They entered the large helicopter which Barry had stolen from a secret Umbrella heliport. It was easily able to hold each member of the group, with Ada being laid carefully down on the helicopter floor.

"Are you alright?" Alice asked Sheva as Sheva was helped into the helicopter.

"Yeah, I've endured worse" Sheva said with a grin. Alice helped Jill in afterwards, making her the last person to enter.

"What happened to Wesker?" Jill asked Alice.

"Got away" Alice sighed.

"He'll be off to The Spire then" Leon groaned, looking down on Ada's still form.

"The Spire?" Alice repeated, sounding confused.

"Umbrella's last stronghold, its primary base of operations" Leon explained.

"Then that's where we're heading" Alice said with confidence.

"I was hoping you'd say that" Claire said with a grin.

"Not yet!" Barry called from the pilot's seat. "We have to regroup and get supplies, especially for an attack of this size"

"Right" Alice agreed.

"Then we'll show Umbrella why they cannot mess with us!" Chris laughed. Alice felt excited, when all this was done Umbrella would be finished and the world could rebuild. She could go back to a normal life.


Wesker sat in his chair in the main command centre of The Spire. Umbrella's greatest facility. His wounds were being tended to with a new serum being administrated to his system. It was the G Virus, which was supposed to be superior to the T Virus. Wesker could feel himself becoming stronger and he looked forward to his next encounter with Alice where he would at last defeat her. The door to his chamber opened and a woman entered. Her raven hair cut was in a bob style and she wore a suit with an elegant red scarf.

"How are you feeling Albert?" she asked with a devilish grin.

"Excellent. Birkin's serum has improved my regenerative abilities tenfold!"

"I'm glad to hear that" the woman smiled. "And what of Excella's little project?"

"Uroboros will have its use soon. It is the closet we have come to fully taming these beasts" he smiled. "With some of your tweaking, we may be able to create our own army of unstoppable super soldiers!"

"Then I will get back to work" the woman smiled. She made her way towards the door before turning back to Wesker. "When will she be coming?"

"When it is most inconvenient to us" Wesker smiled. "She always does"

"Project Alice must be terminated" the woman urged.

"I assure you. When I am done with her, she shall be begging for termination" Wesker chuckled as the woman left the chamber. The final steps in Umbrella's ultimate plan had begun and not even this new resistance threat could stop them.